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Great Views… Troubled Mind (OPEN)

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  • Great Views… Troubled Mind (OPEN)

    Suitcase in hand, Mio Fenn began to explore her new surroundings. Part of it was habit, to find multiple exits in case of emergency, but also she had never been in a castle like this before. Maybe it was a mansion? Whatever it was, it was a massive building set along a beautiful green backdrop. If she had to relocate, Mio couldn’t think of a better place.

    She asked for directions towards the living quarters of the Penumbra a few times, but it wasn’t until she bumped into a droid that she was shown to an empty room. Several actually. The droid seemed eagar to show her just about every empty room available. Mio stopped it and choice the third one she was shown. They all seemed to be the same size, furnished with a bed, dresser, ensuite washroom, table and a couple of chairs. What made Mio stop at the third one was the balcony. It wasn’t large, maybe a few feet wide, but enough to lean out of to breath in the fresh nature scents around. The droids returned to it’s particular task, and Mio dropped her bags in the middle of the room, pulled out her data pad and hesitated.

    She was accepted into a secret organization... she had a new loyalty to deal with. So.. how was she supposed to deal with her parents? They were expected a call any time now, she was already over a day late with her report on the assassination mission. If she didn't call, they would. Then what?

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    There was no noise made, no indication that there had been someone wandering those same halls, checking the same rooms, and then suddenly there was a robed and hooded man in her room at the doorway.


    It took only a second to draw up the file on the woman using her reflection on the mirror and facial recognition software.

    "...Lady Fenn. I am required to do a routine scan of the area as well as take a DNA sample. If you wouldn't mind offering a finger for inspection?"

    The metal man underneath the heavy clothing was lying on noth accounts, but having an artificial voice made it sound convincing since he could make it aound any way he wanted. He did not have to take a DNA samaple, and the scans he were taking were anything but routine.

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      “A scan and... DNA samples?” Mio asked suspiciously. Her eyes narrowed on the hooded man as she turned to face him, arms crossed in front of her chest in defiance. She had not heard the man approach, which was unusual for her.

      “Under who’s command?” She then asked, not willing to give up such precious samples willingly. Sure this was a new place for her, filled with new people, but that didn’t mean they could poke holes in her whenever they wanted to.


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        "It is standard procedure, Lord Andross just wishes to make sure you are healthy, and if you aren't, he wishes to offer solutions. If you wish to live in the dark you may, you may continue to do so."

        DNA was one of the easier things to collect here, but it was all the more easier when given freely, but it said a lot about the woman to protest. An admirable quality in their line of work.

        "Do not worry about the scans of your room, they are, as I stated previously, routine."

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          Mio’s paranoia and skepticism rose at the mention of this Andross guy making solutions to her health problems. To her, that sounded more like genetic manipulation... of course she could be completely mistaken.

          “Routine? My gut says otherwise, and it’s usually right. If Lord Andross want’s my DNA, he can ask me himself, but the answer will remain the same.” Mio replied, folding her arms before her, a defensive position. “Who are you anyways?”


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            Tucking the datapad away, the hooded cloaked man gave the woman a deep bow.

            "Rel'Avauld Andross, at your service. I apologize for my abruptness, but I thought I would skip the middle-man and collect my samples while I was here. Be assured I will get them, since everyone is put on file, but I find it more personable to allow othera to know why such samples are taken. I should also apologize for my intrusion into you chambers."

            Taking two steps backwards, Rel'Avauld was now outside her room, letting the door close in front of him. A gloved finger, hiding his mechanical hand, lifted and depressed the comm button to alert Mio to the presence of a person outside.

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              Mio was surprised when Rel’Avauld introduced himself. He was the one requiring these samples, yet he came into her room, unannounced, under the disguise of someone else, a servant. Now, he turned to leave, or really stepped back so that the door closed between them, then rang the chime.

              Was he playing with her? Was this a joke? Mio, was still confused at the situation. She was new here and didn’t know who to trust yet. DNA, records, those were all things she was taught never to give up. As an assassin, your identity was very important, leave not trace back home.

              But... was she an assassin still, now that she’d joined the Penumbra? Did the old rules still apply? For a long moment, Mio leaned against the door, thinking of what her next move would be. She would prefer to let the man wait longer, but he also seemed to be a highly regarded member. Showing disrespect, so soon after being accepted wouldn’t look good.

              With a sigh, Mio opened the door, but didn’t allow Andross to step in. “You lied about your identity. Gave me a false impression of yourself, I can not trust a single think you say.”


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                The door opened, and Rel'Avauld was just sliding his datapad away into his sleeve, allowing him to offer another bow.

                "You should trust in those wishing to keep you in health. For one I did not lie about my identity, I spoke in third person. The impression I gave you, was nothing more than sincere, whether you were injured or needed healing, your DNA would be revealed to me. Besides, keeping your at your best is not all I can do with such samples. I use the data to keep Pnumbra members off other radars, keeping us in our shroud of secrecy. If you cannot trust me, one who wishes to keep you safe, then who can you trust?"

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                  “I’ve worked on my own, with my family for a very long time. I do no wish to sound disrespectful, but I feel very uncomfortable giving up such personal data of myself... to someone I do know know.” Mio said finally.

                  Unfortunately, Andross had a point. His reasonings sounded logical too. The Penumbra was secret, a well kept secret from all of Mio’s accounts. Of course that meant there had to be someone or someones involved behind the scenes keeping it that way. Yet, Mio was still hesitant, worried that she was being tricked. What if he used her DNA to frame her for something in the future? It was powerful information, what one DNA sample could do in the wrong hands.

                  “Who speaks in the third person anyways?” Mio commented absently, then looked up into Androsses’ metal mask. “You swear, this is for the good of the Penumbra? There’s no catch to this?”


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                      Rel'Avauld was really starting to like this woman, steong willed, and willing to question the truth. He would have to keep an eye on her progress.

                      "I believe it is more beneficial for the individual than whole, but I eould do anything to keep the Penumbra safe, to keep it secret. As well as I would do almost anything for the members of the sect as well, I am, of course only one man."

                      Pausing for a moment, the heavily robed man contemplated his next action, because he did not judge her for not trusting him yet, but to expose to her so much migth turn her further.

                      "I try to keep our members identities secure, through networks of hacking devices and droids. You will retain you original identity for your role as a member of the Royal House, but for your less... legal actions, should you get injured or pass by a security camera, I go in to remove that data so it cannot be used. I also do repairs on all technological devices and transports, as well as offer my Synth-crystal furnace to those ready to make their own lightsabers."

                      Perhaps if she needed more convincing of who he was he would show her what was under the hood and behind the mask.

                      "So I won't promise, I will guarantee you that you will only benefit from my help in this matter, and that none of it will ever negatively impact you or your mission."

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                        Mio’s face showed her concern, even if she didn’t say anything against what Andross said. Thinking on it, it did make sense. He was a Penumbra member, they had a goal, and everyone seemed to work together towards it. It was a family... different from what Mio was used to. Still, it would be nice having someone else watching her back.

                        “Alright.” Mio sighed, and gave Andross her hand. “I do not trust others this easily... i’m still leery of you and this DNA sample.” She added, being truthful.

                        “How long have you been part of this organization?”


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                          Jacob walked through the corridors of the palace. Whistling while he did the Archbishop of Ruusan made his way towards his own personal quarters. Carrying his saber pike like a staff he then heard a conversation happen. Reaching out with the Force he then felt the mechanical presence of Rel. Smirking he then walked towards the doorway and saw the newly recruited Mio standing there holding her hand out.

                          Peeking his head in, Jacob then raised an eyebrow, "Everything okay in here?"

                          Knowing full well why Rel was there in the first place. Gathering DNA samples like he did to him when he first came here. That was to make certain nothing could come back to haunt him in the such case he left anything behind. Jacob then walked into the room with saber pike in his right hand. As Rel was about to take a sample he then looked at Mio and gave her a polite nod.

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                            Rel'Avauld took her hand in and hand shake and she felt a small burning sensation as if someone had momentarily touched a tiny piece of hot metal to her skin. Letting go of her hand, under close inspection, the very small wound he had made sometime before the burning sensation had been cauterized to stop any blood from escaping and being wasted.

                            "There we are."

                            Turning to the Archbishop, he offered a nod to the man to let him know all was well before returning his attention to the woman to answer her question.

                            "I have been with the organization before it was an organization, and have been keeping its secrets just that. Secret. The Dark Jedi we once openly active, though mostly neutral to the going ons of the Galaxy. To take better command of events, we take control of things behind the scenes now, to make it a better place for those worthy enough to benefit from our protection."

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                              A second man entered the room. Mio eyed him carefully, already having her fill of suspicion with the first, a second was not helpful. The man sauntered through with a familiar stride, but Mio knew she had never seen that face before. His height though... could be one of the masked ones in the garden.

                              “Ouch!” Mio said, the pain from the handshake with Rel surprised her as she yanked back her hand. The small wound he had made, was now cauterized. “What happened to a small prick?”

                              She turned her head to the second man and just nodded, though her face showed she was unimpressed with her current company. “We’re fine.” She told the large man. She turned back to Andross. His words hung in her mind, he had been part of this group for a long time, from the beginning... it seemed unreal.

                              “Would the Dark Jedi ever expose their activity in the future?” Mio asked, curiously. She understood that in tough times, going secret was necessary in order to survive. But usually it was only temporary, always waiting for the right moment to return to the scene.