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    Within the docking bay of the Palace on Ruusan, waited what could only be a heavily customized shuttle, since the outside seemed to look like a heavily armoured rectangle. SHIP was the personal space craft, and portable lab of Rel'Avauld Andross, with it's incredible artificial intelligence, it was starting to become more of a companion that a shuttle.

    SHIP was waiting for a passenger today, to shuttle over to one of the three sister moons, where the members of the Penumbra travelled to train. Mio Fenn, had been messagesd by her Master, which had claimed her in the most peculiar way, and instructed to head to the docking bay as soon as possible. There she would find a running shuttle of SHIP's description that she would take to her Master awaiting her on one of the moons.

    Upon her arrival, she would find the bay door coming down for her, as if the shuttle noticed her arrival. Of course, it did.
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    The message seemed vauge to Mio. Rel had given her a description of a shuttle that would take her to her first training session with him. However, it was not in the Penumbra walls as she expected, but on one of the moons surrounding the planet. There was no mention of particular articles she should bring with her, or how long this session was going to last. It seemed everything was up in the air, at least to her, she just hoped her new Master knew what he was doing.

    As she walked down the dock, with countless other ships and shuttles, her high heels clicked on the metal. She wore comfortable dark pants that were tight fitting and easy to move in. She also wore a yellow jacket over a white tank top. Her black hair was tied back as her eyes scanned each ship she walked by.

    Suddenly one of them seemed to react on it’s own, it’s bay doors lowered just as she came across it. Startled, Mio paused, wondering if it was just a coincidence and the owner would come out any second. Nobody did, and oddly enough it matched the description Rel had given her.

    “So, your it.” Mio whispered, taking the cue and entering the shuttle. The second she was on board, the door closed and the engine came to life. Puzzled and alarmed, Mio headed towards the cockpit, only to find it empty, and the shuttle flying on its own. Taking a seat next to the controls, Mio folded her arms, uptight about the entire situation.


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      A voice came from the community of the shuttle as she entered, greeting her in a polite and timely voice, perhaps sounding much like a kind servant.

      -Greetings Miss Fenn, I am a Star Hopper Intelligence Protocol, but everyone calls me SHIP. I will be assisting in your travel to the Labyrinth of Trials. If the climate of the cab is not to your liking, please notify me, and I will change it immediately to your preference. Lord Andross has been preparing for your training for the past thirty-five hours. I have not seen him more interested in anything other than his research for a long time. So if I may, I would like to thank you.-

      The shuttle did indeed start up and take off on it own, not having any control panels in the cockpit, there was no need for Rel'Avauld to ever pilot SHIP. It was it's own pilot and co-pilot, with hyper-advanced anti-hacking protocols, that, though Rel'Avauld had created them, even he had trouble hacking SHIP at times.

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        Mio raised an eyebrow, she had not come across such a high intelligence AI on a shuttle before. Was this one of Rel’s creations? She would have to compliment him when she saw him. In the meantime, Mio relaxed her body, it seemed the ship had everything under control.

        “I’m fine.” She replied back to the protocol interface. “So he’s been researching this for a while, huh?” She commented, mostly to herself. She didn’t know what to expect when she landed on one of the moons. Mio tapped her fingers against the arm of her chair, she didn’t like the unknown.


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          -Lord Andross has been researching a cure for his condition for the longest time, though this past year and a half his research has become more martial. Creating clones of his flesh body, and weaponry for a final project.-

          SHIP entered the atmosphere of the moon with the Penumbra training grounds and quickly landed.

          -I know we have only just met Miss Fenn, but would it be possible for you to do me a favour? Could you please watch over Lord Andross, and keep him safe. I worry about him, as do his comrades. You will be the first to have access to him at all times, so I ask you to fulfil my request.-

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            “A cure?” Mio asked, puzzled by the comment and request of the artificial intelligence of the shuttle. She didn’t know Rel was even ill... then again perhaps that was the reason of his metal exterior. Yet, the request, it seemed to be asking more of her than she could handle. After all, she had only met the man once... yet their relationship will be opening doors for both of them.

            “I guess... yeah I can.” Mio replied back as the shuttle entered the atmosphere of the moon. “I’m not sure what I can do currently, but I’ll keep an eye on him.” It was the only thing she could offer up.

            As the shuttle landed and Mio moved to leave, she paused and turned back to the consul. “Clones? He’s not doing anything like that will that blood sample he took from me?” But before the AI could reply the door between cockpit and the rest of the shuttle shut and the ramp opened.


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              -Oh no, Lord Andross would never do that to any member of the Penumbra. He only worked on three clone subjects. One was his own, to test cures on, and the others where those needed for...-

              Static started to come from the speakers of the cab as SHIP had been cut off mid-sentence, and the voice of her new Master came through.

              "Enough chit chat, Miss Fenn, step off the shuttle and meet me outside!"

              The cockpit door opened, and once in the bay/lab area, the bay door opened down for her to exit.

              The exterior revealed a set of ruins with a lush temperate jungle that had been cleared up by members of he Penumbra. Leaning against a downed pillar was the same cloaked man she had met in her room, mask and all waiting for her. On the rubble of the pillar were several items, piled together.

              "I am glad to see you are in good health today. As a Master I am required by the Penumbra to supply my student with several items you will need on your journey down our path. The first is a robe, which you will find fits your dimensions perfectly, best not to ask how that is so. The second is a mask of your choosing, which will be used to conceal your identity when off Ruusan. The third is a training lightsaber, which you will use until you are deemed skilled enough to wield a real one."

              Moving to the pile of object, Rel'Avauld took the object on top in his hand, a silver cylindrical tube of sorts wirh several toggles, and being just long enough to be held two handed.

              "You being my student though, offers you some perks above others. I find the training lightsaber the Penumbra offers to be dull, and unwieldy, so I made several upgrades to a similar product."

              Depressing on the red button, an elongated grey energy blade burst from the top of the tube.

              "These weapons are merely red force-fields, so I designed this F-feild blade to imitate the training lightsaber in all ways. It is nonlethal, in the sense that you can't cut a head off with it, but it can definitely beat someone to death easily. You can choose the colour of the blade, something not normally offered, with these toggles."

              Showing her the toggle, he switched it to the left several times, each click of the toggle changing the beam's colour.

              "You can also change the length of the beam with this switch, to elongated, normal, and shoto. The elongated beam should be weilded with two hands to control it's arc of attack."

              Rel'Avauld showed her clicking up elongated the blade, clicking down once to a neutral position made the blade normal length, and then finally down halved the beam size.

              After showing her those options he deactivated and handed her the training lightsaber to take.

              "Go ahead and set it to what ever you like."

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                Mio relaxed slightly when the ship’s AI assured her that nothing like that would be done to her DNA, and she believed it. After all, why would an AI lie like that? Then again, the ship was pretty intelligent for just a shuttle. Rel certainly had some talents with mechanics and robotics.

                Then the sound of Rel’s own voice echoed through the compartment. Mio sighed and followed the instructions and exited the ship onto the moon. The air was pleasant, the skies clear and before her was her Master, clothed as before with his mask. She found herself amongst ruins of some ancient civilization, which seemed to be their training arena for the day. Briefly Mio wondered who used to live here, and what happened to them, but it was only a passing curiosity as her eyes set on her Master, and the words he gave her.

                Mio took the robe. It was of good quality and light weight. Taking off her own yellow jacket, she placed the robe on right away. It would be easier to move around with that than her leather.

                “The mask, is it like the codename I’m to choose? Does it have to match?” Mio asked, in truth she’d been thinking a great deal of some secret name to call herself while amongst the Penumbra. “I have been thinking about mine, and I did come up with something... if you want to hear.”

                The lightsaber display caught Mio’s attention as she trailed off, her eyes mesmerized by the different colours, and lengths of the saber Rel had created. She smirked as he set it down for her to fiddle with.

                “You know women, options are always great.” She teased, playing with the toggles until she found one interesting enough to use. She kept the blade at normal length, though part of her felt more comfortable with the shoto, resembling more of a short dagger than a sword. Mio was familiar with both lengths, but while on the job, daggers were easier to hide under clothing than full length vibroswords. As for the colour, she stopped when a dark, purplish blade appeared. It wasn’t as vibrant as some of the other colours which Mio liked, going back to the days of hiding in shadows.

                With her settings enabled, she turned towards her Master, waiting for the next set of instructions.


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                  Grabbing the mask next, he pulled it up to his own mask, it being a white opaque mask with no design and two glass eye slots.

                  "This is a little advancement I have made for your mask alone, so far. It may seem a little intrusive at first but it's quite inspirational. There are little emitters within the forehead that will connect to you thoughts upon command. It will allow you to wear the mask...."

                  The mask then became completely transparent, showing Rel'Avauld's mask behind it.

                  "...and have it seem like it isn't on your face. Holo-emitters on the front will allow you to think up a mask design now and have it permanently take on that design. If you wish to change it, you'll have to get me to reset it for you. These options are just for saving time, more than anything else. Our masks are how we live our seperate identities, they are indeed linked to our code names though they need not match, that would be up to you."

                  Rel held out the mask for her to take.

                  "Concentrate on what you wish the mask to look like, then put it on, it will change immediately. Then activate your lightsaber, pointing the hilt upwards, bring it to in front of your chest in salute, stating your code name to me. After that is settled, we will begin your training."

                  Stepping back once the mask was out of his hand, a lightsaber quickly slid into it from under his sleeve but strangely it made no sound of metal rubbing on cloth. Activating his pearl blade, he brought the hilt up to in front of his chest with the blade pointing up.

                  "Speak now Apprentice, while thy Master awaits!"

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                    Mio Fenn took the mask. Here it was, her choice of a new identity. It seemed like a large choice, for the first time she had a say, she had such a choice available. In the past, her parents didn’t give her or her brother room to express their own individuality, at least not when it came to their future lives and careers. Everything had been figured out for them already, all they had to do was achieve that greatness for themselves.

                    The plain while mask in her hand, she held it up to her face, the design coming to her mind, filled with florals, swirls and engravings. The mask immediately took on it’s appearance in her mind. It still kept the plain white look, she didn’t want anything fancy, nothing to stand out. She was after all a shadow in the night, she wanted to keep things simple.

                    She turned to her master, his order to reveal her name. “Echo!” Mio said, the mask holding it’s form.


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                      Rel'Avauld repeated to his Apprentice, loud enough for all to hear though no one else was there. Deactivating his lightsaber, he spun the hilt in his hand amd it disappearing up his sleeve.

                      "We will now begin your training in the Force, Echo, the stepping stones to your true power. Your father, misguided as he is, uses hope to power himself. To protect the wicked, and the greedy. The Jedi serve their purpose as scape goats and safety nets. Unlike the Sith, governed by hatred and rage, who have no other purpose than to blame our sometimes devastating tactics on. As a Dark Jedi we use any force that is necessary to get the job done. We are killers, Assassins, and murderers, but all for the greater good. We don't kill for enjoyment, or pleasure, we kill because there is a need for it."

                      Rel'Avauld began pacing around Mio as he began his big speech, something he had planned for a while, knowing that someday he would have to teach another. That and thinking it up kept his mind off other things.

                      "The Darkside of the Force is a fickle Mistress, allowing the Sith to think they are the only one loved and carried in her embrace. Hatred is one of our easiest ways to harness the power within us, but some find lust or greed to be an less threatening way to connect to the Force. Tell me Echo, what is it that you want to do as a member of our Penumbra? "

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                        The mask seemed to adhere to her face, it felt more like a second layer of skin. Mio kept it in place as her Master began to give a lecture, it seemed he was trying to impose on her the meaning of the Dark Jedi, and how they differ from the other Force factions. Behind the mask, Mio thought about her brother and his choice to find a life with the Jedi. She wished him no ill will, nor hatred, he was still her brother and she knew from an early age he was not cut for their family’s line of work.

                        It took Mio a second or so to realize that Rel had asked her a question, one she didn’t know the answer to. What did she want to do as a member of the Penumbra? Her dark eyes moved up to Rel’s face.

                        “To be of service...” Mio started, then closed her mouth, the response was automatic, something she grew up saying to her parents when the badgered her on her future. A way to manipulate her into remaining by their side. “I mean... I want... I don’t know.” The truth came out.

                        “I joined the Penumbra because it offered me a life away from my father’s watchful gaze. It was my chance at freedom... at least more freedom than I’m used to. I don’t know what I want to do while being part of this organization, I know I want to be of use, to help in your grand schemes of bringing order to the Galaxy. I agree with what had been said during my trial in the gardens, about how such a task can only be accomplished through shadows and acts of violence... manipulating others for the better. My skills lie towards bringing death to others. I been applauded in my work, but it’s never been something I enjoy, just a job that is required of me. I have no bloodlust, no ambition for greatness. I’ve been raised to be a servant, and I believe that will never change.”


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                          Not that anyone could tell what the masked and cloaked man was thinking, but it was obvious that he wasn't happy with what he heard as he semi crossed his arms, with one hand going to the brow of his mask.

                          "You are not a servant any more Echo! The relationship we will have together will be for your benefit only, something a servant would never get. You are powerful, remember that, and your growing power will allow you to take what ever you rightfully deserve! What is that? "

                          Rel'Avauld spun on spot facing away from her and looking up, throwing his arms wide open.

                          "Everything you a capable of taking yourself, and once you have finished all the training the Penumbra has to offer, that will change to anything you desire! I am only your Master because I have what you need to learn, I will teach you what you need to take what is yours! Let nothing stop you from achieving the greatness you deserve, not your parents, not me, not anyone in the Penumbra. Now tell me again, what is it that you want?"

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                            Mio felt like slinking back from Rel’s words. She was so used to following orders, to do what was told, what was expected of her that wanting something more, something larger was... difficult to grasp. But as her master spoke, Mio knew of one thing she did want. It was a burning desire inside that she thought was under control, but the more Rel’s words hit her body, the more she wanted it.

                            “Respect.” Mio finally said. “In the eyes of my parents. I want to overcome them, I want to be worthy of the business and take it over.” As much as her parents trained her to her current level, and that she was the oldest. It was always her brother that her father seemed to put all the pressure on. Even now, with him leaving the family, her father believes he’ll return. He wouldn’t even think of giving it all to her.

                            She deserved it.

                            Mio’s chest rose and fall, giving voice to an inner dream for the first time. Her eyes, cold and dark leveled with her Master.


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                              "An easy task, respect from two individuals. Perhaps in time you will find a more lofty goal to achieve. Respect from your parents is...Important... "

                              Rel'Avauld had nothing but hatred for his father, who beyond keeping him alive, had imprisoned and used Rel for most of his life. He never knew his mother, so she was never even in his thoughts. With training and experience, though, the metal mentor hoped that Mio would find something on a grinder scale to want. For now, he had a hook coming to him. Her surface thoughts were pounding at Rel'Avauld's mental doorstep. Of a sibling, no, a brother, and of jealousy. His Master had told him to guard your thoughts before he found out it was impossible to read the metal man's computer brain.

                              "Does it make you mad, that they prefer your brother, over you, their eldest born? That he deserves more respect from them, only because of his gender? Is that fair? What do they think you are? Weak? Frail? A woman who can't take care of herself?"

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