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Ticking of the Clock

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  • Ticking of the Clock

    Posted by Grey on 10-03-2002 03:14 PM:
    Ticking of the Clock

    Leaning back in the wooden chair the figure sat there gazing at a clock who's constant ticking echoed in the room. An device ancient by the contemporary wonders of the modern age. Still, the old clock was not without a certain charm. It was a throw back to a time that was said to be more simple.

    Exactly what was more simple in those days he questioned. There was no doubt war, poverty and hunger. Was that not the truth in the time of today? If there belonged anything simple on those days of yesteryear the nature of that truth escaped him. People worked and died. That had not changed either.

    Leaning back in his chair he sighed hoisting a cup to his lips. He really needed more to do than think of such things to begin with that contributed to nothing save his own self ramblings. It was not all that long ago he came here and it would take time to adjust, he never doubted for a moment that this stage in his life would be the norm quick enough compared to his past life.