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Early Morning Workout (Nadgkema)

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  • Early Morning Workout (Nadgkema)

    Jorik had made his way towards the courtyard of the Chateau upon leaving the terrace. He had been invited to a duel by the lovely Lady Nadgkema. From her graceful movements in her dance, Jorik had no doubt that she would not disappoint in a friendly duel.

    Jorik was dressed in his ordinary regalia. A very nice black suit with a high collared black cape. He leaned against a waist high wall, his hand resting on the ornate pommel of his rapier.

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    Nadgkema was gone for barely ten minutes, before she reached the courtyard. She had changed for another attire, better suited for a friendly duel. She had been prompt to do so. She was quick to decide and act, and had been as such since her education as royal handmaiden on Onderon.

    "Sir Dalsin." She said with a bow as she stopped a few meters from him, her hand wrapped around the hilt of her own rapier, one she had had with her since she was a teenager.

    She took her weapon and fell into an opening stance, her moves elegant as precise as when she was dancing earlier on. "Ready when you are."


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      Jorik smiled, his first move a light thrust towards her face. It was the typical starting move in a duel like this, but all duels had to start somewhere. A more technical maneuver was uncalled for at the moment. Jorik would save the fancier flourishes for when the duel had ramped up to a higher degree of energy.

      "En garde, Madame." Jorik says, flashing a smile.


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        Nadgkema knew that the early times of a duel only gave some indications. Things got truly revealed as time went on.

        She smiled as she parried the first attack, batting Dalsin's blade away in a roll of her wrist, before using the opening for a stabbing motion.

        "Indeed, Monsieur." She replied, very glad for this dueling opportunity.


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          Jorik stepped quickly to the side, the stab of his opponent's weapon kissing the fabric of his long cape, but nothing more. While he stepped, Jorik sliced down towards his opponent's wrist. It was not a hard slice, as Jorik did not wish to harm his opponent, but it would definitely leave a scar if it were to connect.

          Jorik did not make a move in a duel before he was convinced that it would work. To have any other mindset was self-defeating. But there was a part of Jorik that hoped she would be able to foil his attack. Lady Nadgkema's movements were a show of beauty and grace, and Jorik could very much appreciate those things when combined in a duel.


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            Dalsin had the knowledge and experience to back up his possession of the rapier. Nadgkema noticed how his technique relied on both background and instinct, which was the deadliest of mixes.

            When he came back at her, the attack was precise and came close to connect. She pivoted on her heels, taking a side step as she retrieved her arm in a smooth and prompt move. Dalsin's weapon connected with nothing but air.

            An appreciated grin formed on her lips as she moved to the other side before coming with a more forceful upward slash at his chest.