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So Now Comes the Scary Part (Dejah & Nathanial)

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  • So Now Comes the Scary Part (Dejah & Nathanial)

    In the days following her promotion to the rank of templar, Valeska spent the majority of her time with Dejah. It was becoming increasingly clear that she would be doing so for the foreseeable future. Little by little, her frilly gowns and innumerable shoes were beginning to lay claim to his closet space. It had occurred to her more than once that it might be time to start considering a larger space, for both of them, to share. The truth was that she felt a need to leave her former room behind, like closing a chapter on that part of her life. It was time for a new beginning. But first...

    Time to meet Uncle Nate.

    Valeska had sent word ahead of time to her beloved uncle, Nathanial K'cansce, telling him that she would be by for a visit, and that she was bringing someone to meet him. - A first time scenario for all parties, she was pretty sure.

    Holding onto the wall, Valeska slipped her heeled shoe onto her foot. "So you see... it's like 'meeting my Dad' in importance. It's just... he's not my Dad, not really. Might as well be though..", she rambled on a while about how much she adored her uncle and how much she admired him for a goodly span of time. Extolling the fact that while he was every bit as dangerous as her own biological father had ever been, he was not a complete fruitloop, as was Vega Van-Derveld.

    Well, not usually...

    Smoothing the pink satin of her gown with a hand, she looked hopefully to Dejah. "Got it? Nothing to worry about."

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    "Wait, did you just say just like meeting your dad," Dejah asked as he nearly turned white.

    Dejah had never done the whole meet the dad thing before, but Piotr had, and the manservant of the Dark Jedi Clone had been sure to prepare him for such a meeting. It was a rite of passage near every young man seeking the long term companionship of a young woman was required to walk through. Stories of what some fathers had done during those meetings plagued Dejah's mind, but the clone had always taken solace in the fact he would never meet Vega Van-Derveld. Now he was hearing this Uncle Nate was just as, if not more, important.

    Taking a bit longer to tie his shoes, the clone dressed in blue finally stood up and smoothed out his vest before slipping the suit coat over his shoulders.

    "Got it, nothing to worry about. Except for when he finds out what we've been up to, and the fact you've been slowly moving in. Not complaining just pointing out some reasons why he might be predisposed to not like me.," Dejah suggested.

    Dejah let out a sigh to calm him self down. He smiled as he took in the way Valeska looked in her dress. The clone was convinced there was nothing she could wear which would not look good on her.

    "You look gorgeous," he finally said. "Let's go meet this Uncle Nate."


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      "Thank you..", she beamed. "You look quite devastating, yourself." Of one thing Valeska was certain, Dejah could wear a suit like no other man she'd ever seen.

      Stopping just before the entryway, she paused them before the gilded mirror, emphasizing her point. "Look!", she began, posing with her hand resting on her chest as they stood close together.

      "Perfection! Do you know what I see? I see me utterly, ridiculously happy. Uncle Nate will see that too. Besides.. I'm a big girl. I can sleep over at Dejah's if I want to.", she stuck out her tongue at their reflection.

      With Dejah's hand in hers, Valeska led the way.


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        "She does look happy, and so does the clone next to her," Dejah acquiesced. "Though maybe we just not bring up the fact you're sleeping over, since he will likely be assuming it is so anyway."

        Dejah wasn't really scared to meet her "Uncle Nate," just anxious. This was an important thing, a big step, as Piotr had put it. Meeting family was a serious thing, and the meeting highlighted the obvious lack of family the clone had. Dejah had a creator, one he didn't know, and outside of the companion whose arm was linked to his, was one friend among the Jedi who had been the one to tell him the truth of who he really was. Valeska, she really was his family.

        "You know it's not really that anyhow, I know you do. That mind of yours is always sensing what I'm feeling. I just really want this to go well, because you are my family... officially or not. That might be a very fast statement to make, but you really are the closes thing to family I can claim."


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          Valeska's heart swelled to bursting proportions at his admission. So much so that she was becoming increasingly compelled to just stop there in the hall, and hug him for a good long while. It never failed to move her that he was able to put into words exactly what she too was feeling. That's really what this whole thing was about after all. Family. She was bringing Dejah to meet Nathanial now. It did not end there though, next would be Brigid. She felt sure that eventually they might also run into the members of House Van-Derveld. What a joy that would be. By introducing him to her family wasn't she saying that it was her intention for him to become part of them?

          Giving up the battle, she stopped in her tracks and gave into the desire to hug Dejah suddenly, but gently..she did not want to squeeze too much and crush his suit. He looked far too perfect, like a present just for her, waiting to be unwrapped later. It was on the tip of her tongue to tell him exactly how she was feeling. It was such a simple statement, yet something held her back from saying it. She hesitated, still just too afraid to doom the relationship by putting a name on it. Instead she said as much as she could for now. "Of course.. I feel the same, Dejah. You know I do."

          "It's not my mind I sense you with though..", she replied pensively, with a secretive twist to her smile. She kept walking, pulling Dejah with her.

          "We're almost there."


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            "I know..." Dejah said pressing a kiss to Valeska's forehead.

            Dejah left the sentiment at that. This was new territory for them both. Words were important, and not to be rushed. Valeska didn't need to say more with her words because she said it in so many other ways.

            "You tell me every time you kiss me, the way you look at me, how you smile when I walk into the room. I know how you feel."

            Dejah was confused with what she said about not sending him with her mind. Perhaps she meant the force as Aldan had taught him to do the same. The mind was used for other things, things which Dejah had only just leaend. His curious mind had to ask. How was it she sensed him? Was it deeper than with others, and had it always been that way.

            The clone squeezed the hand of the she-wolf as he asked, ""How is it you sense me, then?"

            Though he asked they were almost arrived, and Dejah had to prepare himself. His mind was quickly off the anxious feelings, reminding himself this was meant to be a fun time.


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              Stopping just short of the entrance into the domain of her Uncle Nathanial, Valeska turned to Dejah, still smiling. She linked her fingers with his and set their joined hands together upon the steady beating over her heart through the pink satin of her gown. As if that was not obvious enough, she tilted her head back to stare at him a bit indulgently.

              "With my heart, silly.". Valeska stretched up on tiptoe to kiss his lips once last time before cooling it in front of the uncle. Better for everyone that way..


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                Dejah knew the answer the moment he felt the rhythmic pattern of Valeska's beating heart on the palm of his hand. He kissed her back, not needing to acknowledge what she had just said. The two had been dancing around the words for how they felt for some time. They were so perfect for each other that they both just kept it to themselves.

                "I suppose we should knock," he said as they were stopped in front of the door. "Best not keep a man waiting."


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                  There was no need to knock. The entrance way door into Nathanial K'cansce's royal suite hummed to life and swooshed opened as the two approached. After Valeska's message to him earlier about wanting to visit and bring someone to meet him, the Archon set the motion and face recognition sensors to active. The moment the two walked within the small radius of the sensors, they picked up immediately on Valeska's face and granted immediate entry to his home.

                  Granted, it was probably not one of the best ways to open the door - it allowed for anyone who was with his niece to enter his private quarters, be them friend or foe. Though if foe, well, the smart money would be they would not be getting any further than a few foot falls into his apartment.

                  "Come in, come in..." came the soft, baritone voice of Uncle Nate from across the foyer and main sitting area. He stood glancing out the window that overlooked the palace gardens and further down the city of Olmondo as he did so many times when expecting company. He wore simple black pants that could pass for work casual or play and a white button down long sleeved shirt over a red undershirt, sleeves rolled up past his elbows allowing clear sight of the ax tattoo on his right forearm and the golden-metallic casing that covered the circuitry of his lower left arm and hand. Loose strands of jet black hair fell over his pale face as he turned to welcome his guests in.

                  The moment he saw his niece, the stoic almost expressionless visage melted into a soft, caring smile, "My dear... you look lovely today."


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                    Valeska had it on the tip of her tongue to tell Dejah that knocking was probably not necessary when the doors into the royal suite opened in auspicious timing. With Dejah's hand held encouragingly in her own, she stepped forward spotting her uncle by the window. The softening of his features when he spotted her, and his greeting to her only made her face light up even more.

                    She let go of Dejah's hand only long enough to cross the distance between herself and her uncle, to wrap her arms around him in a quick hug, and to kiss his cheek dutifully. "Thank you, Uncle Nate. I never get tired of hearing that you know.."

                    Before her palm could even grow cool from the release of Dejah's hand, she had her fingers once more curled into his. "Introductions! Uncle Nate, this is Dejah. Dejah... you have the honor of meeting the man himself, Nathanial K'cansce."

                    A flutter of nervous excitement rippled through her own stomach just then, hoping that these two men whom she both held in such high regard would get on well..


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                      The door just wooshed open on its own. That was cool, though Dejah was certain there was a reason for that. Now was when the nerves really set in. This meeting needed to go well. Valeska was counting on it to go well. Nathanial's position on Ruusan, and among the Penumbra, was also a factor in the nervousness the clone felt. Dejah could not mess this up.

                      He nodded a bow when the introductions were made.

                      "Pleased to meet you," he answered unsure how formal he should be. When in doubt go with formal, that was what all his training to live among the court had taught him.

                      Dejah's eyes darted to Valeska just to be sure she thought things were okay so far, then back to the host. What was he supposed to say now?


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                        Nathanial braced himself for the customary greeting between the two: a usual flying hug. Then he remembered that Valeska was not as young as she use to be, and this visit called for some form of formal discretion. He quickly hugged back.

                        "Then I shall continue to tell you that until it no longer holds truth," he gave his niece a quick smirk, before his attention was drawn to his niece's guest. She quickly drew back to him, enfolding her hand with his. This must have been the one Seraphine had stood by at the night of her ascension to Templar. It was a subtle statement that night, but one that Pyrrhus immediately caught. He let it go that night, not wanting to make a scene; an over protective father-like feeling surging through his usually cool veins. But he knew, given the time, he would be introduced to him. The meeting came quicker than anticipated.

                        Another testament to who Valeska was as a person.

                        The former prince kept his ever watchful gaze on Dejah as the two were being introduced. He did not need the Force to tell this was nerve-wracking for him.

                        "The pleasure is mine, Dejah..." he said in his soft baritone, returning the given bow with one of his own. "I would offer to shake your hand, but it seems attached to something else at the moment."

                        He nodded in the direct of the two's embrace, quickly giving Valeska a wink and Dejah a knowing smirk. Hopefully that would dispense most of the nerves floating the in air. If this was to be a meeting and a 'getting to know you session,' then he would need to make everyone feel welcome and like themselves. Nerves had no place and would only suppress the real you.

                        "Please, make yourselves at home! May I offer drinks? I feel it's time for celebration!"

                        Nathan quickly turned towards his kitchenette, ready to uncork one of his more expensive bottles of spirits he had hiding in a cabinet.


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                          After smirking back at her uncle, Valeska turned her reassuring indigo gaze back to Dejah. On the sly she gave him a wink to let him know everything was fine.

                          "Yes, and I'm not letting go either.", Valeska stated pleasantly, regarding the fact that she held Dejah's hand prisoner in her own.

                          "You could shake us both around if you like.", she offered, sticking her tongue out.

                          Coming around a couch, she edged a cushion to one side to make room enough for two in the space, taking her uncle on making herself at home.

                          "I wouldn't say no to a drink." She told her uncle, turning her head toward Dejah to see if he would like one as well.


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                            "I have learned not to argue with her," Dejah said in jest.

                            He eyed the couch, the one Valeska was making room for him to join her on. Dejah did so, nodding to th inquiry about a drink. Whatever "Uncle Nate" had would be good enough for him.

                            "A drink sounds good," Dejah agreed making himself at home as told.

                            Now that the initial meet was over, Dejah began to calm down. He just wanted to make a good impression for Valeska. Joining her on the couch, Dejah put his arm around her.

                            "What is your favorite beverage..." Dejah paused. He didn't know what to call Nathanial.


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                              "There will be no shaking today..." Nathan said from his kitchenette, giving a quick glance to the room in time to see Valeska stick her tongue out at him. He smiled and let out a silent chuckle, returning his attention to the three glasses he set on the counter top before him. In each glass, he poured his favorite vintage of spirit over top the three ice cubes he placed in each.

                              "Alderaan Ale. Not as harsh as its Corellian cousin, but refined enough to let you know what it is you are drinking. My personal favorite."

                              He finished pouring, and immediately cursed the fact he did not have three hands. Grabbing one glass in each hand, he levitated the third with the Force, and had it beside him in mid air as he brought his two guests the drinks he held. When they took their own glass from his hands, he grabbed the third from the air and moved to his lush arm chair across from the sofa they choice to sit. Before he sat, he looked at both of them and raised his glass to face level in their direction.

                              "A toast! To new friends..." he motioned to Dejah, a double reference to his recent joining of the Penumbra and to his recent joining to Valeska.

                              "To the growth of family..." this time he motioned to his niece, in reference to her recent ascension to Templar, and in turn, to the added member to the Dark Jedi that Dejah now was.

                              "And to the continued strength of the Penumbra!" With that, he took a sip of his ale and sat down.