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Returning to shadows (Shyahwyn, Open)

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  • Returning to shadows (Shyahwyn, Open)

    The Crimson Claw landed and rolled into the palace hangar. There were many aircraft she recognized but others she did not. This was to be expected the Prenumbra shifted and changed as a living entity which was a good thing for our cause. The Shadow Princess' return was unexpected save for her master, probably. For Killian Quane had given her an amulet claiming her as his own for the dark jedi's purpose, and she believed it was also a way to keep her in his sights even when she went off to handle her business on Gascon and Sanbra.

    Her sleek form was wrapped in a traditional gown of white and silver silk for her home planet. Rachel, whom she had adopted and placed on the throne, had been kidnapped and murdered. Her planet sunk into chaos as the manhunt for the assassin ensued for years. Finally in the past year, they caught the culprit and brought him to a proper Gasconite sentencing. The privy council then with Britannica's help had to vote on their new heir.

    The dark jedi had three children that could be next in line for the throne. Dracen was decided to be too much of a free spirit. Blade had a strong mind but he had no filter for his mouth and would spew forward whatever lept into his mind. Then there was young Rylie. Her daughter had the men of her family toiled around her fingers believing she was no less than an angel. But her mother knew better. Rylie was cunning from the time she could talk. She was a natural politician knowing exactly how to keep a duality with her Father and brothers and with her Mother. Just like her mother she could get her way with a sweet smile or a stern face whichever worked for the situation. And boy did she know it.

    As her graceful steps took her from the ramp to the side entrance of the grand palace, she could feel the vibrations of what was the living force beating within the very walls. This place was the heart of their entire operation as knights of shadows. Britannica Lennox came walking down the hallway with her usual regal air that sat her aside from the others. She was by no means arrogant about her position on Gascon. No, her arrogant pride laid in the hands of her master. Her belief that he was the truth of what this organization stood for, what she stood for and that he was the very person she should mirror in abilities one day.

    The familiar architecture never ceased to be breath-taking in her eyes. Her own palace on Sanbra and the royal palace of Gascon were gorgeous no doubt. This palace held something dear to her. Her purpose, her family, her destiny. All her work on Gascon was to keep her large wealthy planet in check and at the beck and call of the Principality. Now that stability had been restored, and with Killian still installed as Duke of Gascon Britannica could began sending in more influences of Ruusan to begin an actual alliance. A legit alliance but not without making sure power of her planet was well within the Prenumbra's grasp. She would need to bring this to the higher ups as soon as she was settled.

    She crossed the main foyer and headed into the conservatory, navigating towards the very back staircase that led to her chamber. She pushed back the hood that framed her delicate featured face, shining those bright blue orbs amongst her now fiery red locks. The princess came to a stop at her door way. Took a deep breath, and opened her door. The familiar mess of her projects strewn about was no longer there. Her servant had bagged and tagged them all to keep them from getting ruined during routine cleaning while she was gone. A sigh escaped her and she walked across to her favorite winged back chair and sat in the silence and dark of her private chambers.

    "Rise and rise again until lambs become lions."
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    "Madam, your next patient is waiting you in Room Twelve," the medical droid's calm voice informed as Shyahwyn glanced up and nodded. "Sir Marcus LeTavian."

    Closing her eyes, she shook her head. He seemed to always have something wrong whenever his father visited the palace, and she wasn't totally ignorant as to why. Emerald eyes returned to the medsensor and she annotated the information for the last patient who was genuinely sick. "What's his affliction this time," she inquired dryly.

    "He's complaining of chest pains, but I'm unable to verify these symptoms." The droid's concern was evident as the moments lingered. "I think perhaps I'm in need of an update to..."

    "You're fine," she stated. "He's the one that needs to be reprogrammed." It didn't matter how many times she stated that she had someone already, the baron was relentless and there was no apparent end in sight for his affections.

    "While I value your expert opinion, milady, I know that you've no formal education in droid programming," he backed as she rose and moved him aside.

    "I know enough about you to know that he's fine and you do a great job. Leave this to me."

    "Of course, madam."

    Leaving the droid behind to continue on with his daily chores now that there didn't seem to be any more patients in the palace's medbay, the arbiter knew that one way or another this aggravating playboy was going to leave her alone. As she moved to open the door to the room that the baron was in, she noticed one of the servants moving towards her. Turning, the witch noted the dedicated purpose in the older woman's eyes.

    "Milady, I was asked to let you know that the Crimson Claw has just landed in the landing area and Lady Britannica is in the palace."

    Shyahwyn almost shouted with excitement, moving passed the servant as she rushed towards the lobby and entrance to the medbay. It had been too long since she had seen the woman that she considered her sister and fellow confidante in nearly everything. They had trained together at the beginning, camped out on the training moon for several nights and shared stories. The fighting on Gascon to retake the throne and other moments that had cemented their friendship all came flooding back as Shyahwyn nearly ran down the hallway, a perpetual smile on her face. Opening her mind to Britannica, the arbiter kept her use of the Force secret as she reached out to find the monarch entering her room upstairs. Picking up her pace now that she had a destination, Shyahwyn nearly knocked one of the butlers into a large flowery vase.

    "Excuse me," she apologized hurriedly, glancing back to ensure that he was unharmed.

    "Not at all, milady," he cleared his throat and straightened out his jacket.

    Flying through the atrium and up the sweeping stair to the familiar hallway, Shyahwyn moved to the door that had remained unused beyond her servant's activity keeping the apartment clean and organized.

    The Force flowing through the shapely dark jedi, she reached out with her mind to her sister and best friend. ~Hey lady, been a while. Up for some company?~ Joy obvious in her aura, and without waiting for a reply she knocked....