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TPY - First ring of Hell..

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  • TPY - First ring of Hell..

    Posted by Liam Jinn on 10-10-2002 04:07 PM:
    First ring of Hell..

    The day had droned on like an annoyingly scratched record. He stayed silent through most of the meetings he sat through, letting his mind wander elsewhere. When night finally came, it signalled his departure from formalities, so he took a short walk outside, his migrane throbbing intensly as if kindled with a new fire. This did not lift Liam's mood to say the least.

    The cold wet ground below his feet softly whispered of his comming to any that stood before him. Soon the soft thuds of his feet became quiet tapping as he entered the section where his apprentices chambers were. Slowly he ascended the steps, covering ten floors before he came to a stop. To his immediate left stood two canisters of Dytrol, an extremely flammable liquid used on certain machinery.

    A wicked look crossed the Lord's face before picking them up and carrying them to his sleeping apprentices room. The door silently opened with a nudge from the force, showing the peaceful slumber he had already assumed she'd be in. He took off the cap of one canister and proceeded to empty it's contents all over the floor before returning and giving the walls a coat with the second can. Before he left the room, he took one last look at his apprentice, still asleep...though it didn't appear as peaceful as before.

    He did not care whether she made it out or not, they could all be replaced. Liam exited the room, carefully wiping his boots off before concentrating with the force.

    "Wake up!"

    Soon a patch of the floor began to warm up, it's molecules moving faster and faster, before the Dytrol ignited, setting the room ablaze.

    Posted by Jasala'Dashin on 10-11-2002 10:13 AM:

    Dark dank streets covered in filth, a small graceful figure waded through. Her eyes bruised from lack of sleep, her hands clean despite the ragged clothing that told of poverty. The shadows called to her, mocked her for what she was. The cruel voices of mean children made her head ache. Her head ducked automatically, knowing something would fly out and hit her. Her small knife big enough to still the voices that taunted her. She could still hear a mothers anguished wail when they found her children dead.

    Jasala grimaced in her sleep, turning over, her dream had turned bitter and in it she had been cold, bone cold as always. She had learned to survive, she had learned to smile and twist words so she could have what she wanted. She had learned how to make her hate work for her.

    "Wake up." Jasala sat up quickly, her face bathed in sweat. Her eyes wide as the fire licked the walls, and the small sheet that covered her. It had been some time since anyone had tried to kill her. Her body went into automatic. She did not need to think anymore. Standing up on the bed she leapt over the flames, her nightgown smoldering against her bare legs. She went through the door and to safety, her open mouth sucking in the fresh air.

    She bent at the waist, a wracking cough shaking her small body. Her swollen eyes looked to the side as she felt someone near. "I would have lit the bed they slept in on fire." Her grin came back easily to her full, pouty lips. Her eyes were hard and filled with hate...