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    Nadgkema had been glad to be able to partake in the discussion with fellow Penumbra members a while ago, including the Ruusan Elder. She had eventually sought him out to assist her with furthering her knowledge of the Force. A couple of years before, he had taught her the first elemental skill and she had hoped he would be inclined to continue in that field.

    When he had accepted, she had been honored and answered his summon when they came. As she did so very often, the dark haired templar traveled to the moon where the Dark Jedi did much of their training.

    She looked into the grey skies, as the sun peeked in between. Smiling, she walked up to the location where she was to meet with Nathanial K'cansce...

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    Nathanial arrived at the location where he was meeting Nadgkema only a few minutes before the exotic Templar made her way to the designated meeting spot on one of the moons of Ruusan. True, he kept a busy schedule that did not allow much time for training much, other than his own apprentices, however, the Archon could not say no to anyone asking for help. He pledged to help out in anyway he can when he returned some years back. Furthering the knowledge of the Force for those within the Penumbra took number one priority.

    The man turned to face the approaching Templar when he felt her presence nearing his. He wore his traditional training attire (simple black training pants, and a red longed sleeved light shirt, with sleeves rolled up past his elbows as per the usual) allowing for ease of movement while not getting in the way or burdening his down. He offered a bow, glad to be sharing his knowledge on a skill that fit into the realm he considered his specialty. Humble as he was, if asked outright he would say no one in the galaxy had control over the elements in the way he did.

    "Welcome, Templar Kamurda."


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      Nadgkema had always been a studious pupil. Yet, the last couple of years had seen her even more dedicated if possible. She had found solace in furthering her knowledge and training as hard as she could. Little by little, she had come to understand that there was more to life than her education and even her art, but for the longest time, it had been her refuge when going through certain hardships.

      Thanks to this experience, she was stronger and wiser, having embraced her inner darkness, and finding balance between it and the more vivacious parts of her complex personality.

      She bowed to the Elder of Ruusan when she reached the meeting point, where he already was. "Thank you for finding time to see and instruct me, Archon Pyrrhus." She stated in a respectful tone. She had found her study of elemental wind skills fascinating a long time ago and was looking forward to learn more.

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        "It's my pleasure," Nathanial spoke in a soft tone, giving her a bow of his own. A few strands of dark hair fell over his pale face which he had to push back aside when he completed the bow.

        "The elements are as natural to me as breathing is, and I relish in the chance to pass on their more intricate lessons."

        He closed his eyes and took in a large breath of the fresh moon air, exhaling it slowly and quietly. The fact that others willingly wanted to learn more about the elements gave him added purpose to the Penumbra. This branch of Force teachings were not as wide spread or accepted as the common skills they all learn and mold to their own specific uses. Some learned for the sake of getting their feet wet; they introduced themselves to topic did not quite understand, just to taste it. A select few, though, saw the benefits of truly immersing themselves into the elements. It built within them a stronger connection to nature, and through that, a stronger understanding of how the Force really interacts with everything around them at a scientifically molecular level. It was this bridge between the physical sciences and the Force that drew the Archon's interest so many years ago and allowed his knowledge of the Force to grow so much, that his own power within it benefited greatly. It allowed him to become almost arcane, granting him mystic powers that only few others could truly call upon.

        "Get comfortable, and open your senses to all that surrounds you. Allow yourself to become one with nature, and nature to become one with you."


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          Nadgkema was curious to learn more about the elements. It made her feel alive and able to tune in with her surroundings to special degrees. Communing with the Force and nature was unique and she was aware of the gifts she had and she didn't take them lightly.

          She nodded to the Archon and she took a seat on the ground, gently brushing her hands on the grass before resting them upon her lap. She half closed her eyes, and opened herself to the Force. Little by little, she expanded her senses, feeling her perceptions swirl and bloom.

          She waited in silence for further instruction.

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            "While the Force is everywhere, so is nature and the elements," the Archon began, noticing that Nadgkema had began her calming state.

            "The two work together to create everything we see and feel around us. To obtain the power of water is to study it as you did wind when I taught you how to harness its power some time ago. The two are born from the same stuff: atoms, molecules, and compounds within the atmosphere and within the bodies of almost everything. Myself, trees, rocks, the very ground you sit on all contain the building blocks of life that contain water. The key is to isolate what makes water its own entity from everything else out there. Luckily..."

            Nathanial smirked, though with her eyes closed she could not see the jovial look he had.

            "There's a small stream running along the edge of the meadow and the forest not more than 20 meters away. Reach out and sense how it flows. Sense the water's movement and then dive down deeper to what actually makes the water... water. Tell me what you see and feel."


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              Keeping her eyes closed and her breath steady, Nadgkema listened to what the Archon explained about Water and how nature and the elements worked together. She had been unexpectedly drawn to this type of skills when he had taught her the wind ones a while ago.

              Water was indeed part of everything, under one form or another, and it was a very important component of life.

              She nodded when told to reach out to the small stream further away. Casting her senses towards it, it wasn't difficult to pinpoint it, but she took her time to truly feelthe body of water. "It feels vivid..." She pursed her lips for a moment, before her expression relaxed again. "It is quiet but it is as if it could change under some circumstances. It feels somewhat more alive than wind did, at least to me."

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                "It seems water is always flowing, at least that is how our minds perceive it. It is tangible; we can touch it, see it, hear it, and feel it, unlike wind which is invisible to us. Sure we can feel it and hear and see it at times. But it's all the after effects we witness."

                He sat down as well, closing his eyes and opening himself up to the Force.

                "Now that you have felt what water is like in a tangible state, reach out again and feel through the atmosphere. Locate the invisible flow of water through the air in the space between you and I. Feel what separates the components of water from everything else in the atmosphere and condense them into the form of tiny water droplets."


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                  Nadgkema smiled faintly. Water reminded her of good times. Fountains, lakes... She had numerous lovely memories that had to do with bodies of water. Maybe it was why she felt it more easily as such, when observing it, feeling it, in comparison to when she had started to study wind and the related elemental skills.

                  She nodded to the Archon and reached out, to the atmosphere. It proved more challenging but as she remained focused, she could sense and isolate the molecules of water around them. After long minutes, a few droplets began to fall above where the two Dark Jedi were sitting.

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                    "Good, good..."

                    Nathanial sensed the water droplets forming, He looked up and saw them hanging there suspended above them. Looking back down, he watched the focus on Nadgkema's face.

                    "Now that you can feel it, and have started to manipulate it, I am sure you have some questions. Mainly, what good is this skill? What use could we have for pulling water out of its natural habitat, invisible in the air?"

                    His eyes closed, and his own thoughts began to work their own magic on the water in the atmosphere off in the distance. Small droplets of water condensed and hung suspended in air, creating what seemed like a rolling mist blanketing the field behind his pupil in a greyish-white haze. Outlines of the trees and other flora were still visible, but they appeared as shadows in the distance.

                    "In the sense of attack, it does little to nothing," he continued with eyes still closed. "However, it provides great cover and a sense of unease and fear. If you can disorient your prey and cover your tracks, you create an advantage for yourself."

                    The mist in the distance rolled away until the translucency of cloud dissipated into nothingness.

                    "Now, you try. Condense the water from the air as you did before. The droplets do not have to be large nor dense in population. Just enough to have them suspended and grouped enough to create some kind of cover. Apply the micro-sense of pulling a few droplets as you have done, and apply it to the macro-area covering a specific area. Focus on the whole, rather than the few."


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                      Nadgkema was glad for the praise about how she had been doing. She always gave her everything when learning something new and this elemental ability was no exception. She smiled to the Archon's comment.

                      The brunette couldn't help chuckling when he brought up how much she might be wondering about. "Well, since you are so kind to make questions and answers, I am all ears. And eyes!" She jested with a slight grin.

                      She watched in utmost fascination as the Archon worked on creating a rolling mist blanketing the field behind her. She knew that hte Force knew little limits but this was mesmerizing! "Cover can be extremely useful, especially when you track someone." She observed, her royal handmaiden background always showing up in such moments. "Stealth suits the Dark Jedi as well with how we operate from the shadows."

                      When it was her time to work on this, it felt a bit daunting but she liked a good challenge. Sitting into the eye of the storm as some of the members of the Penumbra called it, she focused on the water on a larger level. For the longest moment, nothing happened, but at some point she did feel as one with the element and the mist began to appear around both Dark Jedi, creating a cocoon around them.

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