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  • Phoenix Rising (Shy, TPSR)

    A couple of days passed since Shyahwyn's return from Atrisia and the trial he sent her on. Nathanial spent those days reviewing the archived holo-reports of the situation she had caused in the murder of the planet's war-mongering, Force-hating ruler. Reports were still being relayed to him of the chaos that ensued and the rush to find a replacement. The machines of war being built in the many new factories that sprung up in the short time there switched their focus to other forms of manufacturing, now that war with other systems was a far-away thought. The planet had other, more internal business to deal with like the rebuilding of their government and society. The galaxy as a whole would not know the importance of the the death, nor would they ever know it was a band of Dark Jedi that acted as the puppet masters behind the whole ordeal.

    Phoenix, it is time... The mental note touched the Arbiter's mind, telling her to come to the Hall of Haunting Echoes, where the masked and ceremonially garbed Pyrrhus stood waiting. A message was sent earlier to all of the Penumbra as well, informing his fellow Dark Jedi that the former prince was calling together a meeting of the utmost importance.

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    Looking at herself in the mirror, Shyahwyn thought back upon the moments that had gotten her to this day. The fight on Baralou and thinking that the witch that had been raising her was her real mother, the woman that had used rather archaic ways to train the young witch and when that didn't work, the lash did. Meeting Killian on Aargau and being talked into traveling with the stranger to an unknown world called Ruusan. The training, Britannica and Invictus who had broken her heart and then left for good, all molded the dark jedi into who she was now. Emerald eyes took in the vision staring back at her for a long moment as she was dressed in the black silken robe and dress that had become her secret identity. This was who she was now, a mystery with Force powers that affected governments in the galaxy. None were out of reach and no one could escape them. Ever.

    Placing the porcelain mask over her face, then adding the black silk turban, Shyahwyn now stared at Phoenix. Turning, she headed out of her private apartment and moved down the long hallway, the walls decorated with richly framed paintings from around the planet, a few of those sylvan locations having been seen firsthand, being a lover of nature. Her contemplative trek soon arrived at the large, double doors to the sanctum that not even the house staff knew about. She knew touching these doorhandles and moving inside that her life from this point on wouldn't be the same again. Taking in a deep breath, she used the Force instead and pushed them away.

    Moving now with purpose, her shoulders squared, forest green eyes now focused on the vision standing at the far end, his strong frame silhouetted against the tall, stained glass windows illuminated by moonlight. Reaching the bottom step, she bowed to the prince and noted leader and remaining founder of their order. "You wished to see me, sire?"


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      The message was different. Different meaning that it had come from Pyrrhus, not from 'Uncle Nate'. It was official Penumbra business and that meant a change of dress. The Archduchess exchanged her court clothes for a suit of serviceable if not fashionable black leather. Slipping the form fitting pants over her legs, and buckling the matching coat across her chest. She pulled the coats heavy hood up over her hair, and slid her mask into place, completing the guise of Seraphine, Acolyte of the Penumbra. A dark cape was slid around her shoulders, and she was on her way to the Hall, by routes that kept her out of the eyes of servants. She'd long roamed these halls and knew many a hidden path.

      Stealing into the room on the silent feet of a predator, the wolf girl watched and waited for the others to arrive and the ceremony to begin, happy to see that it was someone she knew. Lady Phoenix was most deserving of any accolades being bestowed upon her.


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        Among the gathered Dark Jedi, stood Kamurda, in her Penumbra guise with the elegant dark grey robes and her lovely features hidden behind her blue and white masks. Her gem like eyes remained upon the woman who had been summoned on this day. She felt pride and happiness to see Phoenix to be honored again. The friend and mentor had been a strong inspiration to the Arbiter over the past years.

        The Penumbra was only growing stronger and it benefited all dark Jedi. Phoenix's accomplishments were an example to follow for certain.


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          "Indeed I did," Pyrrhus responded back, returning Phoenix's deep bow with one of his own. Others started to gather, answering the call he put out. He stood in this spot multiple times before, calling members of the group he helped to bring to Ruusan before him for promotion after promotion. It had become protocol, one summons, one receives the summons, one answers and accepts, knowing fully well what they were being called here for. Some spared no time in recognizing and promoting those they called. Some, such as Invictus, loved to provide one more test of character, usually through physical means before they finally received their promotion. Pyrrhus followed that route, but rather a test of strength, his test of character was always with the mind.

          "Why are you a Dark Jedi?" he asked. It was a simple question on the face, but like the masks they all wore it held a depth unlike anything the galaxy could see.


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            Feeling the warm wishes from others in the long chamber, Phoenix then concentrated more on the figure in dark clothing before her. The query was one that was easy to answer and she knew that he and Killian had seen her reasons firsthand.

            "I've seen the perversion of power before, firsthand. I've seen what some are willing to do to manipulate the innocent, take their livelihoods, even push them to destitution to get what they wanted. Empty souls that need filling without thought to the ones that they're hurting. Lives taken, appearing like fodder to these sick individuals. I hate that others with abilities in the Force either debate the situations in council or are the very catalyst themselves. We have to stand for the masses, protect them from these despots." Her voice echoed in the high ceilings for a moment. "No one else will."


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              He didn't resent her. That thought shocked Sanfis more than any summons to the Penumbra's grand hall ever could. In all honesty, he probably should - she had far surpassed him. Had it really been so long since he had last watched the leadership bestow another honour upon Phoenix? Had he not vowed to work hard towards his own progress? Had he not failed in this and more? All of these thoughts were prominent, yet he didn't feel badly towards her for it. It was an odd admittance to make, but a truthful one. If anything, Sanfis was pleased for her...

              The proceedings had already begun. He just needed to slip into the back and pretend he had always been there. The door creaked as he pressed a hand against it. Of course, it always did. But he pushed it open with as much dignity as he could muster and joined his fellows at the back. It was nice, them being together like this to celebrate one of their own.

              Nice? He really was going soft. Pleased for her? He made a mental note to stop spending time with Striker, the camaraderie was clearly rubbing off.


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                "And I believe, through your actions on Atrisia, as well as other countless missions off world, here, through your dedication to training yourself and others, and through your hand in the recruitment of many of those that now call this place a home, you have shown you stand for what you believe in."

                Pyrrhus glanced around once more at those gathered through slits in his mask though his head did not move. This Dark Jedi before him had passed every test given to her, and none deserved this more.

                "That is why I grant to you the rank of Archon of the Penumbra... a Master of the Dark Jedi."

                With that, the former prince bowed deeply again and sent a mental note just for her, Both Killian and Invictus would be proud. Congratulations...


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                  The statement gave her a charge, goosebumps rising through her arms and torso as all that she had striven for and worked to help achieve had gained that title. Though this life to her was much more than lands or titles, the galaxy was still so much larger than her. It was the mentally transmitted statement that made her eyes well. Imagining her master and Invictus here with them now gave the new archon a moment of pause, no doubt her feelings laid bare for all to see in the Force.

                  "You honor me, sire. Thank you." Rising from her bow to the prince, "And I'll strive to do even more from this point on." A part of her still wishing that Killian might just show before they all departed for the evening...