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    Awaiting news of her trial's results, Shyahwyn delved into other things and as she prepared for another day on the training moon, the arbiter got news that the prince's ward wished to learn some fighting skills. Though Killian had only taught her the basics, Invictus had given her more training in how to combine the Force with her natural ability. Being more of a freestylist, the witch had learned how to improvise during fighting situations, having competed during the annual gatherings with the Pachmari. That life seemed so long ago now, she mused as the shapely brunette strolled toward the ruined city now almost completely claimed by the surrounding foliage. Morning's light piercing the lighter, high level cloud cover allowed for a moody scene as emerald eyes noted how quiet things always remained here. Just the way she liked it.

    Dressed in baggy, tan t-shirt and black pants, Shyahwyn continued into the once busy avenue of the ancient city now barely discernible amidst the fallen walls and interiors clogged with broken masonry and grass. Reaching what appeared to have been a market area once, she slowed her pace as the distant rumble of a shuttle's engines rising back into the air echoed through the surrounding woods. Today's student had arrived.

    Taking a seat atop a large, round platform, Shyahwyn waited.

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    After bidding the shuttle pilot to return only when she called, Valeska departed the ship. She was spending a great deal of time among Ruusan's Sister's lately. All in an effort to progress her training. To make herself not only the equal of her very dubious and dangerous relatives, but to become better than them. It was becoming a minor obsession actually, wondering what her brother and sister, Darius and Atea, were learning among their fellow Sith on Munto Codru. What new levels of hate would she see in their eyes of they met again? Would it be for their little sister?

    One thing was certain. Valeska was done being the victim of the Van-Derveld family tree. She was the only one among them whose bloodlines were purely Lupine. She was the only true Van-Derveld heir.. That superiority in her mind, she went forward to improve herself further, knowing that in this ruined city, another teacher awaited her.

    She found her easily enough, as the Arbiter was not hiding. "Lady Phoenix.", Valeska, bowed to the more advanaced member of the Penumbra, eager to see what she would learn from this new mentor.

    "Thank you, for agreeing to work with me."


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      Nodding to the girl that appeared to be of equal age, Shyahwyn grinned at the graciousness she displayed. No doubt from being raised in the palace, she mused. "Just glad to help out. I haven't come here for sparring in a long while. Usually get most of my training with combat either in the field or all at once when someone else is up here." Scanning their surroundings, she grinned almost longingly. "I recall one of my first spars here being with Invictus," emerald eyes returned to Valeska. "I kindof admire you that you got to grow up around him," she smiled admiringly. "I miss him." Her voice no doubt vainly hiding her feelings for the handsome dark jedi as she cleared her throat and popped back off of the stone platform, then wiped off her pants.

      "My fighting style isn't one that you'll find in a training holo or written in some old tome in the library. I learned how to compete in the arena once a year when I was in the Pachmari and every day in between with my... the witch that raised me. To be honest, my style is improvisation. Let the situation and opponent dictate how you take them down."


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        Valeska understood all too well about learning in the field. Those kind of situations forced a person to sink or swim in the dangerous galaxy they lived in. That Phoenix admired her came as a surprise, as the lady was far more trained that she was. She chuckled to hear the cause of the admiration. "Yeah, I did grow up playing around the legs of some legends. That is for certain." From time to time she would hear a name, and recall only if they were the kind of person to scowl at a child, or be kind. For the most part, Valeska had been kept hidden as a child, away from the influence of her father..

        She listened to how Phoenix had learned and adapted her own fighting style and found herself nodding. "My mother is from a similar background, it sounds like. She is a Nightsister of Dathomir.", Valeska admitted.

        "It troubles me a little that I know so little of that part of my heritage, but...maybe it is for the best. However, I would love to learn more about your culture, if you would share it with me. It could be the edge I might need someday to set the scales to balance."
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          The revelation about Valeska's mother was something that she wasn't aware of until this moment. A fact that gave her a moment of pause, having heard through the grapevine about the Sith taking the world nearly a year ago. She had to help her fellow dark jedi be strong and not succumb to the life that awaited the archduchess should she fall to the dark side.

          Leaning back against the raised, oval platform of weathered stone, Shyahwyn crossed her arms. "Maelona tricked my parents into giving me over when I was only a few months old. Their crops had taken on a blight that I learned much later had been introduced by the witch's knowledge of herbalism. Something she taught me as I grew up. I was raised to see males as second class; dirt basically, that were only good for one thing. We gathered in a secret location once a year, predetermined by our Elder Mother and the council and it was never in the same place twice. I grew up in the spacelanes, learning everything I know from either Maelona or on my own from reading. Fighting came natural and it wasn't until Killian brought me here that I learned it was because I was Force sensitive. Maelona chose me because of that," emerald eyes drifted a bit as she pondered more details. "The Pachmari were a quiet coven of witches who's founder had somehow come across a tome written by one of the Sorcerers of Tund. Rumor had it that our founding mother had used his own lust against him, then killed him one night and then escaped with his private journal as well as his copy of the tome that they studied from." She grinned as her gaze returned to Valeska. "Whether that's all true or not," she shrugged. "I have no way of knowing. The Pachmari had been around for several hundred years already by the time I was introduced to it. I actually did achieve the rank of Witch with them and Maelona gave me this," she pulled up her shirt to reveal her intricate tattoo that commanded her abdomen. "As a symbol that all witches gained once they reached that rank."

          Letting her t-shirt fall again, she continued. "I can't remove it without doing permanent damage to myself, but I'm going to keep it as it's a symbol of what I endured to get here. Only a few years ago, Killian went with me to Yelsain, my homeworld, and I ended up running into my real father and his new family. Come to find out, my step-sister, Caci, is also Force sensitive and Maelona had survived the ambush on Baralou and ended up there. We caught up to her as she kidnapped Caci and then ran her down into the forest." Emerald eyes misted as memories of that day came flooding back. "My real mother had committed suicide shortly after I was taken. I guess her grief became too much," she sniffed, smiling away the pain. Clearing her throat, she wiped her cheeks, "I took all that out on Maelona that day and had to influence Caci into forgetting what she saw me do. Don't let your emotions overtake you if you ever face your mother," Shyahwyn's emotion quickly turned to determination. "She's going to want you beside her, to use your abilities to further her own goals. Don't let her. The minute you give in is the minute that you lose yourself. Possibly forever."


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            From what little she did know about her mother, and her mother's people the Nightsister's of Dathomir, it sounded like Razielle and Maelona were similarly minded. The only real difference being that while Maelona had deceived Shyahwyn's parents into giving up their child, Razielle had left Valeska behind. To grow up without any real understanding of who she was, or what she was. Without being told that one day she would become distraught, and that her skeleton would just pop apart and reassembled itself, and that she would suddenly grow white fur and become a four-legged beast.. Yeah, that was one of those mother-daughter conversations that had never happened. And yet whatever other sins Razielle Van-Derveld was guilty of, taking Valeska with her at that age to be raised among the Sith of Munto Codru, was not one of them.

            Valeska listened to the wisdom being imparted to her, nodding her understanding. This was the very 'why' she had so many mentors that she went to for learning the ways of the Dark Jedi. Each of her mentors offered her a different perspective to consider, along with their training. Understanding them and what drove them, what inspired them, and in some cases what haunted them was also giving Valeska the chance to use her other gifts and see if what she could sense, and feel corresponded to what she knew about them. A way to keep all her talents active and progressing with her Force skills.

            When Shyahwyn mentioned Killian, instinctively Valeska's fingers curled around the amulet around her neck. A bird in flight, a Raven, clutching a dagger. 'Wear it often.' he had said. So Valeska did, she had not removed it since the last time she had seen him. Before she met Dejah... So long. He'd been out of contact so long this time..

            Valeska dragged her attention from worrying for her mentor and friend back to the lesson of the day."I'm sorry about your mother.", Valeska offered. However complicated her feelings for her family were, they were her family and she did love them all, each in their own way. Knowing that with the kind of lives they led, she could lose of of them at any time, was one of her private fears.

            "But I am glad you found your sister. Is she doing better now? Are you going to remain in contact?" Valeska, covered her mouth with her hand as her questions nearly ran away with her.

            "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to intrude there. Forgive me, it's just that I recently found out that a sister I never knew about was alive and it meant a great deal to me. I tend to let emotional responses take hold of me at times.", she winced.

            "My mother is the reason I am here. She has never come after me before but you are right.. it is what she wants. I can feel it when I am around her."
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              "I've been keeping in contact with them, yes," she nodded. "Caci's about eight now. I visited them about a year ago in fact. Hard to believe it's been that long already." Time had flown, no doubt. "No worries," the arbiter grinned. "I never had sisters unless they were fellow witches in the Pachmari, but even then it was only for a week, and then we were gone again. Everyone in separate directions. It's nice having a little sister, even though I don't get to see her everyday."

              She could definitely understand the tension around a mother that was a Sith and with them being dark jedi, that relationship would naturally be strained, though less so than if Valeska was a Jedi. "Hopefully you don't see her often then. I can see how that might create some confusion." Though Shyahwyn had only been around a few Sith during her years here, she was sure that none had been this mysterious woman that Valeska talked about. She had a feeling that that encounter would be one that she wouldn't soon forget.


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                What Shyahwyn was telling her of the nature of Pachmari sisterhood, struck a chord within Valeska. She understood the nature of such a bond with someone you were not directly related to. That was exactly what Valeska had done among the court, herself. If Nathanial was her uncle, then Brigid was most certainly her aunt. Likewise if Chrysa was her 'big sister' then it was quite obvious that the role of her brother had been taken up by Killian Quane. This was the family that Valeska had chosen for herself, rather than the one she had been born to. By that same standard, when it came to their cause, all of the Penumbra were her brothers and sisters and she would fight for them as such.

                Still, having a little sister of her own to play with and spoil would have made Valeska happy. Someone she could make sure was never lonely or wanting for anything..

                The warm thought was chased away by further talk of her mother, her real mother. "No, I do not make it a point to see any of my family really. I went to my mother when I sensed a disturbance.. it seemed to be coming from her directly. That was a long time ago now. My half-brother Darius I see more frequently, it is his twin Atea who turned up after years of everyone assuming her dead. I spoke to her for quite a long time and I think she understands that while my place is not with her, I will always be her sister, not her enemy. But you know... Sith. There is no telling what she'll be like the next time I see her.", Valeska shrugged, accepting that the sister she just found might already be lost to her again.

                "Which is why I need to polish up on combat skills. No telling when one of them might pop out of a tree and try to convert or kill me."


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                  "The group is definitely my more immediate family. I've never really gotten to know my own father yet, so Killian's become my big brother and a great friend. Britannica, my sister as well as Ayumi, whom I miss both a lot. I've come to enjoy your company as well as many others, so I understand the sentiment."

                  She pushed herself from the stone platform and nodded, knowing that they had come out here for another reason and the subject of family had already gotten a bit strained. She could see it in Valeska's eyes already. Leaping up onto the platform strewn with debris, she moved toward the other side and then turned to face her student for today. "Like I mentioned before, I learned how to be improvisational when it comes to fighting, letting my opponent decide the how and where, but as Maelona used to always say, they may start it, but make sure you finish it. No matter what." Motioning for the ward to join her, Shyahwyn let the other girl start their training session. "Show me what you got."


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                    Nodding in understanding about their 'extended' family, Valeska smiled at the mention of Killian. Who you kept company with said a lot about you, she was glad to know that Shyahwyn too held Killian in high regard. "I met Britainnica once. I wish I had come to know her better. Maybe someday I will get that chance."

                    "Alright then..", she would begin the spar, and see what she could pick up from the Lady Phoenix.

                    Going with her instincts, she decided against fists for now. Opening her attack with some forward jabs with the heels of her hands, going for the other female's sternum, intent on knocking some air out of her if she could.


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                      Readying herself as Valeska approached then telegraphed the first punch, Shyahwyn blocked it away with her left, coming across her body as she then stepped in and punched upward with her right, underneath their arms. The punch was followed up by an elbow, stepping in again, sliding her feet as she did so, keeping a strong stance.

                      "Finish a fight as fast as you can, especially if you're trying to avoid being captured. We don't have time to dance with one or two opponents while reinforcements are on their way or moving to cut off your escape. Especially if you're trying to keep your ship out of the limelight also."


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                        Going up against Phoenix was like being swept up in a sudden storm that had blown in, or at least that was Valeska's first impression as she was put instantly on the defensive. Just arcing backward in time to have the elbow skid across, rather than into her ribs. She'd not been as lucky with the punch, but it had gotten her motivated to move. The Force rolled through her, reminding her how far she had come so far. And how far she still had to go. Phoenix had backed her up, but now Seraphine held her ground. She was not defenseless anymore. She had become agile and strong, unafraid to enter into a conflict, and become stronger for it.

                        "Right.", she could see the wisdom in the advice. Altering her attack into something more impactful, she used the closeness of their bodies to bring a knee straight up for Phoenix's stomach.


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                          Impressed with how fast the ward of the palace's prince reacted to the second strike with the elbow, the Force warned her of the impending knee which the archon then spun right, caught Valeska's leg with her left hand, cupped underneath the knee and lifted, then the witch slid her body right, giving more force to the right fist aimed center mass....


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                            This was going to hurt..

                            That was the first thought Valeska had after she saw what Shyahwyn intended. With one knee caught in the arbiter's grip, the first instinct she had was to sacrifice her footing for one good risk. As the strike came in at her exposed middle, Valeska used the grip the other woman had on her to offset her opposite leg suddenly lifting into the air, with a kick for the back of the lady arbiter's head. Might stun her long enough to recover from falling onto her noble buns, and recover..


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                              "Good," Shyahwyn grinned momentarily as she crouched and avoided the kick, though was continuing to be amazed at how the archduchess improvised during the spar. The stone platform that they trained on wasn't meant for sleeping so she knew that the contact with the weathered surface wasn't going to feel good. Once Valeska landed, the archon rose and fired a right kick toward her chest, stopping just short of hitting the sternum and ribs.

                              Stepping back and quitting the victory, she knew that her student for today already realized the shot may have been the one to keep her down permanently, but that wasn't the goal as Shyahwyn allowed Valeska to get back up. "Nate teach you how to fight, or someone else?"