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Time To Face Destiny, Ressa Quane. (Nate)

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  • Time To Face Destiny, Ressa Quane. (Nate)

    It had been some time since Ressa had been on Ruusan. The Echani had taken time to serve the Kae on Thyrsus, helping Erryn and Manu raise their daughter and defending them from any threats to their lives. At nearly 21 years old, the Echani finally felt it was time to return to Ruusan. She had matured into a fine young woman and the Kae's little daughter had managed to break some of her stoic features.

    Some, but not all.

    To any child she met, Ressa offered a smile. If they were in distress, she would assist with soothing tones. In her mind, a child did not deserve any of her ire so made an effort to appear friendly and protecting toward children. Adults on the otherhand... Ressa still gave very little away. Trust didn't come so easily and for the most part, she'd kept her thoughts and feelings guarded. She never told anyone of her past and how much it really affected her. Raien didn't haunt her thoughts as much anymore, but his legacy remained. On Thyrsus, it took her time to prove to others she was more than the daughter of a madman, that she had disowned and disavowed his actions. Erryn and Manu helped somewhat, by telling the people of her heroic bravery to save them, but it did little to distance herself from the Betrayer. How he wished he was dead, but Ressa knew that, somehow, he would worm is way back into her life and destroy all that she worked for all over again. How many times could she rebuild before she finally broke?

    No... she had to do something about it. She had to go back to Ruusan and restart her training. If she wanted to defend all she had, she would have to fight for it. With Killian and her Mother still hunting the galaxy for her baby sister, Ressa could not ask them to train her again. Perhaps she could ask Archon K'cansce for help?

    It had been some time since she'd met with him, and even then it was barely a greeting, just a nod of acknowledgement. This would be the first time she had a real conversation with him and part of her felt nervous. Standing tall, much like her mother, Hana, did, Ressa moved toward his office and knocked slowly three times to gain his attention. Standing patiently, her mind went through all the things she wanted to say, and hoped it would all be said correctly.
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    The door to Archon K'cansce's office quickly rushed open after the third knock from Ressa Quane. The light sound of classical music reached the young woman's ears as she stood at the entrance. The Dark Jedi sat at his desk, surrounded by holo-projections of reports coming in from around the galaxy. One by one, they disappeared until nothing hovered over his desk, allowing him to see Ressa unobstructed.

    "Come in, come in... it's been some time," he said, standing. He moved around the desk and bowed, gesturing the Echani into his office. True, he did not know Ressa personally, nor have had any form of communication with her other than a nod here, but she was Penumbra and that meant she was family. And she looked much so much like her mother. The former prince made sure to have some knowledge on all family.

    "Welcome back.."


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      Ressa blinked for a second as a rush of the Force opened the door, the Archon appeared to be busy with many holo-projections surrounding him, but as she drew closer, those projections disappeared one by one until she could see Archon K'cansce without obstruction. A small smile did pull on her lips as he greeted her, however as she curtsied respectfully to him. It seemed her time away had given her some poise, but then again, it was well practiced, well versed as she served as Handmaiden to the Kae. Her time joined with Chiara had also rubbed off on her as her once neutral, well-spoken tones in voice had given way to a more respected, if not friendlier tone, not one that guards all emotion as she greeted the Archon. The two souls were nearly one now, something Ressa was concerned about, but she felt she could not talk to the Archon about that... not yet at least. Despite him being 'family' in regards to the Penumbra, Ressa barely knew him and barely knew how he'd react to such an explanation. For now, Ressa put the thoughts in the back of her mind and spoke as if very little was wrong, other than explaining her disappearance purely on her need to rebuild Thyrsus.

      "It has indeed been some time. I trust you are well?" she said as she rose from her curtsy. "My apologies for being away from the Penumbra for so long. An encounter with Raien Keth had left Thyrsus devastated. I chose to remain behind to help rebuild and assist the Kae. It has been a rocky experience at best, however, it was the least I could do, to try and amend what he had broken."

      Ressa was forever shamed by her father's actions and while she had basically disowned him, he never got the picture. He never understood that his actions were what caused her pain and suffering. She refused to join him in the Sith... and she refused to be like him.
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        "I'm as well as can be," Nate replied. He nodded his head as she described her absence, recalling the particular incident from memory.

        "I remember that Thyrsus debacle... It drew a number of our own members to it. I was standing ready to join myself as I had an apprentice there... plus Killian..." he trailed off. His apprentice Nestor had gone to the planet when all hell was beginning to break loose, to help Ressa if he recalled correctly. And Killian... the Archon had been worried about his crimson haired friend during that time. There was a strong darkness clouding his heart, and the fear that he would succumb to it to the point of no return worried him. Nathanial would have been there to bring him back, at any cost.

        "No need to apologize," he continued, a smile playing at his lips. "It is very commendable of you to help out as you did. I know the strong ties that bind your people together. As long as you learned much from your experience there, I see it as time well spent. Were they able to rebuild?"


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          Ressa nodded her head slowly as the Archon asked if she'd learned much from her experience on Thyrsus. That in itself was a vast understatement. She'd learned more than she'd expected and became embroiled in something she wasn't sure how to deal with. Being joined to Chiara had changed her, but she knew that their union had to end at soon, lest they be joined forever.

          As the Archon asked about whether the Echani were able to rebuild, Ressa nodded. "Indeed. With luck they will be much stronger for what they have long as that Xai'Chath doesn't come back for more." she said, referring to Raien Keth, her biological father, before drawing out a somewhat weary sigh. "I do not wish to be cleaning up Raien's messes. He shames me every time he appears...he wants me at his side, within the Sith, but all he's done is drive a further wedge between us. I wish he was gone...permanently gone from my life, but you and I both know what he's like. Too stubborn to die and too stubborn to let go."

          Ressa then looked at the Archon. "If I've learned anything its that I need to be able to at least stand up to him and I can't do that alone. Mother and Killian have taught me some things about the Force and how to control it, but its not enough for me to defend myself if Raien decides to pay another visit. I need to train properly in our ways and with all due respect to my family, Mother and Killian can't provide that fully." It was difficult to ask another for something as big as this, especially considering that she trusts very few people, even those within the Penumbra, but she felt it needed to be said.

          "Archon K'cansce...would you..? Could you...? I mean you don't have to but... would you be my teacher and train me to wield the Force like you do?"

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            The Archon listened intently as Ressa recanted her thoughts to him. He turned to face his window behind his desk, closing his eyes as he stepped towards it. The words she was speaking formed pictures in his mind, giving him decent understanding of what she was meaning. Nathanial nodded as she spoke of Raien Keth, the hatred she bore and the concern for her own life. Her resolve, however, was very admirable. The will to become stronger, to gain more knowledge, was a trait he could cultivate and grow into tangible results.

            "Lesson number one, never be afraid to ask for help. The way to gain the knowledge you will need to protect yourself is to ask the right questions. I would be honored to train you in the ways of the Force; to wield it the way I can," he spoke turning to face Ressa. "That is, if you can put your trust into me and my methods?"