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I'd hate to break you [Sevrin, Invited]

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  • I'd hate to break you [Sevrin, Invited]

    Wood splintered and metal pierced through stone, causing a fissure to rush up the wall on the other side of the target panels. Lucette's lips formed into a devious smile and then she swayed forward to retrieve the knife she'd thrown. Black boots that ended just above her knees kicked up the dust littering the training area's ground and the faint sound of metal scrapping against metal was heard as her gauntlet adorned fingertips shifted at her sides; louder still when a single handed grip fastened around the hilt of her dagger and dragged it from its submerged position in the wall. The weapon was twirled between her fingers expertly and then replaced within the left thigh holster that it had been removed from.

    Turning, she temporarily left target practice behind to work on her hand-to-hand combat with one of the training droids in the middle of the room. She punched in the combat level and activated the weathered droid, frowning as it did not engage. "Come on..." She ground out, reentering her selections and then pressing the activation switch again. No response.

    With a growl, she plunged her fist into the thing's face and sent it spiraling to the ground. Then, she looked up and noticed who was privy to her blatant display of temper. She grinned at him. "Good training partners are hard to come by. Have you come to indulge me, Sevrin?"

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    Sevrin stood in the doorway, observing her skill with the daggers. He'd seen her in action with them before, on Onderon, the day he resolved they could remain together if she so chose. The changes he was undergoing went hand in hand with what she had experienced, and they walked the dark path together now. She unleashed her anger in a single strike at the training droid, sending it sprawling to the floor several feet away.

    "I wasn't planning to, but I could..." He glanced over to the training droid, the metal dented. She was definitely stronger than her petite frame let on, and extremely agile. He didn't even need to express that he wouldn't go easy on her. She was capable of holding her own, and she would learn nothing by being coddled. They were Sith, and while she was important to him the only way she could grow powerful was by being challenged. No holding back. And in the end, he knew she would respect the fact he respected her.

    He moved into the room, shrugging off his hooded jacket and throwing it to the side. He didn't bother taping his feet, or making any other fight preparations. Once she was settled in and clearly ready, he began. He tested the waters with a side kick for her thigh, to get the ball rolling.


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      "Just dropped by to stare at me, hm?" She asked teasingly, her eyes following him as he stepped deeper into the dirt floored arena. Lucette knew how strong he had become, she also knew that he'd been training far longer than she had. It would be a different experience, sparring formally with him as opposed to what went on behind closed doors. She grinned at the thought, watching as he discarded his hooded jacket and then came right for her.

      She was ready for him, her left arm swinging down for a low block with a follow up shove while her right arced up; her fist plunging toward his face.


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        His foot was pressed back, and he reset his stance the moment the ball hit the sand. Her follow up strike came quick. He could have let it connect, taken the hit, and delivered something more powerful while she was committed. It was a strategy maybe worth exploring against a Jedi, but this would be how he sharpened his defensive skills as well. His body shifted left just slightly, hooking his arm underneath her extended strike as it made contact with the cords of muscle of the front of his deltoid.

        His arm crooked over hers and he stepped around while simultaneously hooking her arm and pulling, forcing it around behind her at her low back. "Would it be so bad if I did?" He was ready, expecting at least one of two responses from her. A step to his foot, or an elbow from her opposing arm.


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          His husky words rasped against her ear, sending a thrill down her spine. She struggled against his hold to keep him guessing where she'd apply her retaliation; the obvious places to strike being his instep or a wild blow from her free arm. No doubt, he'd be expecting that. When she was younger, less keen on considering her opponent or the situation, it was exactly what she would have done. Instead, she replied to his statement in a quiet voice to make him lean closer to hear her words. "You'll hear no objections from me..." And then, if he had leaned in toward her intent, she whipped the her head back to headbutt him.


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            His head was coaxed in for her voice, a mistake that wouldn't have been made for a Jedi, and he was punished for giving in to her deception. The back of her head struck his nose, starting a flow of blood from it as the vessels within were ruptured. His eyes squinted shut briefly as blackness overtook his vision. His grip slackened, but he was quick to refocus himself. He grasped her firmly around the waist, and to give him time he spun and threw her.

            His aim was to give distance for recovery, reset their positions, and maybe cause the wind to be knocked out of her. He wanted to hurt her, for the sake of their spar, but he didn't really want her hurt. A double edged sword when fighting a loved one, but they were Sith. They could come to blows, and walk away with everything the same as when they entered. "Clever girl. Alright, we'll play like that."


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              The back of her head throbbed from the blow and she could feel something wet pool into her hair, his blood not her own. She opened her mouth to gloat over her small victory but promptly snapped it shut as he tossed her forcibly to the side. She got some air and it shouldn't have surprised her, knowing how strong he was. Lucette stumbled awkwardly when she landed, backpedaling steps on ankles that absorbed the impact poorly. The pain was fuel, she had learned, and she fed upon it while steadily righting her stance.

              "Do lets..." She purred, raising her hands before her. Rather than launch her body into another offensive maneuver, her eyes took in the blood trickling down his face. Then, with a wicked smile, she called upon the Force to fling the blood gushing from his nose up to his eyes. She started forward then, feinting left then right, then coming in with a right hook.


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                She was a dirty fighter, and he really shouldn't have been surprised. Jezebella too was a dirty fighter at times. Blood went into his eyes, and he tried to blink it out rapidly, but the Force warned him he didn't have time for such things. If there was one thing he had over her, it was his prowess with the Force and experience with it thus far. He let it guide him, sensing her rather than seeing her.

                When she swung her hook, he ducked his head beneath it. His right arm came across her chest, left hand to her back and he didn't hesitate one moment. He hefted her up and fell forward, slamming her back to the ground and bringing himself down with her. He rolled over quickly following the maneuver, hoping her breath was knocked from her lungs enough to stun her and while straddling her waist he drove a fist down towards the left side of her face.


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                  She knew she was in trouble when her arm plowed right past the target of his face, her body tensing as he locked her in with his own arm. Then, trepidation filled her as they both rocked back toward the ground, her back impacting upon it with enough force to completely displace the air from her lungs. He straddled her waist, her gaze still swimming in black from his stunning maneuver; yet, the Force alerted her to the danger incoming by way of his fist. She jerked her head aside last moment, straining her neck, and feeling his fist collide with the ground; the compacted sand exploding beneath his knuckles and battering her cheek.

                  Quickly, she brought the forearm opposite of the blow around to break the support funneling through his arm; right at the joint of his elbow. She shoved him to her left and rolled her hips to the right, spring away and clambering up into a crouch. "That would have hurt." She commented, breathing heavily.


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                    He didn't notice the pain in his fist when he struck the ground, dust pluming upwards and a small crater formed from where his fist had impacted. She broke his support with a rather crafty maneuver before scampering away. On his left side, and sensing no danger, he wiped the blood from his eyes and gathered himself up to a stand as she had, resetting himself for the rest of their bout. "I would have kissed it better later." He promised, throwing her a playful wink.

                    He moved in quickly towards her. She'd taught him he couldn't baby her, and just grapple her and force her to submission. When the distance was just enough, he snapped a quick low kick out towards her crouched frame.


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                      "I'll find something else for you to kiss later." She promised, returning his wink and preparing for his next attack. She kept low, ensuring that was the channel of his attack. His kick was swift and her movements matched his speed, catching his shin against her ribs with both hands and then moving one up to shove roughly against his glutes. Admittedly, she groped there as he tumbled forward but she reminded herself not to be distracted by the firm formation of his gluteal muscles. She released his leg and then scrambled up onto his back, depositing her bottom onto the small of his spine and leaning over to wrap her right arm around his neck, squeezing firmly. Her other hand braced against the back of his head, her knees digging into the ground.


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                        He had anticipated a grappling and balance reducing maneuver. His arms came out, catching his torso with his forearms in the ground, and his second leg coming in to set up a three point position with his knee. She clambered quickly onto his back however, and depressed the crook of her elbow into his throat to strip the air flow from his lungs. With a minimal amount from the shock of the drop, he knew he wouldn't have too long to take control.

                        He first threw his weight back, slamming her to the ground and his body heavily atop her smaller frame. Then, to ensure she loosened up, he drove an elbow back into her exposed ribs.


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                          The breath whooshed out of her lungs and blackness swam before her vision as he turned the tables, grinding her lithe frame into the dusty ground with his bulkier mass. Just as she caught her breath, an elbow smashed into her ribs and she recoiled from her vise grip on his neck with a loud grunt. That would bruise or it was broken, she couldn't decide which. But, she didn't have time to think. With her arms available for retaliation, she aimed a jab at his face and thrust her hips up in a near feeble attempt to unseat him.


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                            There was really no defending an attack from behind like the one she performed. Her fist struck his head, stars blanketing his vision on the same side. He turned his weight to his right hip, and in one swift motion turned himself over atop her at least a quarter turn over. His right hip dug into her pelvis, and his left forearm placed itself down into her throat to cease her own breathing. His left hand was free to ward off attacks from her dominant right hand, but he knew the strikes from her left would still likely ring true.