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The Next Step [Valeska, Dark Jedi]

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  • The Next Step [Valeska, Dark Jedi]

    The time had come for another to ascend the ranks. This individual was different than any other, however. In truth, she had always been like a daughter to Brigid rather than just a pupil. Her heart swelled with pride, both as a mentor and a motherly figure, for the girl. A smile bloomed beneath the golden filigree of her mask as she stepped into a shaft of moonlight, piercing through the hall's immense stained glass window.

    She felt her presence there, having requested it beforehand, along with a collection of other signatures that had been summoned to witness the event. Clearing her throat, she unfurled her fingers from their pleated position before her, raising her hands to rein the silence until her announcement had been made.

    "Seraphine. You have been found worthy of the rank of Templar. Step forward so that your peers may look upon you in a new light; no longer just a student but a teacher, as well." She said loud enough for all to hear, her hands lowering.

    I'm very proud of you, my dear. I look forward to see what you do with this new responsibility. As always, if you need me, I will be here.

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    Adorned in the typical regalia of her secret identity, Phoenix remained in the shadow of the lower gallery, watching with everyone else as another of their sisters was recognized for the training and other achievements that she had taken part in. Her ghostly visage remained fixed on the palace's ward, one who had been abandoned here and a sister that Phoenix would love to work with more in the future. Having begun to help her expand her fighting style repertoire, the newly promoted dark jedi admired the daughter of a very unique, small clan of exceptional people.

    Reaching out in the Force, ~ Congratulations, lady. Well deserved. ~


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      Beneath the shimmering silk of her deep blue gown, Seraphine's heart pounded in a mixture of of emotion. Excitement and anticipation were present, of course. She was being greatly honored by her master, having studied all that she was allowed to at the rank of Acolyte. Having put herself at great personal risk, both physical and mental, for the Penumbra, and done all she could to assist her brothers and sisters in their work. If Nephthys thought she was ready, then she was. The mixed emotions were caused by an awareness. A sense that the more power she gained, potentially the more enemies she would make. Others.. Sith would seek her out if they could to test themselves against her mettle for the sake of their conflict.

      The light of The Sisters glinted off the silver of the wolf's head mask that concealed her face as the new Templar came forward, sinking to a knee at the front of the room before the woman who was so much more to her than a mentor, or master. From the time she'd been a small child, Brigid Valois had been the only mother that Valeska Van-Derveld had.

      "Thank you, Nephthys.". She responded with a calm voice that had been cultivated to conceal the emotional notes in her speech, as her mask concealed her features.

      "I will strive to continue to make you proud with my actions, and to inspire others with the knowledge I have first learned from you.", she bowed her head and rose, turning toward the others gathered at the ceremony. There was a definite smile on the rouged lips beneath the mask.

      Inclining her head to Lady Phoenix, Seraphine responded in kind to one of her other mentors. "Thank you, my sister." Phoenix was one of many that had helped Valeska to understand that the concept of family was far more complex than the people one was born to..


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        Jacob in his guise as The Unforgiven strolled through and into the lower gallery as well. Dressed in his mask and usual garb he carried his saber pike with him like a staff. As it's metal clanked onto the floor he then smiled as Valeska came into the room. When Jacob stopped and stood against the wall nearest to Shyahwyn the Templar knew that another had risen to greatness. From what he knew she was Nathaniel's niece and a ward here of the palace. A Van-Derveld she was and the niece of Ket. One of his hated enemies.

        Leaning against the wall, Jacob kept his saber pike stoic and steady as he then looked towards the new Templar. With a smile he then inclined his head as he knew that Seraphine would gaze out into the crowd that had gathered. A smile had crept across Jacob's face. Knowing full well that she had earned it with her time and patience the Unforgiven had recalled his own patience in learning anything and everything he could. That was where it got him today.

        Congratulations, Lady Seraphine. Jacob said to her through the Force.

        Jacob's theme song


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          Relic stood concealed by the shadow which fell along the side of the hall in which he stood. A gathering had been announced to honor the ascension of one the Penumbra. The clone stood as his persona, the face which rested behind the mask know only to a few in the room, but most intimately known by the one which had been summoned.

          His eyes followed the she-wolf as her blue gown radiated in the ethereal light of the sister moons. Pride was felt, a natural feeling when one who was so cherished was honored among so many. Dejah found himself smiling, though it was hidden by his mask, a respirator built in to mask his voice should he need to speak. There was no need to do so aloud however. He knew how to reach his Seraphine.

          "Congratulations, she-wolf," Dejah thought toward her knowing she would understand the meaning of his title for her. "Once the formalities are completed we must celebrate. I have ideas on how to best accomplish that as well."


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            Standing among the gathered members of the Penumbra, Kamurda watched Lady Nephtys promote one of her friends and sometimes pupils, Seraphine. She wasn't surprised to see the young woman rise to the rank of Templar, her dedication to the Penumbra and her growing skills in the Force testimonies to her progress.

            She smiled warmly behind the blue and white mask that concealed her delicate features. "Congratulations, Seraphine. You earned it."

            sig by Jez.


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              Congratulations... came the mental note from uncle to niece. Nathanial, in the guise of Pyrrhus, received the summons and like many of the others, stood in audience while Seraphine was called upon. There was no way he would miss this ceremony of ceremonies. Pride concealed itself under his mask as he watched on, knowing full well that the little girl he called niece was that girl no longer. She was a fully grown woman, stronger than she realized.


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                As with her first promotion, Valeska was both touched and honored by the congratulations and support from all those who surrounded her for this ascension. Sinking home the fact once more that this was her family, where she belonged.

                Kamurda had been a part of her team of mentors for this last leg of her journey as an Acolyte, it was only fitting that she was here now. The Unforgiven had been the one to interrogate Dejah when he had first arrived, but had respected her opinion enough to weigh her words on the matter of his acceptance. And Phoenix had ultimately been the one to bring Dejah here. Valeska hated to sound like her mother - but with so many connections, how could she not believe Fate was at work? Individually she offered them her gratitude.

                To Pyrrhus as well, barely resisting the urge to run over and hug him. What a sight that would be in this hallowed room, as their masked selves.. Later, she promised herself, she would make just such a disgraceful display. She should probably bring Dejah around to meet him as well. That would prove most entertaining.

                To the one who most occupied her thoughts lately, Seraphine turned her masked head a fraction. She could find no fault with this plan of his. "Oh yes? That sounds like a winning suggestion." Not bothering with any sort of pretense, Seraphine descended the steps once more and went straight to Relic's side, tucking her arm into his, letting the action speak for itself, that she was with him now and quite content for the fact to be known.


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                  There were personas Dejah did not know, but in the guise of Relic, no one knew him either. Perhaps they did, but Dejah wasn't concerned with that. A smirk curled at his mouth when Valeska invaded his thoughts with her reply. Relic looked to Seraphine as she turned, and now took purposeful steps toward him. What was she doing?

                  Her arm slipped into his, and in that moment Dejah's posture could not have been any more perfect. The woman had made a statement, and the clone felt pride. She had chosen to stand with him, and he would stand with her. They were united now, both personas, the faces they wore and the ones behind the mask.

                  "This is a surprise, but a pleasent one!"