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A Little Girl with a Blade (spar - open)

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  • A Little Girl with a Blade (spar - open)

    Now that Fari had her basics of training down, she knew her Master would want her to keep practicing with them, she herself wanted to as well. The lightsaber class had gone pretty rough against the little pink haired girl. It wasn’t like the Force skills that seemed to come more easily to her. Combat required... more thought than she had anticipated, she couldn’t just use her rage and charge Rakai head on. Which made things more frustrating to grasp.

    So, the little Sith Disciple found herself once more in the Training arena, a remote droid hovering above her as she danced and swung her lightsaber about to try and gain a better understanding of how she should move, react, and attack. Except the droid did do much in the way of defensive skills, it’s moves were almost becoming predictable to Fari, it moves and shoots, moves and shoots. As long as Fari kept an eye on it, she did pretty well. But she needed something else to further her practice, like another Sith to fight against.

    She paused and looked around the room to see if there were anyone nearby who she could pick on to ask.

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    "A bit predictable, ain't it?" Antony said watching the young one from afar.

    Walking up to her casually the Sith Warrior saw the young Sith Disciple. Hearing the story from a few others that the original had been reincarnated into this young one he was interested to see how her time here had been. Although he didn't know she was trained by Rakai, the idiot beast who was nothing more then a violent tool. To Cloud he might add. He was Cloud's little mindless lackey and that in itself made Antony want to laugh.

    Ah, this young one has much to learn. Great potential but much to learn. Too bad her skills are useless because of Cloud and his lap dog. Tisk tisk! The 'Dark Passenger' spoke into Antony's head, which made his head hurt.

    Shut...the..frell...up! He said back to it.

    "I'm Antony. Antony Icarus. You must be the little girl named Fari, right? Heard that you were found on some planet. Then again I've no clue which one because I'd only heard you were here." Antony said with a nod, then shrugged at his statement.
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      “Wow, you mean you’ve already heard of me! Am I popular?” The little girl asked, a smile on her face when the teenager approached her. He was just in time, and just what she was looking for, and he already knew her name. She wondered if there were other Sith talking about her? She knew the Council had some curiosity over her, about her origin, and were she came from. Fari didn’t understand why everyone was curious about her, but it did mean she was already making a name for herself.

      “Rakai calls me Vee-Two, but Fari is fine.” The pink haired girl said as she disengaged the remote. It was predictable, and hopefully she could Antony for help.

      “So... can we fight?” Fari asked her eyes wide with pleading, her right foot spinning on it’s toe. “Sparing with the remote is getting boring, I want to really fight, or spar, just try to figure out how I should act and move against someone who can think for himself.”


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        "Just your name. I knew your previous incarnation. Very little of her but enough." He said with a smirk, "But, you are. Everyone here is curious as to your origins, including my father. The masked one."

        When she said Rakai's name it made a bitter taste in his mouth. Oh how he hated Cloud and his apprentice. of them. But, Fari had a chance if she could get away from the Beast. Some beast. A mindless ingrate at that. No use of a lightsaber and he couldn't speak but only through the Force. Worthless in Antony's opinion.

        "Vee-Two huh? I'll just call you Fari. Rakai.." He spat his name out, " a worthless moron if you ask me. Sorry to belittle your Master though but that's my opinion of him...and Cloud!"

        When she asked if they could spar he then nodded. She was a fiesty little one he could tell. A cute little girl with that young innocent curiosity. He shook his head and laughed. As he took his blade off his belt and ignited it, the crimson red blade hissed to life.

        "Sure. But, I must warn you...I'm a Sith Warrior. Learned a form called Makashi. Suited for lightsaber combat." Antony said, "But, yes, remotes get really really boring. Better to deflect blaster fire then use for saber combat."

        He then took his blade and brought it parallel to his face. Then making an 'X' with it he then brought it to his side, "It's your move, little one."
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          Fari frowned at Antony’s obvious despise of her master. He seemed to spit at saying his name, and who was this Cloud person? Was this hatred? Where did it stem from? There were a lot of questions on the young girl’s mind, but when Antony said he’d fight her, they all left.

          “Yeah! I’ll show you that i’m tougher than I look!” She said excitedly, a smile on her lips as she brought out her lightsaber again. It was smaller than most, but not as small as a shoto, in fact it seemed to suite her size and height.

          She watched as Antony made an ‘x’ with his lightsaber and told her to make her move. With eyes locked onto her new target, Fari sprang into action. As any child with a simplistic mind would do, she went at the Warrior head on. Her blade swung down and over in a downward diagonal arch. Aiming towards his shoulder, though at her size it may be more of his chest.


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            "I'm sure you are, Fari." He said with a smile.

            Seeing her short lightsaber he then shrugged. He'd seen one before, but, since she was young he knew that it was suited to her needs. So, as she faced him head on, the blade of her own swinging towards his chest, he then stepped back. The Warrior had avoided it since it was simple. A good move, but, simple on her part. If she was a smart young girl she'd go for his legs. More of a way to take out someone with Makashi.

            His turn to attack! Bringing himself to his central line, Antony then came forward aiming a strike at Fari's shoulder, then spun around flicking his wrist up and over then coming down in an arc towards her left arm. Then stepping to her right he would strike with a short jab towards her chest, then come back for her right thigh. As he finished his attack the Sith Warrior stepped back waiting for her counter attack.
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              Antony stepped aside with such ease as Fari’s lightsaber swung by, missing him, and almost causing the little girl to topple over from the lack of balance. Fari pouted but quickly ducked, with her lightsaber raised up to block Antony’s counter move towards her shoulders.

              Focus! Fari told herself. The Force, Anger, use these to your strength. She thought, recalling her past training sessions with Rakai.

              Antony’s blade twisted over and came to her light shoulder, Fair swung her blade over and knocked it away, then it came at her right again. Fari snorted, left, right, right, left. What was this style? It didn’t even look like the teenager was trying hard.

              The strike to her chest caught some skin, burned Fari but made her even more alert. This was different than with Rakai... though he can be frightening too when fighting. Fari couldn’t do much until Antony finished his rounds and stepped back, waiting for her.

              The little girl’s mind was dazzled by his moves. Quick, simple, but it seemed to use less energy. It made her a little frustrated. She was too short to go for his head, which was what she wanted to do. Head on didn’t work either. Instead, the little girl used the Force, it was after all what she felt more comfortable doing. She circled Antony with Force Speed, a new skill she had just learned, and attacked at his left side, the back of his left knee to be precise.


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                Fari was a little feisty and fast one that was for sure! She wouldn't give up even as Antony easily tossed aside her attacks with relative ease. When she came at him with Force Speed he did the same. Using the Dark Side and summoning it to him, the Warrior watched her speed towards his left knee. Well, to the back of it as she swung low. Trying to move outta the way the blade caught his calf when the teen tried to move his left leg outta the way. Burning into his skin, the Sith Warrior then flinched. She was pretty good. Even for a little girl.

                "Nice move there, Fari." Antony said with a smirk, "But, you'll have to do better then that!"

                Antony spun around with quickness facing her this time. A feign to her right, then going left with a shallow cut towards her left bicep slicing down. He then backed up and then went in a diagonal direction utilizing the central line that Makashi was known for. Or at least how Proeliator had taught him how to before he left to wherever the frell it was. Antony then made a diagonal slash with quickness to her right shoulder. Then, making a feign towards her mid section, Antony then made quick jabs with his blade at her neck and then towards the top of her head.
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                  “I got you!” Fari cried, a look of triumph on her face as she felt the blade connect with the leg and saw Antony flinch. “I will do better!” She replied back to the Warrior.

                  Antony spun around to face Fari, the little girl narrowed her eyes, and smiled gleefully as he came at her. Rakai had used a feint on her before, though she barely saw it until the last minute when his blade switched from left to right. The pink haired Disciple barely had time to twist her lightsaber over to block the strike.

                  Antony then backed up, Fari was suspicious, his strikes were so much stronger than hers. There came a diagonal strike, then another, so quick that she couldn’t keep up with the speed and felt the saber bit into her right shoulder. She let out a yell of pain, but couldn’t wallow in her injury as suddenly the tip of his blade came stabbing at her.

                  Hurt, and frightened by the onslaught, Fari jumped back, then off to the side, away from the lightsaber until she came behind Antony and tried to stab the Warrior in the back.


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                    Antony saw his blade connect with her shoulder and heard the scream. Good! At least one attack hit. In a crucial spot too. Well, according to Makashi that was. It was meant to take out your opponents limbs so they couldn't utilize their skills. Which was something he'd teach Fari in this spar. If she could calculate what he was trying to achieve. When she jumped back he missed his attack hitting open air.

                    Raising an eyebrow he noticed she wasn't there as she jumped off to the side. Trying to whirl around she was a spry one that was certain as the little girl stabbed him in the back. Litterally! Her blade connected with his back and burned into it. Gritting his teeth, he then knew she had him there. His central line thing didn't work that time. Burning pain was then subsided for the moment with the aid of the Dark Side. It flowed into it and allowed him the effect of letting pain quit for a while.

                    Whirling around he then sliced with a shallow strike towards her blade hand. Then he side stepped and then went for her other arm. Striking with shallow cuts he then pulled back and then stabbed forward.
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                      A dark, giddy look passed across Fari’s face when she saw her blade enter Antony’s back. It was a surprise, he was larger than her, more skilled, yet she managed to slip through his defenses and get him good. There was a moment she felt like she was back on that planet, taking control of the village, this time though, she was using her own hands, not levitating object into people’s bodies.

                      It was exhilarating.

                      The girl was momentarily distracted by that feeling and didn’t catch Antony’s strike against her blade, it was knocked back, making another opening on her own body. Fari was quick though, she learned she could use the Force and her small frame to jump around and avoid many of the strikes Antony gave her. Just not all. He sliced her other arm, but not as deeply as before, this time she didn’t scream.

                      Fari moved from side to side, a smile on her face as she began to anticipate the movements, avoiding any direct hits, only getting slight burns and shallow cuts instead. Antony then changed his movement, and she saw his blade come directly at her. Fair, moved her blade over and down, pushing his blade to the floor.

                      Fair jumped then and moved her blade with her towards Antony’s neck.