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The fine line..

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  • The fine line..

    Posted by Renhu'ka Mañad on 10-22-2002 05:51 PM:
    The fine line...

    Darkness. If a definition were to be looked up for it, the words absence of light would be found right next to it. But is that all there is to it?

    Black is usually related to darkness and in a way it makes sense. Black is the absence of color, darkness is the absence of light. Withought light, there are no colors; without colors there is only black. So if darkness is the absence of light, darkness would be black.. Pretty logical.

    These ideas are also related to good and evil. Good is white/light and evil is black/dark. Yet, things are not always what they seem.

    Look at that humanoid over there, he’s white, does that make him good??? HAHAHAHAHA Hilarious. Is he evil then??? HAHAHA. Ohhhhh, those statements are far from right. Why? It’s simple, let’s see…

    Take a smile and a heart, concepts usually related to love. Ah, love, look at our friend's smile over there, a vicious one, only drawn to his countenance, when his victorious fist rises up in the air, flavoring the taste of success once his enemies are torn apart. His heart, a heart, that if you were able to look into it, you would see it’s so full of hatred, so rotten, there is hardly any space left for any other feeling than hate.

    It certainly doesn’t sound like he’s good…

    …evil? Maybe so…but what if these heart and smile were only seen like that, whenever he’s hungry for justice, ahh, would that change things? Would he not be evil anymore and become good? Truth is only he does know why he acts the way he acts.

    It’s such a fine line between a good man and a bad…and every single day Renhu’ka Mañad walks between those edges, between the borders of lucidity and insanity...