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    It had been a while since Valeska had seen Dejah. The last time she had been in his company had been the night they had shared a meal with her 'big sister' Chrysothemis, and proceeded to give the newly recruited clone some polish, to prepare him for life at court. The meal had been delicious. The company more so. By the night's end, Valeska had done more than just enjoy herself, she had succeeded in her quest. Dejah had been sipping tart wines and waltzing the pair of women around the richly appointed courtyard like he had been born to it. Yet, there remained something untamed about him as well, something that in Valeska's opinion should remain untouched. He was perfect as he was in her estimation.

    Since then she had been giving him some space. While she remained available to him should he require a familiar face, she thought it best he settle into the routine of making his master's instruction his priority. They all had a job to do, a role to play, despite the artifice of the royal court they played. It was best he come to understand that first before she came flouncing about in the guise of distraction once more.

    The truth was that she was rather looking forward to spending some time with him again. She had begun thinking of reasons to just stop by his quarters and bother him with an inquiry, or invite him to some insipid court hosted event. Wine tastings, and cheese sniffing seemed poor excuses to intrude upon his solitude, and the seriousness of his training however. She'd been replaying their previous encounters in her mind one day when something hit her with the force of a book thrown by the lady librarian, Brigid Valois.

    "This way, Dejah.. No one is sleeping outside unless they want to..."

    That was it! Perking up like a freshly watered rosebud, the Archduchess called for a chambermaid and rattled off a list of items that she would need procured and packed. As well as arrangements to be made for a private shuttle, launching to a familiar location. Now all that was left to do was go and inform Dejah of her plans for him!

    With renewed enthusiasm, Valeska changed into her most persuasive little black dress, the one with the adorable little white lace collar. Who could say no to such a clever ensemble? Certainly not her Uncle Nate. Worked like a charm on him every time. With black heels with little bows on the toes, she clicked her way to Dejah's quarters in the south wing, all smiles and optimism, pinching a blush into her cheeks before knocking on the paneled door.
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    Considerable time had passed since Dejah arrived on Ruusan, at least it felt like that. The monotonous routine of work, train, eat, sleep, and wake up just to do the same thing all over again made time go by so slow. The clone didn't mind though, he was finally adjusted to life on the planet, in no small part to the efforts of Valeska Van-Derveld, and her "adopted sister." Those were two faces which had been absent lately, well, in the sense Dejah had not seen much of them. A nod of the head in passing was about as far as things had gone as Dejah's routine had kept rather busy.

    The clone's dreams often took him back to how he had met Valeska. He knew very well that both of them had saved each other's lives more than once that night, and that he would not have been alive had Valeska made a different choice. Dejah owed her for more than just the help she had given him in fitting in with nobles of the world he now called home.

    He was thinking hard, trying to come up with a way to say thank you properly. His master, Daniel Aldan, had given him some time to himself in reward for his hard work. The man did not want to see Dejah collapse and break down because of the physical stress he was putting himself under. The Dark Jedi believed in balance. That's why the dark side was their ally, yet they still ruled their own emotions. It was a philosophy Dejah full agreed with. The body needed its time to rest, and Dejah needed the time to come up with a good plan to show his gratitude.

    The clone had grown fond of the young woman, and found himself thinking about her more recently. She was one of only two real friends he could claim on Ruusan, three that he could say he ever really had in his short life. A knock was heard at his door, something a bit ironic as Dejah had just been thinking about his short list of friends. It was like a servant because that's the only time there was ever a knock at his door.

    "The door is unlocked, and I am decent. You may enter."


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      A devious smile turned up the Archduchess's features at the voice from within the room giving her permission to enter. He was mastering talking to servants quite well, she thought to herself, quite pleased with the progression. Opening the door, she poked her head and shoulders inside just barely, looking for him even though he was not yet looking at her.

      "I missed the peep show? Damn... When do you go on again?"

      Now that she had his full attention, Valeska gave Dejah a teasing wink from the doorway before coming the rest of the way into the room with an unrepentant grin.

      "Hello stranger."


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        A peep show! Dejah choked on his own breath at the sudden suggestion. He turned to see Valeska peeping through the open door. Her playful wink was not the properiety she had spent hours shaping the clone toward, but he did not care. There was a wild side to her in the form of a white wolf, and that side should never be tammed. Dejah liked the duality of the woman. It was part of the attraction he felt to her. She was like him in a sense. Though Dejah was his own man, he still a clone of another.

        "You missed it by about thirty minutes, and the next is not scheduled until the morning. Shall I put you down for a reservation?"

        The unrepentant grin coming from the brunette only motivated the clone to comment as he did, throwing any propriety out the window. Eyes looked over the view her dress provided for him, an approving nod coming naturally anymore. Certain parts of what she had drilled into him would never be able to be shut off he feared.

        "Hello yourself. You've kept your distance, and I've been busy, but I'm glad you stopped by. I was just thinking about you, to tell the truth."

        There was no reason to lie. Valeska had never given Dejah any reason to not trust her with his honesty. Besides, they had almost died together. That had already made the relationship they had unique from the start.

        "You look rather stunning!"


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          Closing the door behind her, Valeska leaned against the jamb and pondered the possibilities just for an indulgent second. "Tempting...very tempting."

          "You were thinking about me?" There was little moment just then when she nearly forgot to reign in her naturally empathic nature. The admission caught her by surprise and gave her a little feminine thrill. "All good things I hope?"

          Looking down at her dress, she pulled the hem of the short skirt out at either side of her legs and sketched a little curtsy. "Oh, this old thing... nonsense. All the same, thank you.."

          Despite her protest, .. she had worn it just because she knew it was one of her most flattering day dresses. Her saucy grin did not dissipate, if anything it was only growing more brazen by the minute.

          "You look quite dashing yourself, sir. Court life becomes you, I think."


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            "Always good things. I tend to think of our first meeting often. Perhaps more than I should."

            The admission was forward, but it was honest. Dejah was uncertain if it had been too forward. What did it matter, the two had thrown propriety out the window when Valeska inquired about a peep show. The clone turned courtier had no need for such restraints when in the privacy of his quarters, and certainly when the permission to ignore them was seemingly given.

            Dejah noted the curtsey and offered a slight bow of his own in response. His crimson suit seemed to be made of a velvety fabric, one that had a unique sheen when hit by the light at certain angles. The color was bold and loud compared to what most seemed to wear, but the manservant whom aided Dejah was a bit flamboyant in nature, and ensured him he could pull of the bright colors. He had proven right, and the colors allowed the clone some personality.

            "My manservant still picks out my wardrobe. One thing I have yet to pick up is the eye for the fashions worn here. You should see the fencing suit Piotr laid out for me to wear to my first training session," Dejah said with a chuckle.

            The suit had been the first of many moments when Dejah had asked Piotr to remind him that he had a wife and child in his villa outside the palace walls. Certainly the fashions of the planet were still growing on the clone.

            Dejah crossed his arms over each other and let them rest where they fell naturally just below his chest. The playful grin Valeska had entered the room with only grew with his door now shut. A couple of steps, determined yet playful, were taken toward her as his own smirk seemed to grow.

            "So what could I have possible done right to deserve a visit from the white wolf and only mid morning at that? I am not complaining mind you. I likely would have gone looking for you had you not found me first."


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              Considering that during their first meeting she had been a wolf and they had been on the very brink of being eaten alive by hulking monsters ravenous for their flesh, Valeska wasn't so sure that was a compliment, but she was willing to go with it. He had been very kind to her as a wolf before he ever knew she was also a lady. That had scored many points in his favor. In fact, Dejah was probably the only person she'd ever let pet her in that form, aside from those closest to her that had known her throughout her whole life. His touch had been gentle across the back of her furred shoulders at a time when anyone else would have been more concerned with saving their own hide, not stroking and comforting that of a wolf. She had taken a chance on him, deciding he was worth saving and it was a chance she was now very glad she had taken. That he was a Force Sensitive and now an accepted member of the Penumbra told her all she needed to know. It was Fate.

              And now she sounded like her mother. Her internal voice groaned at the tedious thought, but it was quickly dashed away at his bow to her.

              "Well you know what that sounds like to me. A shopping trip in the near future. Shasati, my good friend, is normally my partner on such trips, but I think I could shake up my routine.." Valeska was already flipping through dates in her mind, plotting the trip. Where they could stay. What they could make up as their excuse for commandeering a court shuttle...

              "Until then.. maybe I'll make some suggestions to Piotr myself." She barely resisted the urge to rub her hands together like a greedy child at the thought. There was something very rewarding in the thought of picking out what would look good on Dejah.

              "I wasn't really staying away, you know.", she admitted, while taking in the fact that even in her heels, she was a good deal shorter than him. "I was just giving you time to adjust. That's all."

              "Then I decided enough was enough and that you could do with a wee bit of distraction. I've just come from Sir Aldan actually and informed him of my plans. So pack quick. Our shuttle leaves in...." Valeska looked around for a chronometer and spotted the watch on Dejah's wrist that Piotr had likely set out, as part of his attire. Without asking his permission she reached for his wrist and turned the face toward her to check the time for herself.

              "One hour."


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                Shopping! What was next, posing for sculptures and actually going to wine and cheese tastings? With Val, he wouldn't mind. She could get him to do just about anything, though he wouldnt tell her that directly.

                "I'm glad for the time to adjust. Master Aldan kept me quite busy, and I'm afraid i might not have had the time to give the appropriate amount of attention."

                His comment was as it was. Valeska could read into what wasn't being said, and Dejah likely meant it. The clone smiled, glad to know her absence was nothing more than for his benefit. He would have hated to think that she was staying away because he had offended her in some way.

                "So you are here to wrestle me away," Dejah said with a smirk.

                His eyes had caught hers, not making any attempt to wrestle his wrist free from Valeska's touch.

                "What am I packing for, and how long are we going to be away?"

                Just to show Valeska he had been learning, Dejah used the force retrieve a garment bag from the closet not far from the main entrance to his plush, yet masculine, suite.
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                  At Dejah's sudden use of the Force, his distinctive signature within it swept over Valeska, connecting them for a moment. It brought a less cheeky, more subdued smile to her upturned face.

                  Well, that was something.. She thought to herself, feeling a bit breathless. Realizing that she was still holding his wrist captive, Valeska let go and stepped back with a slight blush. "Impressive. You are a fast study."

                  "You won't be needing any court clothes where we're going ..this time.", she told him. "Comfortable clothes that you can move easy in. Boots if you have some. Maybe a jacket. it can get chilly at night and we'll be roughing it. And yes.. Archduchesses know how to 'rough it', before you ask."


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                    "Cold at night, roughing it... If I had to venture a guess, I would say you're taking me camping? Have you arranged for bedding or will I need to procure a sleeping bag?"

                    The fact she blushed had not gone unnoticed. Why, he didn't know. Dejah was still untrained in the intricacies of why things happened the way they did. His aura had brushed against hers, but with how new everything was to him, Dejah could only assume this was normal, when in truth it was not.

                    Dejah smiled, it was a happy smile. The fact he could get rid of the suit and wear something he considered more normal was relieving. Valeska truly knew how to make him excited about venturing off world. Quickened steps took him to his closet where he grabbed his boots, made sure he had plenty of undergarments, socks, t-shirts, and then packed his looser and more comfortable clothing. The clone would look the part of a camper, and he was going to enjoy it as well. There was really only one thing which remained.

                    "I am assuming I should change before we leave as well? It seems an encore of this mornings show might be in order," he said with a wink and he reached for an empty hangar and took his suit coat off.


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                      "No, no... all the arrangements have been made. I took care of it. Just bring yourself and your clothes.", she assured him.

                      There was something in just the way Dejah shrugged out of the jacket that had Valeska's eyes drawn to his movements, already envisioning more. Truly, she was shocked at her own behavior. She'd never been a girl to brazenly ogle a man before. For goodness sake, she'd been brought up better. What must he think of her. Her blush deepened by a shade as she stammered out a response.

                      "I.. well..yes, that would be lovely, but I should probably change too.." She reached behind her back swatting around for the doorknob. "Let's just save my admission as a rain check."

                      Running her tongue across her suddenly parched lips, Valeska edged out the door. "I'll meet you at the hangar then. One hour!"

                      What on Ruusan had gotten into her?! Her cheeks actually hurt from the enormous grin on her face as she made her way back to her own luxurious quarters. Her things had already been packed and sent ahead to the shuttle, along with the food stuffs and other items they might require during their few day sojourn to the moon. All that was left was to change her own clothing. Done with the persuading, she neatly hung up her dress and padded over to her armoire to select more appropriate gear for the trip. The last of the items she packed in a case included a pair of matching katana's that had once belonged to her mother. Valeska had been practicing with them for years now, so she supposed that made them hers. They might provide some educational entertainment on the moon. Her lightsaber, slim in design, was carefully concealed within one of the knee high boots laced up over her dark blue denim pants.

                      Ready as she would be, Valeska checked the time and then proceeded to the hangar to make final arrangements. The shuttle would be chartered by one of the Royal Courts pilots, their things unloaded for them, and they would be picked up at the appointed time and location. Everything was ready..

                      Striding up the boarding ramp she greeted the pilot and took a seat, reviewing the supply list while she waited for Dejah to join her.
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                        Dejah shook his head and chuckled after Val nearly stumbled out of his living quarters. Had it been something he suggested, of course it been. His own mind wandered as well as there were plenty of ideas as to what could take place on this outing. It was far from proper for a single gentleman and a lady to be seen camping together off world. Many things could be insinuated, but Dejah didn't care. He enjoyed Valeska's company and it had been some time since they had spent any time together in any sort of way.

                        Once he was changed into something more fitting for the trip, Dejah threw his duffle over his shoulder and made his way for the hangar bay. There were interesting looks given his way from many of the other nobles, but again, he did not care. Boots continued to click against the hard floor as he his steps carried him to his destination.

                        The loading ramp was lowered, the engines were running, and everything was ready for departure. Dejah loaded himself up the ramp. Too many things were running through his mind as he found Valeska waiting for him. Her outfit was something else. Now it was his turn to stammer.

                        "Um wow... Hi?"


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                          Having heard the sound of his footsteps coming up the ramp, Valeska had already looked up from the datapad list in her fingerless-gloved hands. She set it aside to take in the experience of a newly dressed down Dejah, just when she had gotten used to him in more formal attire. The truth was, he looked perfectly appealing in either style. The jeans hugged his hips just right. The flannel shirt looked soft and warm, the kind of material a girl would want to rub her face into, or steal outright. She wondered how badly he would miss it if it disappeared during their stay...

                          When she realized she hadn't replied right away she laughed. "Well, don't you just look the rugged man of the wilderness. You're perfect.", she announced appreciatively.

                          Turning slightly, Valeska pressed a button on the bulkhead panel behind her seat. "All present and accounted for, captain."

                          "Yes, my lady. We'll be under way immediately." At once the ramp lifted up behind Dejah, sealing them within the confines of the shuttle.

                          The captain's voice continued. "The flight will be a brief one and uneventful. There is no turbulence on either Ruusan or Her Sister today. However there is a storm system sweeping the moon during the course of your stay. Some heavy rainfall, wind and a few scattered thunderstorms. We'll advise you by comm channel if it picks up any further than that. Enjoy your flight, my lady."

                          "Thank you, captain." Valeska arched a brow at Dejah, indicating the seat next to her. "We've survived a Rhakghoul horde. I daresay we can handle a bit of inclement weather, yes?"


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                            "Camping in the rain," he said as he took the seat next to Valeska as she had indicated. "Whatever shall we do," his sarcasm matching Val's observation.

                            Yes, the had survived a horde of Rhakgouls. The events of that night were etched into Dejah's mind. Had it not been for the woman, and the wolf, he would have not survived the night. Though he had been among the Sith at one point, Dejah's true potential, the good he could do, had awakened that night as well. Valeska had helped him see that. While his mind often replayed the evening in his mind, it was by no means a negative thing for him. That night had determined the course his life would take in so many ways.

                            "I am sure we can figure out how to survive the weather. It definitely is not going to put a damper on the first chance we've had to spend any considerable time together since my training began," he states as the shuttle lifted off.

                            The trip was very short, and very uneventful as promised. Naturally the pair spent the ride exchanging stories as to what life had been like over the last couple of months. Most of Dejah's were training related. Dejah and Valeska certainly didn't run out of things to discuss in the short trip, and were interrupted by the captain.

                            "It seems you will have a decent window of clear weather to get camp set up before the rain begins to become too aggressive. The bulk of the storm shall hit later this evening. We are nearing the landing site now, please prepare for landing."

                            Dejah grinned, a devious smirk crossed his face.

                            "Seems we will have to wait before we can frolic in the rain."


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                              Spending time with Dejah, even in the rain, was no hardship on Valeska. In fact, it was unnervingly easy to do, as if she had known him for years, and not just the short amount of time since the quarantine zone. She enjoyed listening to his refreshing perspectives on subjects, and more. She felt like she could talk to him about just about anything, maybe even the darkest parts of her that she did not bring up often. It was good for her to have him around. She felt sure anyone who cared for her, would agree.

                              "Oh'll we'll have time to frolic later, I'm sure."

                              Once they had landed, the smell of the forest moon blew into the shuttle on a gust of wind as the ramp lowered. "Ahhh.. I love that smell.", Valeska declared. "Come on, Dejah..!"

                              After practically skipping down the ramp to the 'campsite' she pointed out the highlights of the shelters for those staying on the moon for extended training. There was a main covered pavilion with a few rows of tables, and a separate area for cooking food. It was surrounded on each side by several simple two room enclosures, stabilized walls and weatherproofed canvas, but not much more technical than that. Each had it's own chem light, space heater, and medical kit for emergencies. Aside from that, they only had what Valeska had seen fit to have brought, which was being brought down the ramp behind them by flight crew. Several large crates were neatly stacked within one of the domicile's as Valeska indicated.

                              "The grounds are huge. I've only been here a handful of times myself. The best part is on the other side of the mountain though.", she promised.

                              Popping into one of the tents, Valeska ducked into the bedroom and through her personal bags on the bare bed frame. They could unpack the bedrolls and pillows she had brought later.

                              "So, what do you think?", she called out to Dejah.
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