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    Posted by Renhu'ka Mañad on 10-03-2002 07:13 PM:
    In the beginning



    *A dark silohuette finds itself in front of the great doors of The Royal House of Rannon. A creak may be heard as the large doors open. Another lightning, it iluminates everything, and the silohuette then takes form. Seems like a humanoid. I definitely has the shape of a human, but certainly is not*

    *He enters the Audience Hall and speaks*

    "Renhu'ka Mañad is my name. Is there anyone here?"

    Posted by Nathanial K'cansce on 10-07-2002 01:32 PM:


    *A voice spoke out an answer. Nate looked on this new .. thing from the shadows, his head kinked to the side just slightly.*

    What the blue frell are you, Ranhu'ka Mañad?

    Posted by Renhu'ka Mañad on 10-07-2002 09:07 PM:

    "What am I? Hmmmmm...that is an interesting question as a matter of fact. I can be a nightmare, a thigment of your imagination. I can be war. I can be the middle man or, hell if you wish me to do so, I can eliminate the middle man. I can go through the city or I can go around the city. What is it you want me to be? It's actually up to you

    After saying these, he revealed himself, out of the darkness and into the dim light that somewhat lit the room. Madness was written all over his face and could be seen in his eyes.

    Posted by Nathanial K'cansce on 10-10-2002 08:47 PM:

    *He blinked as he stepped from the shadows as well. This... thing that stood before Nate spoke in riddles. Maybe it was not riddles, but in a dialect that Nate could notr quite comprehend.*


    What brings you to the planet of Rannon?

    Posted by Renhu'ka Mañad on 10-15-2002 09:40 AM:

    "Instinct, something in muy gut told me here's where I belong" Renhu'ka was unpredictable, insane, pretty much a mistery.

    "How is it that you ended up here?" Said the humanoid with a vicious smile on his face.

    Posted by Nathanial K'cansce on 10-21-2002 12:31 PM:

    Mugged, hog-tied, and dragged kicking and screaming.

    *Came his sarcastic remark. A smirk played on his lips as he thought over the Zabrak's reason for being here. A 'Gut' feeling, like what he had felt when he had encounted Frost back on Cayss. Interesting.

    Nathan studied the man for a few moments with his eyes, observing what he could.*

    At least you had a say in your choice.

    *As did he. He chose to leave behind his false life to lead a true one.*

    Always remember that...

    Posted by Renhu'ka Mañad on 10-22-2002 04:48 PM:

    "Ah, but we always have choices to could've chosen not to kick nor could've chosen to do something rather stupid, so that those who brought you here, mugged, hog-tied, and dragged kicking and screaming , would have decided to kill you instead and throw your carcass to the womprats. That way for sure you would have not ended here"

    *Insanity could be sensed in the humanoid's words, yet they were true, by no means did they intend to show any lack of respect to his questioner, but lucidity was something Renhu'ka had lost a long, long time ago... *

    Posted by Nathanial K'cansce on 10-26-2002 08:21 AM:

    Yes, but who said they could have killed me?

    *Nathan smirked openly, confidence in his fighting skills. There was a reason why he held the rank of Lord. The man was almost unmatched when it came to a saber duel. Only those in the upper ranks of the Sith Empire could outmatch Nate with pure skill and experience.*

    But you are correct in that we all have choices in our actions, so I ask you: Do you wish to follow me through those doors over there, or stay here, instinct man?

    Posted by Renhu'ka Mañad on 10-27-2002 04:54 PM:

    "Follow you I will, for I sense my destiny awaits behind those doors..." *Renhu'ka then moved his hand indicating Nathanial to lead the way*

    Posted by Nathanial K'cansce on 10-29-2002 04:16 PM:

    So be it.

    *Nathan said, turning quickly to face the big dobule doors on the opposite end of the room. Pushing them open, he walked into the new room, taking a spot along the side wall.*

    Oh, Frost!

    *He shouted, a hint of boyish youth in voice.*

    Posted by Renhu'ka Mañad on 10-30-2002 07:32 AM:

    *Renhu'ka stood still. Awaiting for what would happen next. He would just move his head from one side to another, the way a mad man does, watching, waiting, trying to figure out, what was it coming this way. His yellow eyes, could be seen glowing even brighter as he was guessing, who or what Nathanial had called upon.*

    Posted by Frost on 11-04-2002 01:03 PM:

    "..." A white-haired man turned around.

    His bronze tan made his white hair look more silver-ish and his brown eyes empty. He canted his head to the side, studying the newcomer.

    "And who might this be ?" He asked, in a low monotone voice.

    Posted by Nathanial K'cansce on 11-04-2002 06:59 PM:

    *Shrugging, Nate answered.*

    Ranhu'ka Mañad. He seemed to have stumbled his way upon our land...

    Posted by Renhu'ka Mañad on 11-04-2002 08:17 PM:


    *That's all the humanoid said*

    *The fire in his eyes. They say the mind is a very powerful too, and that it's always thinking. Not a second goes by without a thought in the brain. Even for relaxion purposes, you have to think of your mind being blank. You have to think you're thinking about nothing. Ah, the powerful mind, always thinking. Fact is this was not a common mind, Renhu'ka often didn't know what he was thinking of*

    Posted by Frost on 11-05-2002 08:57 AM:

    "Renhu'ka Mañad." Frost repeated, under his breath.

    He lifted his red-gloved hand and motioned for Renhu'ka to come forward so he could take a closer look at the humanoid.

    "What can we do for you, Sir Mañad ?" He then asked, still in a deep voice.

    Posted by Renhu'ka Mañad on 11-05-2002 11:58 AM:

    "Ah, but perhaps that is not the question that should be asked..." *Said Renhu'ka as he took a step forward, once he caught a glimpse of Frost he carried on*

    "Perhaps the question should be 'What can Renhu'ka do for you?' " *Was being serious? Dared he come into this uninown planet and just be able to speak like that? Seems he's about ready to fnd out*

    Posted by Frost on 11-05-2002 01:10 PM:

    "I ask you again - What can we do for you, Sir ?"

    Frost repeated, with a hint of annoyance in his tone.

    Posted by Renhu'ka Mañad on 11-08-2002 07:07 AM:

    "" *Renhu'ka placed his hand on his chin, thinking for a moment*

    "...for starters, how about not calling me 'Sir' anymore?" *He just looked at frost with a smirk drawn in his face* "...for that is a title I do not hold, and I'm not quite sure I'd like to wield anyways..."

    "Second, as I was telling your friend here, Nathanial, I came to this place out of instinct, out of a gut feeling, something told me, my place is amongst you. So to be honest, I really have no idea of what it is you can 'really' do for me..."

    *A slight chuckle was released from his being. Madness, could be seen within him*

    Posted by Frost on 11-08-2002 09:03 AM:

    "By instinct, you say. A gut feeling. What do you know about us that made you think your place was amongst us, Sir ?"

    Frost pressed on the last word. He didn't liked being ordered around by any strangers or any arrogant humanoid. He would've added more but his superiors wouldn't have been very happy with him. He crossed his arms, his cold glare not leaving the stranger.

    "If you do not find a use for coming here, there must be a deeper reason than just a gut feeling."

    He paused for a moment.


    Posted by Renhu'ka Mañad on 11-08-2002 09:17 AM:

    *Renhu'ka Mañad just chuckled slightly again* "Nothing more than gut feeling, believe me..."

    *He then looked at Frost, no anger, no fear, no nothing, no emotion could be seen in the humanoid's face at all*

    "What do I know about you, you ask?" *He paused to the moment and looked around, as if searching for an answer, observing every corner of the room, every detail. Truth is, he was only confirming the reply that was about to be given by him*

    "I know nothing about you. But I do sense power, and a lot of it can be sensed here. I'm just a wanderer, a crazy man trying to learn the art of surviving. Yet I think it's time for me to settle down....and what best place....than amongst the powerful ones?"

    *He just stood there, tilting his hand every once in a while, like a predator, ready to pounce on his prey. Fact is, he didn't mean any lack of respect by that, for there is no prey to hunt. It was just a reaction of the madman*

    Posted by Frost on 11-08-2002 02:47 PM:

    "Nothing." Frost exhaled, getting tired already.

    He canted his head to the side, looking at the Renhu'ka then turned around, going back to his usual position at the window.

    "What kind of power do you sense here ?"

    Posted by Renhu'ka Mañad on 11-15-2002 03:25 PM:

    *Slowly Renhu'ka folded up his left sleeve, revealing his forearm. The palm of his hand, somewhat opened, almost facing his countenance*"The kind of power that could use this..."

    *In the blink of an eye, he took out a dagger hidden in the back of his belt and cut himself several times swiftly. Seven deep wounds could be seen and blood was pouring out of them*

    *As he raised his whole arm, showing the wounds to Frost an expression of almost preasure could be seen in his face, and could also be heard coming out of his mouth*

    "Ahhhhhhhh....." *The lust for blood could be easily distinguished in his expressions*

    *He then raised his arm, tightened his fist, as if squeezing it, for the last drop of blood to come out. But to the amazement of the gathered there, the wounds started to close, more than quickly, leaving no scars*

    *No one could ever tell Renhu'ka had been cut there*


    "....The kind of power that could be used by this..." *A small chuckle escaped his lips*

    *The Firrerre native had revealed himself not to be a human. His healing powers made that clear*

    *Only a few thousand Firrerreos are known to still survive throughout the galaxy. His kind is one of the most, if not the most, rare species in the whole universe. Though Renhu'ka is even more unique. Unlike his kind, when someone speaks his name out loud, he doesn't become their slave, probably due to the madness of which he is victim*

    "Oooops...sorry about the blood steins on the carpet...I'll tend to them...."

    Posted by Frost on 11-19-2002 02:35 PM:

    Frost arched an eyebrow as the man cut himself and healed. It was certainly impressing, but the madness in his eyes irritated the man. He sighed, knowing very well that it was actually very hard to impress him and shrugged as he talked about the stains.

    "Riddle me this, Sir. Cold from the earth's chill bowels was I brought. My foursquare head will smooth down hardest iron; And I shall never fear vicissitudes Of age, so long as Mulciber by fire. Snatch not away the number of my years: Grim heat soon softens my unyielding form."

    He took a pause before speaking against. "What is it ?"

    OOC- Sorry it took me a long time, a lot of crap.

    Posted by Renhu'ka Mañad on 11-20-2002 05:06 PM:

    "Oh, c'mon is this really necessary?" *Asked the Firrereo* "Tis a rock...isn't it?" *Said Renhu'ka as he look directly into Frost's eyes, awaiting to see his reaction*

    "Now you riddle me this...I have thousands of eyes, yet I live in darkness...I have billions of ears, yet only four lobes....I'm very powerful, I rule two hemispheres, yet I have no muscles....what am I?" *The humanoid meant no disrespect what so ever, the last thing he wanted was to show any lack of respect to his interviewers, he just felt like saying a riddle himself, too*

    OOC: don't worry bout postin, post whenever you can, is fine. I too know what having stuff to do means, so np.

    Posted by Frost on 11-23-2002 06:00 AM:

    "Do you take me for a fool, Sir Renhu'ka ?"

    Frost crossed his arms, the corner of his lips frowning in an angry way. He then looked away, as he continued speaking.

    "Though I am the one who will ask you the questions, I can answer this - The brain."

    He turned his back towards the humanoid, getting back to his usual position at the window.

    Posted by Renhu'ka Mañad on 11-23-2002 11:24 AM:

    "No fool...simple question...simple answer...nothing more...nothing less..." *Ren knew his riddle was no challenge to one such as Frost, yet, he just felt like saying it and so he did*

    *He watched as Frost turned around and looked out the window and waited in silence*

    Posted by Frost on 11-25-2002 08:59 AM:


    Without turning back, Frost continued his job as the Master of Ceremonies.

    "What is the most precious object to your eyes, Sir Renhu'ka ?"

    Posted by Renhu'ka Mañad on 11-25-2002 04:36 PM:

    *Renhu'ka approached Frost, not close enough to violate his private space, but close enough for him to also see through the window, catch a glimpse of what was outside*

    "Power, my friend...the weak ones are made to justify us, strong"

    "Only the strong survive"

    *He took a deep breath pondering a bit on his answer, his hand on his jaw, his fingers sliding through his chin*

    "Power earns everything needed to survive...respect...strength...loyalty..."

    "Truth is within the eyes of that who actually beholds it, and truth is power is the most precious thing..."

    Posted by Frost on 11-27-2002 07:21 AM:

    "True, true. But ..."

    Frost looked over his shoulder as Renhu'ka.

    "Power is not an object, Sir. Power isn't something that you can put into your pocket, or hold in your hands. Power is inside."

    Posted by Renhu'ka Mañad on 11-27-2002 12:00 PM:

    "Indeed, you are right...your mouth is filled with truth...." *Ren kept running his fingers through his chin, thinkin a little bit more on the answer he was about to give. The most precious object to his sight? Ren had never been one to have many possesions, he was mainly a mad man trying to learn the art of surviving. So his most precious things, differ from other's perspective. His most precious things were his freedom, his free will - if he had any being as insane as he is - and his power, which had taken him out of many difficult situations*

    "Probably my most valuable posession is this..."

    *The pale humanoid then took out an E-11 blaster, characteristic to the Imperial Stormtroopers*

    "That is if you mean something tangible of course, which I think you do, I could be wrong though..."

    Posted by Frost on 11-28-2002 02:43 PM:

    "Nothing of sentimental value, Sir Renhu'ka ?"

    Frost held out his hand to take the weapon. Usually, he'd let the stranger keep it for battles' sake, but if this was valuable to the man, then he had no other choices. However, he didn't take it yet, he gave the humanoid time to answer.

    Posted by Renhu'ka Mañad on 12-01-2002 04:16 PM:

    "Absolutely nothing what so ever..." *Renhu'ka looked at Frost as he said this words*

    " my most valuable possesion..." *The humanoid was attached to nothing, he had never found steadiness in his life before, always on the move, from here to there, here, there, everywhere and nowhere*

    *The reason why he held his E-11 blaster carbine as his most precious thing, is probably cause it was the most expensive thing he had*

    Posted by Frost on 12-06-2002 04:30 AM:

    Frost grinned as he retrieved his hand, leaving the weapon.

    "I'm not sure that was a very wise decision ..." He then muttered.

    "Let me explain. In our tradition, in order to get into the Royal House of Rannon, one of the steps were to give up something that had a sentimental value to yourself. One that you could not live without. Well, Sir Renhu'ka ... I guess we will have to take you, your personality, your skills and abilities ... And throw them all away, if that is what you wish."

    Frost then crossed his arms, unsure of what will be the stranger's answer.

    "You will be a slave, since you think of yourself as your greatest possession - Is that what you wish ?"

    Posted by Renhu'ka Mañad on 12-06-2002 07:01 AM:

    "A slave !?!?!?" *The humanoid had never taken orders from anyone but himself* [I]"A slave to who? A slave to what?..."/I]

    *Surprise could be seen in the Firrereo's eyes, eventhough, due to his own madness, he would always expect the unexpected, this definitely caught him off guard*

    Posted by Nya Halcyon on 12-16-2002 11:55 AM:

    "Indeed. Those are excellent questions, slave - and now be quiet."

    She had entered the audience chamber alarmed by an odd sense she had felt come from Frost when she had opened herself to her surroundings during her meditation. Getting odd impressions from him was not unusual in itself, yet this time it had somehow struck a different note; one of uncertainty? She had decided to investigate what the apprentice might be doing.

    From the passageway behind the walls, she had been watching and listening for some time - enough to get an idea of what was happening. And silently applauding Frost for his quick wits and imagination to come up with such a new modification to the Initiation Rite, she had stepped into the chamber after deciding to give him a hand in what could prove to be a dangerous situation for just one man, and an apprentice at that.

    She addressed Frost next, hoping to see how the madman would react to being given commands.

    "I believe there is space for another one to serve me. I will make this my own. Unless of course you had something different in mind for... it?"

    Posted by Renhu'ka Mañad on 12-17-2002 08:22 AM:

    "...what the...!?!?!?" *Even more off guard was Renhu'ka caught off, with the entrance of this woman*

    *Being the newcomer, the Firrereo had no idea of who she might be, but he knew she was someone important. She looked like the kind of person, that when she walks into a room, all eyes lay upon her, calling everyone's attention. An aura surrounding her, would lead you to believe, she's not just an average woman, but an important one instead*

    *This was a rather unusual situation for the humanoid, never before, did his destiny lay within the hands of two strangers. If necessary he wouldn't leave with a fight. But he came in here, looking for something, and it seemed he had found it. So he wouldn't complain*

    *After the woman threw the question to man, who until that moment had been his interviewer, Renhu'ka's eyes switched from the Dark Lady to Frost, awaiting for his answer*

    Posted by Frost on 12-20-2002 09:11 AM:

    "M'lady, you can take him if you wish. I have no use for him." Frost simple answered.

    Frost's grin faded as he looked at the dark lordess, and bowed his head, stepping back to lean against the wall, next to the window, behind him. Renhu'ka, now, had no chance of getting out of the situation, unless he changed his mind ...

    Posted by Renhu'ka Mañad on 12-20-2002 11:38 AM:

    *No words could describe how Renhu'ka felt at that moment. Anger, hate, laugther, tickling, happiness, even a bit of fear. Picture every single emotion known in the galaxy, pour them all together in one big gigantic jar and mix them in a blender. Whatever the outcome would be, is what was flowing through the Firrereo's bloodstream*

    *Somehow, he managed to keep his composure and awiated to see what destiny had in stock for him this time. No idea he still had of what it was he was looking for, but now at least he was certain he had found such thing*

    Posted by Nya Halcyon on 12-20-2002 02:18 PM:

    "It is decided then."

    Having seen only a vague form of him from the small hole in the wall, she now decided it would be prudent to take a closer look.

    He was of average height, and quite muscular. Most striking were his yellow eyes - like that of a canine. Maybe she would use him in fights - she would have to see.

    Nodding to Frost one last time, she addressed him rather than her new "slave".

    "He's not bad - do the usual to him and have him measured for a a uniform for the Royal Guard, then have someone bring him to my quarters. He looks mature enough not to try anything foolish without that, so leave the chaining away for now.

    She left the same way as she had come.

    Posted by Frost on 12-21-2002 05:49 AM:

    Frost bowed his head again, as she left, before turning to Renhu'ka.

    "You can't say I didn't warn you." The silver-haired man muttered.

    Frost uncrossed his arms and lifted his right hand, snapping his fingers. Suddendly, black female figures appeared out of nowhere. They all looked alike, made entirely out of the Force, long-haired beautiful creatures that didn't possess nor a conscience or a soul. They just did what Frost ordered them to do.

    "You heard what Lordess Halcyon said - Take his measures for the uniform."

    The girls nodded and swarmed all over Renhu'ka. Their hands stroked him everywhere. Though they looked like they were just enjoying themselves, touching him, they were taking measures of his waist, arm, legs, everything. Machines, they were.