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    It was an odd invitation, but Pen sent it anyway. A man did not usually ask a woman to join him for a fight, but it is exactly what Pen Archer had done. The skilled assassin was still wanting to prove to the woman whom he had met on Ec Pand that he was quite capable as an assassin. She had called him sloppy, which had been an insult. Had she not been skilled in the force, and a pretty face, Pen would have simply killed her on the spot. Odd now that he actually found himself wanting to prove himself to her rather than just eliminate her.

    He sat waiting for her, legs crossed, arms crossed. His back was against a wall so she could not approach from behind as she had before. No this time she would have to come face him head on. She was not the only one with the force. It was time to find out if she could hold her own against him.

    "I know you're lurking in the shadows somewhere," he called out.

    Was she really? Archer would have his answer soon enough.

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    Perched atop the rocky wall that surrounded the arena, Adgertesse grinned at the invitation as she had kept her silence for some time. A steady drizzle had been drumming on the grey weathered perch for some time now and she had gotten used to the unforgiving weather on this mountaintop. When the sun shone and clouds parted, the view was quite spectacular. But, right now she was assessing his patience and with the words that had just echoed quietly in the tortured surroundings the native of Edan II Leaped out and away from the wall's top, somersaulting in the air and landing on the soft ground, then turned and stepped towards him.

    Grinning mischievously, the assassin in close fitting black clothes placed her hands upon shapely hips. "Good to see you at least dressed for the occasion. Been training yet?"


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      "I've been training," he said as he looked at an outfit which was designed to distract as much as streamline.

      He was also in black. With Tess in full view, he smiled, standing to his full height.

      "Nice move. It's a very fun thing to watch."

      Stepping closer to the woman, Pen almost forgot why he was there... Oh yes... She thought he was sloppy.

      "You wan to see what I've learned?"


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        Had she not been so focused on training and keeping her new lifestyle in check, Tess knew that this fellow assassin would be seen in a totally different light. Keeping her mind focused on the task at hand, she listened to his introduction and then nodded quietly. With sudden movements, the brunette exploded with a flurry of attacks, her hands now each grasping a long, thin bladed knife. Sweeping, shiny edged blades cut through the air at the same time as the attacking female stabbed with the other. Keeping in close, she could feel the Force flowing through her and Speeding her movements to almost a blur.


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          Without warning daggers came for the muscular assassin. His own speed had to pushe past hers in order for him to turn aside from the blades which came for him. As he he spun left, hands reached to the small of his back to pull out his own daggers. If the woman wanted a knife fight she would have one.

          Archer stepped toward her as he approached her rib cage on the right side of her body. One advantage her outfit gave Archer was a full display of her frame and where to strike. Hand clenched around the dagger, Archer reached out hoping to connect his knuckles to her ribs. Broken, bruised ribs would give him an advantage.


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            Matching his moves, she spun left, then unleashed a Push towards his larger and more muscular frame. Knowing that her master would never accept failure of any type, Adgertesse intended on not leaving this arena unless she had achieved that goal. Feeling the adrenaline rushing through her body, the assassin's moves had only improved and become more fluid since joining the Sith and since the moment that Dalethria had taken her on as a student.

            The intended followup to the Push, Tess then moved to throw the dagger in her right hand towards Pen, also aiming center mass as he adjusted to the Force move prior.


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              The force push was something Pen still did not know how to deflect, so tried to throw his own to negate the force of the one coming at him. His was weaker as he had not been among the Sith as long. This resulted in Pen sliding back, having to spin as he was pushed pack because of the knife coming for him. Speed was his friend again, and this time Archer let the knife fly past him. Tess would have to retrieve it later as he pressed forward and slashed at he abdomen.


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                Keeping her mind on the contest, she moved to catch his wrist with her free hand, then slash across the hand itself, then kicked toward his forward knee....


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                  Archer brought the blade of his free hand to catch the one designed to cut his captured hand. Tess' foot crashed into his knee sending the large man to one knee. As he knealt down, his fist attempted to return the favor as he jabbed for her closest knee.


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                    Rolling with the jab, Tess knew this fight couldn't go on much longer now that her left hand was now bleeding. Shifting the knife to her right, she Sped a punch towards his nose, cutting across afterwards with the blade...


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                      His nose broke and face bled as the move was quicker than he could defend. He had enough, so Archer sent a force push directly toward the woman hoping to end the fight.


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                        Eagerly wanting to keep Pen from continuing, she missed the warning in time and launched backwards. Rolling, she continued controlling the pain now in the top of her left hand and pushed herself up into a defensive stance. Her heart pounding with the exhilaration of the contest and using the Force at such a level for the first time, Tess grinned at her opponent.

                        "Had enough?" Rising, she relaxed a bit and spied her other dagger, then called it to her right hand. Glancing to the crimson flowing freely from her hand, she also began to feel the other little aches that would have to be healed. A trip to the medbay was next it seemed. Sheathing both weapons, the disciple then scrutinized how Pen moved and knew that the knee was going to need some looking after as well.


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                          Archer stayed tense, ready to fight if Tess continued. With an injured knee, the fight would be hers, and the newest disciple left at her mercy, if she had any. Muscles relaxed and a sigh escaped him as he pulled himself off the ground, his body weight shifted to one leg. His hand went to his nose. It had been a clean break, so Pen set it himself. The bleeding from his cut would need attention along with the knee.

                          "Perhaps I am a little sloppy," he conceaded as daggers were sheathed. "Though I do not think I'm getting to the medbay alone."

                          Pride, a dangerous thing for anyone. Archer pressed ahead despite the humbling he had just received. Tess could teach him things he was only competent in. Swallowing his pride hard he did something he would never have done before.

                          "Help me, teach me to use a knife the way you do. I will make it worth your time. Perhaps a trade? I could teach you to use the bow and other ranged weapons."


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                            Knowing Dalethria would probably skin her alive if she knew that mercy was shown, Tess also understood that they were both just learning how to use their abilities and the spar did show her a lot. A few holes in her style when combined with the Force would have to be honed as well. Moving towards the arena's exit, she nodded quietly.

                            "Sure," she relented, enjoying any advantage that she had, but they did have a lot in common it seemed. "I've trained in the bow and rifle, but haven't used either in a while. I've always preferred to look my mark in the eye when I kill them." As they continued on to the medbay, the disciple ran through the whole contest again in her mind, knowing how she could rectify certain moves the next time. Blue eyes glanced to Pen as they approached the medical suite, "Think we both still have a lot to learn."


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                              "You like making your kills personal," Archer observed, "To me they have just been a job."

                              Archer continued to limp toward the medical suite, leaning against the wall when he could not continue. The pain in his knee was sharp, and likely something had been torn. Bacta injections would be needed to make the repairs he needed to continue with training. This mercy coming from Adgertesse was not the Sith way, but alliances were always good to have if one wanted to ensure survival. Despite the comments she made about how sloppy he was, this woman could be considered an ally, and given time, perhaps friend.

                              "Our wounds would attest to the truth of that statement," Archer said with a chuckle, though quickly stopped because it hurt. "Let's not make trips to the medical suite a regular part of how we spend our meetings. As much as I thouroughly enjoyed our contest, I am sure our masters do not want to see us constantly cutting one another."

                              Pen pressed the control pannel to open the door to the medical suite, and looked Tess in the eyes.

                              "Perhaps ouur next contest should be over our chosen field, the art of assassination itself?"