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  • Rise [Nadgkema, Dark Jedi]

    The time had come to gather in the hall once more, a subtle din of discussion lending credence to the vestibule's name. Nephthys stood centered on a dais at the halls back, framed in moonlight that infiltrated stained glass panes behind her. With her fingers pleated against the front of her skirt and her orchid eyes gleaming behind the golden mask affixed to her face, she looked not unlike a deity posed atop an altar; submersed in stillness unlike the figures swarming in the darkness beyond. Her fingers unfurled from one another, raising up to call for silence. It fell immediately, prompting a smile from the Arbiter.

    "This evening, we are gathered to celebrate the ascendance of one of our finest devotees. She has demonstrated her capacity for loyalty, knowledge, subterfuge, and endurance time and time again. Kamurda, step forth and stand before your peers with the new rank of Arbiter." She announced in a resonant voice. Brigid was more than pleased to have Nadgkema as a friend, they had experienced and learned so much from one another. Now, they stood on equal ground as warriors for their cause.

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    Drifting into the private sanctum for the dark jedi, Phoenix nodded to many gathered for the promotion of one of their own. Her black silk cloak and dress shimmering in the cones of moonlight and lit sconces on each column that lined the wide lane that led from the double doors on one end, to the raised platform on the other where Nephthys waited. Soft shoes padded silently as the arbiter moved to her place, turned and then waited for the guest of honor to arrive.

    Conversation died as the archivist then announced the one being recognized tonight, her voice bouncing off of the high ceilings as all eyes then moved toward the graceful dancer.


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      When Lady Nephthys summoned her to the hall, Kamurda showed up dressed in her grey and silver robes, her delicate features concealed behind her blue and white mask. Her gem like eyes peered through the mask openings as she walked up and offered a respectful bow to the woman who was both a mentor and a friend.

      She felt pride and honor wash over her when she heard the words marking her promotion to the rank of Arbiter. It felt like yesterday she had first rised in the ranks of the penumbra. Back then, she wouldn't have believed this would continue to go as such.

      "You honor me, Lady Nephthys." She said with a bow of her head.

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        The Marauder stood towards the back of the hall as the promotion was bestowed, watching silently through his mask. He had never witnessed a promotion among the Penumbra before, and it was fitting that the first one he would see would be of one of the few friends and allies that he had made. Kamurda was a fierce combatant with a vast intellect, and it was a rank that she was certainly worthy of.

        He watched and she ascended to the rank of Arbiter, and lowered his head in recognition of her achievement.


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          Pyrrhus stood off in the shadows, joining those already gathered for such a momentous occasion. He had gotten to know the newly promoted Arbiter over the past couple of years, and even had a hand in mentoring her in the elements. A silent nod of congratulations was sent her way. It not only marked the recognition of knowledge and power within Kamurda, but also the growth of the Penumbra.


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            Not far behind his mentor and 'brother', was the heavily garbed mechanical man, Rel'Avauld Andross, keeping to the same shadows as Nathanial.

            It had been some time since he had 'free time' to be able to join such an event, but then again, this was the perfect time to do a residual scan of this area for anomalies.

            Offering a solemn nod to the woman who had deserved this promotion, the hooded and masked man seem to begin looking around the room as his scans continued to search for these anomalies.

            Holographic Unmasking: 'I am Rel'Avauld' Theme