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TSQ - I'll Love You Forever (Open)

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  • TSQ - I'll Love You Forever (Open)

    Posted by Frost on 11-21-2002 06:12 AM:
    I'll Love You Forever (Open)

    In his Quarters, the man stood at the window. He watched as commoners passed by, tourists with their little families and all of their little souvenirs. He sighed, watching them with an emotionless glare. The Resort scam was working well, people were actually convinced to come here. It made him sick to think that people could really be that naive.

    Naive. Is that really the right word ?

    He was too, once. When he was in love. In love with who ? With her. With Sophia. Sophia, his beautiful bride ... He looked over his shoulder at a closed little box laying on his desk. He approached the desk slowly, pulled out a chair and sat down. He put his hand on the wooden box and stroked it with his fingertips softly. He repeated her name over and over again.

    Sophia ... Sophia ... Sophia ...

    Finally, he stopped and opened the box. Inside were a picture of a beautiful young woman and himself and a ring. The woman seemed happy, with her long wavy blonde hair and her green eyes. She wore a beautiful white dress, sitting down on a stool while he stood there behind her, handsome in a suit, a gloved hand on her naked shoulder. Though at this moment, his hair was white, in that picture, it was of fiery red. He was smiling.

    Sophia ... Sophia ... Sophia ...

    He put the picture down and looked at the silver ring. It didn't look very special, but something was engraved inside the circle. He lifted the ring up to his cold blue eyes and read the little message he had read a million times before.

    "I'll love you forever - Sophia."


    "I'll love you forever ..."

    Stop it.

    "I'll love you ..."

    I saw you.

    "I'll love ... ARGH !"

    He stood up and threw the ring to the floor then kicked his desk forward, making everything on it fall. He cursed, swore and cursed some more. I saw you ! he yelled, I saw you licking him, tasting him ! Him, who ?! My father, you ***** ! I saw you, I saw you ! He continued yelling. He put his hand up through his silver hair. He remembers now. His fiery orange hair turned white silver, his smile and happiness turned into a black void, the woman he loved at the arms of ... Of his own father ! He cursed and swore some more before trashing his own room, throwing things everywhere.

    Posted by Loki on 11-21-2002 07:56 AM:

    "Temper, Temper..." A detached voice answered Frost's screams and violence towards inanimate objects.

    The ring stopped at the feet of a fair-skinned, blond-haired boy, with eyes that had seen things many never would. Eyes that had seen an age that Loki could have never been present for, his eyes belied an age that the body refused to accept.

    Kneeling he picked up the Silver band.

    "Such language is not becoming a royal either..." Loki stepped in, his shadow oddly came before him, since the light would have cast his shadow behind him.

    "Here you dropped this..." Loki said nonchalantly, every sentence he spoke he seemed to want to say more but held it back. Gently he tossed the ring back to Frost.


    Posted by Frost on 11-21-2002 01:57 PM:

    Frost stepped back, letting the ring ball onto his messed turned over matress. He calmed down a little, then looked at Loki. He didn't like to lose his temper when he knew someone was watching him. Getting his emotionless vibe back, he glared at the man.

    "I don't need you to come here and tell me what to do and what not to do, Loki."

    Posted by Loki on 11-21-2002 04:40 PM:

    "No of course you don't..." He simply grinned as he spoke. Loki was an enigma, he could be as cool and emotionless as a Jedi one moment, as hot-headed and vicious as a Sith the next, or he could simply be a young man with all the personality quarks and traits that young men have.

    Right now he was being a young man.

    He picked up a few of the things that had fallend from the next and not been destroyed. He placed them back on the desk in a clump, Frost could discern where they went on his own, they were his things after all.

    He noticed the framed image of Frost and what seemed to be a bride of his:

    "She is very beautiful... Your bride?"

    Posted by Frost on 11-22-2002 02:26 PM:

    "No." Frost immediately answered.

    How can Sophia be called his wife after what she did ? Images of her and his father together, of his mariage, of their childhood flashed through his mind. He closed his eyes, before changing his mind.

    "... Yes."

    Posted by Loki on 11-22-2002 02:39 PM:

    "An interesting reply..." Loki shrugged unconcerned. He placed the frame back on the desk.

    "A reason for you little outburst or just therapy?"

    Loki had a completely nonchalant way of behaving around others that screamed I don't give a womp rat's *** about you and I'm simply talking to you to bide my time, but it never came off as pure arrogance though.

    Posted by Frost on 11-23-2002 05:57 AM:

    "What's it to you ?" He growled.

    Frost lifted a hand swiftly towards the door and it flung open. He didn't feel like talking about this to anyone, especially those who were there because they had nothing better to do. It was just hurting and wasting his time.

    "Get out." He then muttered.

    Posted by Loki on 11-29-2002 09:01 AM:

    Loki the man did not move, his shadow however seemed to outstretch it's hand and the door once again slammed shut.

    "How am I to leave when the door is closed and locked."

    As the man spoke it seemed as if his shadow was twisting the lock on the handle, a click sounded when it was complete.

    "Not a very gracious host are we?" The young man continued as he circled Frost.

    "You once asked me about the other voice in my head... Would you care to know about it? It may shed some light on our current situation..."

    Loki was still speaking as an aloof noble, one who did not care if his audience cared what he said, so long as they listened and understood.

    Posted by Frost on 12-12-2002 10:12 AM:

    "Loki ..." Frost scoffed. "Do you really think I am a curious man ?"

    Frost crossed his arms, leaning his back against the bricked wall, near the door. His blank gaze fell to the floor, but he didn't stop talking. A breeze of wind came in softly from the window, making his silver hair fly up slightly, but then falling back to place.

    "Do you really think I've come to this House ... to care ?"