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  • Perfect Drug [Open]

    Posted by Frost on 08-24-2002 02:45 PM:
    Perfect Drug [Open]

    Frost tapped his fingers in order silently on the wooden counter, next to an empty, wet from the ice cubes melting, glass. His eyes were locked on the ice cubes as they slowly drowned themselves in their own water. He then took off his black glove and slipped his index finger into the ice water.

    How pathetic. He thought to himself. What kind of people, or even things, would want to drown in their own blood ?

    He lifted his finger back up, watching a few drops of water run down his finger, or drop back into the glass.

    "Tch." He scoffed.

    Posted by Oni Kajou on 09-23-2002 10:49 PM:

    "Easily amused, aren't we?"

    {{As Frost looked up to see who had spoken he instantly saw a young woman with bright firey orange hair smirking at him, her chin rested on her arms which were propped upon the back of a booth that she was now kneeling in, facing opposite the usual, practical way.}}

    "Or are you conducting some sort of experiment?"

    Posted by Frost on 09-24-2002 08:40 AM:

    "Neither." He simply responded.

    He looked up to the young woman with fiery hair, slightly surprised, but didn't show so. He cocked his head gently to the side, studying her features.

    "And who might you be ?"

    Posted by Oni Kajou on 09-25-2002 10:08 AM:

    "That is actually a very good question. I don't know my real name. But that doesn't matter too much, now does it? People call me Oni and I guess that is who I am."

    Posted by Frost on 09-26-2002 08:54 AM:

    "Oni." He repeated the name. "It suits you, I think."

    It looked like he tried to hit on the young woman, but in reality, Frost was emotionless, he didn't know what was hitting on someone or not, though he had not been like this since he was born. Basically, his words never stuck on his face expressions. He rotated his neck gently, making it crack.

    "And what is a young lady like you, doing here ?"

    Posted by Oni Kajou on 09-29-2002 03:39 PM:

    {{A small shrug of her shoulders was the first reaction to his question.}}

    "I was bored, so I came here."

    {{Again the small smirk returned to her lips.}}

    "Well, I've told you my name, perhaps you would share yours?"

    Posted by Frost on 09-30-2002 01:13 PM:

    "..." Frost looked back down at the little tip of ice drowning in its water. "... Frost."

    He finally murmured his name after a long while. He didn't usually give out his name so easily, but nobody was around, so it didn't matter.

    "That's what they call me anyways."

    Posted by Oni Kajou on 10-02-2002 04:43 PM:


    {{Reaching behind her she grabbed a glass of an orange-tinted alcohol drink and took a sip of it.}}

    "Though I would love to know who 'they' are."

    {{Another smirk, this time followed by a wink. She wasn't necesarily flirting with the boy, just bored and trying to get to know the people around her new home.}}

    Posted by Frost on 10-02-2002 05:10 PM:

    "The other members of RHR." He replied flatly.

    Posted by Oni Kajou on 10-03-2002 09:43 AM:

    "I see. Then I shall call you 'Frost' as well. Unless you prefer I call you something else?"

    Posted by Frost on 10-04-2002 09:08 AM:

    "If you want."

    Frost shrugged his shoulders, swallowing the icy water that the glass has melted into. He stood there silent for a while, not used to having long conversations with strangers.

    Posted by Oni Kajou on 10-19-2002 12:15 AM:

    {{She shifted...

    ever so slightly...
    and rested her chin in the cupped palm of one of her hands.}}

    "My, we aren't the talkative kind, are we?"

    {{Another small playful smile graced her lips.
    Friends. It was something she needed after the horrors of her past life. It was just hard not to come off to strongly. But she couldn't help but speak.}}

    "So what brought you here this evening? Bordom? Desire for relaxation? Or once again, none of the above?"

    Posted by Frost on 10-19-2002 06:38 AM:

    "Memories." He said in a low tone.

    His eyes turned to her, his eyebrow arching. Was she from the Royal House of Rannon, or was she just some wanderer looking for the resort ?

    "If you're looking for a place to stay, the resort is nearby ..."

    Posted by Oni Kajou on 11-23-2002 02:22 PM:

    "Oh, I have a place to stay. And from what I can tell, it's the same place you stay. I've just tried to stay out of everyone's way. Though, I guess one can't try to stay alone forever, can they?"

    Posted by Frost on 11-27-2002 07:13 AM:

    "I disagree."

    Frost canted his head to the side. Now he was sure she was one of their.

    "I'm living proof that you can live alone forever."

    Posted by Oni Kajou on 11-29-2002 09:35 PM:


    {{He had caught her off guard with that comment and it forced her to have a somewhat confused and blank expression on her face. Such a strange man.}}

    Posted by Doctor Ennu'yer on 12-11-2002 04:03 PM:

    His giant eyes moving slowly from one side to the other, the Doctor had been observing the other tables in the Hall for a while before they firmly fixed on the pair on one table.

    Oni Kajou.

    He remembered the data - it had been he who had entered the information into the planetary database, when he had been informed about their joining. It was interesting to see what the data looked like in reality.

    Not being one to feel comfortable amongst the common people littering the public Hall - too public for his tastes - he decided he had seen enough after the especially brutish-looking kitchen-slave brought the thin vial of Novakian Ale to him. Giving himself a mental push to leave, the sensor in his hoverpack complied and made him glide through the air like an outsized, wingless insect.

    In passing the table, he nodded gravely to Frost and Oni, and made his way back to his beloved books, his entourage of small droids of all kinds following him obediently.

    Posted by Frost on 12-12-2002 10:09 AM:

    Frost watched the creature pass by, not ashamed to stare at the little man. Evidently, he'd never get used to the 'Doctor' in the House. He stayed silent for a moment, watching the Doctor go to his books and all, before making his attention fall back on the orange-haired girl.

    "But I don't think you should worry about such a curse for yourself."