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Friends, Both Consumable and Otherwise [Valeska, Open]

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  • Friends, Both Consumable and Otherwise [Valeska, Open]

    While tea made up the larger proportion of what she partook of in beverages along with water, other liquids made their way into her stomach from time to time. Wine, for example, was one of them but it wasn't the liquid of choice one reasonably fine evening when the Corellian blonde wandered into the cabaret.

    Tea had meaning, one tea in particular marking a certain anniversary, and this year that anniversary had brought her to Ruusan. Corellian whiskey, however, had its place in contemplation and sometimes in celebration, and it was the liquid of choice this evening for one Selinica Miriya Cailis - a fact that became known when she requested from one of the triplet bartenders not a glass, but a whole bottle of the stuff. She had a lot to think about, and something to celebrate.

    After all, she was new here. It was the first evening of a new chapter of her life, and sometimes there was no better way to integrate one's self into the local populace than to partake in the local watering hole. She had only met one of her ilk face-to-real-face so far and none of the other patrons in the Three Sisters' Cabaret were the same, as far as she knew from a quick look around. Giving thanks and payment for the bottle, she selected an empty table and sat down with bottle and two empty glasses; an unspoken invite for company as she poured a measure of the amber into one glass for herself.
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    Upon entering the cabaret, Archduchess Van-Derveld gave the occupants a brief scanning, looking for a familiar face. So far, no one she knew was around, but the night was young yet, that might change. Besides, a girl had to eat. Between rigorous workouts of her mind and body, both in the bedroom and outside of it, she was in need of something substantial.

    The last time she had been to the cabaret, she had met Torgeir. While meeting the Corellian-born, blue-collar mechanic had been her pleasure, they had also wound up in a bit of a brawl for their troubles when one of Shasati's sycophantic worshipers would not take no for an answer. The trouble would come in explaining how the gentile archduchess and a mechanic had wiped the speeder park with the petty noble and his friends. Luckily, Valeska had been training for that too, and had been able to stage a bit of a diversion.

    This time however she had dressed for either eventuality, in a pair of designer denim jeans, sweater and boots. She would have greater mobility, but was still wearing the height of current galactic fashions. Striding into the room, she hung her heavy coat up before seeking a table, noticing a blonde sitting by herself. Valeska nodded a hello to her as she moved through the room.

    "Good evening...", she smiled. "New here?"


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      After taking the nose of the whisky, she found it to be acceptable and very well the same as how it had scented in the past. It was good that some things never changed, and it was one link with... well, was it really home anymore? She shook her head and took a slow sip, and savoured it in her mouth before swallowing and peering into the glass again as if it would divine something meaningful, when she was approached, greeted, and asked if she was new.

      "Good evening," she returned, the glass lowered, eyes and face raised to see someone young, roughly of her age or perhaps younger, with a pretty face, chestnut locks, and a certain level of fashionability in her clothes that she knew well - all to which she smiled minimally, visage and greeting both, "yes, just today in fact. I take it you're... not?"

      She placed the glass back down on the table softy, gently, barely making any noise on contact, and lifted one hand to gesture to across the table.

      "You're welcome to sit with with me, if you would like."


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        OOC: good time as any to enter

        After his sermon, being that it was a Friday, and his sermons and worship were usually on Fridays, then the worship was on Monday. There were events in-between, but, there wouldn't be any anytime soon. At least he hoped not. But, things happened. Still between being in the Church and doing his stuff for the Penumbra, increasing their numbers, and, scouting and gathering the potential members he didn't have much time for anything else. Then again training students was also what he did when he had the time.

        Strolling to the cabaret with his Cardinals in tow, the Archbishop opened the doors to it. Walking in he then scanned the room, orange eyes glancing around. Finding Valeska he then locked eyes with her then nodded to the Archduchess. A smile then crept to his face until the point he walked to the bar itself. Ordering a shot glass the Templar watched it being poured then waved his entourage off. With that the two smiled and then nodded, walkng off to whatever they wished.

        When his drink was finally set he then paid for it then took the shot and downed it. Shaking his head he then set the shot glass back down then turned around. Noticing someone with her he'd never seen before his orange eyes then stared down at the back of her head. His orange hair was coming back to being long again after he'd cut it before on his trip to Yavin VIII. Shrugging he then sat down at a table a few down from Valeska and her acquaintance.

        His robes still on from his sermon the black and orange garb was then taken off to reveal orange and red attire underneath. Setting his robe down on the seat near him he folded it once before setting his arms onto the table. His shot glass came with him as the waitress set down the bottle along with it.

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          "Not really, no." Valeska freely admitted to the fact that she was definitely not new around Ruusan. She'd been a fixture here for quite some time actually, and Rannon before that.
          "Thanks, I would love to.", she smiled, taking the offered seat.

          Valeska was just getting settled when she saw that the Archbishop and his entourage had come in just behind her. Waiting until she caught his eye, the archduchess inclined her head politely to her fellow Templar, but made no move to join him. Though neither was she against his joining her at some point..

          One of the waitresses happened by and asked Valeska if she would like her usual Corellian brandy, to which she shook her head. "Not tonight, thank you. I believe I'll be sharing this fine bottle with.....", she arched a brow, realizing she had not gotten the young lady's name

          "I am so sorry, truly I have better manners than this. I'm Valeska.", she smiled. "And you are?"
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            She gave her head a short shake, a fair smile on her lips.

            "I'm equally at fault for manners, Valeska," said she, "Selinica Miriya. Either name suffices."

            The blonde neophyte gently wrapped one hand around the bottle of Corellian whiskey on the table, and double-tapped the end of that index finger on the glass the bottle was fashioned out of, so that the not-too-short nail would strike.

            "May I pour you a glass of this fine liquid?"

            There was the glass in front of Valeska, empty and waiting unlike her own, which had barely a sip taken from it. She was glad the invitation had been taken up so quickly.


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              Jacob then caught eye with the Archduchess and then smiled and nodded in return. Then turning back to his own bottle, the Templar then took and poured a shot then downed it quickly. But, there were a few of Jacob's followers who were here at the cabaret. They caught eye with the Archbishop and then stood next to him outstretching a few hands. Two of them had managed to come up to him.

              "Archbishop! I didn't think you'd be here! Very good sermon you delivered the other day. It got me thinking of what we can do to better ourselves. There is always room for improvements, right? Like you said?" One was a young woman who spoke first as Jacob shook her hand.

              The other one was most likely a relative because he looked much like her, "Indeed! It's nice to see the Archbishop here like he's one of us. Glad he drinks sometimes too! We are all people...not like we don't have our own free will, right?"

              "Indeed. We all can better ourselves. Even me. After worship I would like all of my fellow church goers to give me input as to how I can make your time there better. For the good of all of you. I preach those sermons because we should all do something good for one another and for ourselves. Make our lives and the lives of others a better life. That's what the Great Creator would want for us all." Jacob said taking both hands one at a time and shook them, "But, yes, young sir, we all do have free will. That is what our church is also about. Letting those have the will do do as they wish. The Creator would also want that. He doesn't want us to live our lives in fear or be restricted in our lives."

              Then, taking his bottle he then poured another one and then raised it to his fellow church goers, then to the two ladies not far from him. Putting the shot glass to his lips he then opened his mouth and poured it down tilting his head back letting the dark amber liquid shoot down his throat. It burned a bit, but, he was used to that.

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                Although whiskey was not normally Valeska's first beverage of choice, she was not altogether unfamiliar with it, having grown up around the sort of men who enjoyed it's consumption. Beneath the tapping of her new friend's finger, the bottle's label was displayed. Whyren's Reserve. The good stuff.

                "Oh yes, please do.", Valeska confirmed that she would be sampling the expensive and much coveted brand.

                "Selinica Miriya, well that is lovely. Sounds like after a couple of these...", she ran the pad of her own finger along the rim of her glass. " will be begging me for a shortening though. "


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                  "I'll make it easy for you - Sel or Miri is fine, if you're looking for really short," she said, uncapping the bottle and reaching to deftly pour a stream of the rich liquid into the waiting glass, "otherwise, Miriya."

                  She once had others that called her by different nicknames unique to their relationship, whatever fashion of relationship that was, but it was something she chose not to think on, now. There was this new life and purpose ahead of her, and the past was often best left where it belonged - in the past.

                  "I may have to do the same to your name, of course..."

                  The stream of whiskey pooled in the glass until a proper measure of it was established, at which point the bottle was pulled up and back, recapped, and set aside. Her eyebrows lofted by a few centimetres in unison, and she fetched her own glass from the table once again.

                  "...if that's alright with you."


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                    Jacob then got bored of being by himself. So, he then stood up taking his bottle with him along with his shot glass. Walking over towards the two ladies at the other table he then stood by them not sitting down till he was inclined to do so. A smile on his face then looked to both of them with orange eyes still garbed in his robes.

                    "You mind if I sit with you, ladies?" Jacob asked politely, "Kinda got bored over there by myself. Plus, with all my fellow church goers seeing me here I'd rather not have them keep coming up to me. Not that it's not a good thing. Just...kinda...well...tiresome. I just got outta the church...don't wanna keep going on. Kinda wanna talk to you guys and relax from it."

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                      "Miriya...perfect.", Valeska lifted her glass. It was a lovely and unique name, not one that she had ever heard before.

                      "You can do what you like to my name.", she offered. "Valeska. Val. Maybe just V? Wouldn't that be vulgar!", she grinned.

                      "Should we drink to new acquaintances?"

                      Before she could drink to that toast, another acquaintance had joined them. "If I'm V, then this must be J.", Valeska teased her fellow templar, Jacob Murano.

                      "Please, do join us Archbishop. I believe you have earned a reprieve. That is if it's alright with you, Miriya. Or was it M?"


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                        "Val, then," she decided, lifting her own glass as the toast came, "to new acq-"

                        A response cut off by the addition to their gathering of a man that her new acquaintance was familiar with, already, given that she could go so far as to tease at the man... but she knew well enough that such behaviour didn't readily indicate anything more. There were many levels of flirtation, some serving little more purpose than gaining and retaining the attention of someone else for as long as was necessary.

                        "Yes," affirmative response to the seeking of her approval, "perfectly alright."

                        She addressed the tease with a smile light on the cheek, then looked to the 'newcomer' as he took a seat.

                        "Archbishop? Surely that isn't your name."


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                          "Thank you both for your hospitality." Jacob said closing his eyes and incling his head to the both of them, then smirked at Valeska, "Indeed. I am 'J' as it were."

                          Sitting down the Templar placed his bottle and glass in front of him. Looking to both of them as they toasted he then refrained. Best not to interupt their toast as he just invited himself in. But, better to ask then to just sit down, he figured. Taking his bottle he poured a shot then raised it.

                          "To new acquaintances then." He said then looked over to Selincia, "No, my name isn't just Arcbishop. It's...Jacob. Or what those who go to my church call me...Archbishop Murano."

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                            Three toasts completed, and glasses raised, Valeska drank, taking a very small sip of the liquid. While she could appreciate aspects of it's crafting and flavors, woods and spices predominantly, whiskey was a touch strong for her palate on most occasions. Tonight was an exception, and it was a fine bottle at that.

                            "So Miriya, you are new. What delights brought you to fair Ruusan?", Valeska teased, wondering about her new friend, and about Archbishop Murano. It was fortunate that she would have that opportunity.


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                              She took a sip, bathing her tongue in the nuanced liquid, reacquainting herself with its every note, before swallowing. It had been too, too long since she last indulged in the pleasure of such a fine substance, for reasons of keeping every one of her senses clear in the interests of self-preservation on an oft-times daily basis. She thought on what Valeska asked, once the whiskey had divulged its secrets, and set her glass down on the table.

                              "Mm, an invitation brought me here, Val," she drew out, a light tease to her voice, "and I liked the world well enough after seeing it that I decided to stick around."

                              She slipped her fingers away from curling around the glass.

                              "I admit, some things around here reminded me of home."

                              That was a strange thing. She hadn't called or thought of the world of her birth as home in a long time. But was floating in space and skipping from port to port really home? She turned her gaze to Jacob, looking to pin him with the next question.

                              "So, Jacob - can I call you Jacob? - what's the mission of your church, what faith does it follow, and how did you end up on top of it all?"

                              Or... three questions. The tease had found its way back into her voice. She lifted the glass, obscuring her mouth, but she kept her eyes trained on the Archbishop as she awaited his answers.