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The art of a lightsaber(Sky)

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  • The art of a lightsaber(Sky)

    Meet me in the Training grounds...there is something you must learn if your ever gonna go far here, Sky. Jack said to her through the Force knowing she'd pick up on his aura through their Force bond.

    As Jack waited he sat in the center of the Training Grounds. His lightsaber floating parallel to his face the energy of the Force, particularly the Dark Side flowed all around and through the Sith Knight. He was intent on keeping his senses stretched out through the grounds and to the Temple. Knowing that Sky was still asleep he wondered if that would awaken her in an instant. Most likely. So, reaching through the darkness he then prickled her mind as she thought of him while she was asleep. many cute thoughts. Jack said his insanity swirling through that twisted head of his.

    Around him was a table with bottles of water, a few ration bars, and a training blade. Of course the blade was red, as per being a Sith they used most of the time red or some variation of the color. While he was meditating the Sith Knight had his eyes closed breathing the darkness into himself. Once in a while he'd open them his red eyes tinting yellow. Then, they would close again as he kept his focus on breathing allowing himself to refresh his connection to the Dark Side.

    He didn't have to wait too long...

    Keep holding on when my brain's ticking like a bomb...guess the black thoughts have come they've come to get me! Sweet caring words...unlike nothing I have heard...sing along mockingbird ya don't affect me!

    Jack's theme song

    Jack's Alternate Theme

    Thanks to Drake for this awesomeness!