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Machinations: Knight's Day

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  • Machinations: Knight's Day

    The two lived history: history far beyond the walls of the chateau; history far beyond the gravitational reach of Ruusan. They saw planets rise. They saw planets die. They visited those dead planets and survived the trials presented. They grew stronger because of that, together. Now, the Penumbra would share in that growth.

    In the very garden that new initiates were brought to be questioned, the masked Archon sat waiting, wrapped in black and red swirls of cloth. He had sent a summons to Rel'Avauld Andross, his apprentice since their time on Rannon; one of the beings responsible for that planet's death. It was his day.

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    Dressed in her black silk robe and turban, Phoenix stood quietly in the private gathering area for the promotion that had been a long time in coming. Sconces alight with a bluish fire lined the columns down the length of the central aisle, supporting the vaulted ceiling which had seen quite a few gatherings since she had been brought to this world by Killian. A long time ago, she mused as other members joined them. Standing to the left of the prince and down at the bottom of the raised platform, emerald eyes watched and waited for the guest of honor.


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      The Unforgiven garbbed in his black attire with white mask covering his face walked down the halls. The bluish flame that adorned the columns of the vaulted celing lit up the area for the promotion that was happening today. Knowing full well that it was his fellow Penumbra member and friend, Rel, he was happy to gather around to celebrate the man's accomplishments. As he made his way towards the low platform he then stood to the other side of Nathaniel and Lady Phoenix. The Unforgiven gave a slight bow to both of them.

      Once he stood near the platform he then quietly placed himself on it. Then, sitting on it the Templar awaited the arrival of Rel. He mused to himself that he was recently here as Phoenix had promoted him to the rank of Templar. It seemed that Rel was recieving the same rank. Although the metallic man wasn't always that gifted with the Force, his other accomplishments made up for it.

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        Dressed in her dark robes, Kamurda joined her fellow Penumbra followers for the private gathering. Seeing one of their own rise among the ranks was always an important experience, both on a personal level for the ones directly involved and as a group for everyone.

        Hands clasped before her, she took place not so afar from the ones who had already arrived. Her gem like eyes peered through the mask, as she waited for the summoned one to make his apparition.

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          The summons as usual, was instantly brought to the mechanical mad man, much quicker than the systems allowed for other information transit. Rel'Avauld was aware of what could be happening because of this summons, and so he had to figure out what he was going to be wearing. He could use one of the clones he was doing tests on, though their humanoid frailty did have something to be desired. That and when people thought of Rel'Avauld Andross, they did not picture the green eyed purple skinned man that he had once been. They new him once as the mechanical colossus, when his compartmentalization was not so up to snuff as the saying goes.

          He had change his frame quite a bit since appearing on Rannon. His bulky body armor had been upgraded several times since his first trials to save his life. Each upgrade lowered his height but increased his speed and fluidity of movement. His old eight foot seven stature was no longer needed, for he could get the same amount of power and ability with a more humanoid looking body and almost two feet shorter. He had discovered better more efficient ways to store his weapons and energy within his body, as well as proper safe guards for his organic material should the suit fail for more than a moment.

          Perhaps that was why he had made the clones in the first place, so he didn't have to worry about the virus. Though the clones still had the virus, his test runs with his Bio-nanyte technology had made leaps and bounds, now with only a twenty-three percent failure rate. It was not yet perfected though, so it wasnt a viable solution for his condition at the moment.

          At least the mechanical man had taken to not wearing the bulk of his full armored frame at all times now. Walking around his lab in a somewhat skeletal form, with the basic protection for his organics which allowed him better use of his holographic disguises. The bulky armor was a dead giveaway if anyone interacted with his form, but with the skeletal body he was able to wear real clothing and the such to perfect the feel of his disguises. He had not truly adcanced that section of his work for sometime, having been working on his 'cure' and his revenge for so long.

          He had put off his arrival for too long though, and so he left, moving silently through the halls, and swiftly reaching the doorway to the Hall of Haunting Echoes. Opening the door was an eight foot mechanical menace, the body Rel'Avauld had appeared on Rannon with, bulky and heavily armored, it quickly change to a more spartan look though just less bulkier than its predecessor. That body seemed to shift to a smaller darker body, taking on more of a humanoid look to it, with all of it's armorments on, that shifting to what Rel'Avauld looked like now, followed by a regular sized humanoid in a dark all covering cloak wearing the mask of Andronium.

          Moving up to Pyrrhus, and stopped before the mand and bowed to one knee to await further instruction. Quite the crowd had shown up so far, and the mechanical mad man wondered how many more would show up.

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            Those of the Penumbra followed the call and began showing up to witness the traditional ceremony that portrayed the ascension of one of their fellow brothers sisters into a higher level of power. They were there to offer their congratulations and to show their support, but the proceedings would have gone on even if they were not there. Spectators to tradition. Andronium, whom was making his way towards Pyrrhus, had already attained a higher level of power: it kept growing as every day passed into night and again into day. This was merely theatrics.

            The Archon kept his every watchful eyes on his apprentice, changing his holo-emitter image of his self, as he came to a stop before him, kneeling to one knee in his final form. He did not return the bow, only waited for Rel to look up to his master.

            Other teachers put their students through trials to test the student's knowledge and skill to see if they were worthy of a promotion. Pyrrhus was of a different breed. He saw enough of Rel's skill and knowledge on their trip to Rannon, in his newly crafted saber with his own designed crystal, and in his training. The Archon of the Penumbra tested the very foundation of his student's character as their final test.

            "You know why I called you here, Andronium," he stated matter-of-fact like, voice loud enough to carry to all those in attendance even though he only spoke to Rel. It was no question, but a statement.

            "Do you believe you have earned it?"


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              The hooded man liftes his head, as floating green orbs looked up at his Master, offering a solemn nod. The mechanical man had given everything for their cause, had put in safety precautions to keep their identities safe, modifying reports and holorecordings of any spotted in places they shouldn't be. He even made it possible to supply lower ranking members with fully functional lightsaber crystals without having to leave the safety of the Pnumbra.

              "I have destroyed planets and committed genecide for our cause, to keep us safe and hidden. I have dedicated all the time I can give to our members to aid in their progression, it is only fair that I too must progress. So yes, I have earned this moment, as I will earn the next."

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                Nathanial could do nothing but smile behind the mask that covered his face. It was not the response he was expecting. These words were better, stronger.

                Lasting with confidence.

                The snap-hiss of his orange bladed lightsaber broke the silence of the gathering hall, its orange hue providing an eerie mix of light when combine with the faded blue and white from the scones. He brought the blade of plasma close to the right side of the mechanical man's head, just above shoulder, and then to the left.

                "You have done so much more than what others have seen. You give your life at a moments notice, yet still survive. Within the shadows, you have helped to make the Penumbra what it is today from day one."

                He paused, bringing his lightsaber up close to his own body. The orange blade hummed to the tune of the silence a moment longer before he cut the power to the emitter.

                "Rise, Templar Andronium, for you have earned it."


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                  Committing genocide wasn't one thing that Phoenix would choose over being more selective with the root cause of a problem, but she also realized that it took all kinds with every skill set to make this galaxy safe again. As she watched, the metal encased individual that they were honoring was made a templar, she grinned underneath the porcelain mask and then nodded to him.

                  "Congratulations, Andronium," her ghostly, ethereal voice emanated through her persona.