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A Nefarious Wrong Turn..

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  • A Nefarious Wrong Turn..

    Posted by Ashura on 11-17-2002 01:32 PM:
    A Nefarious Wrong Turn..

    *The leather-clad man walking along the long hall, following a small tour group. He wore a long black leather trench coat, his hands tucked into the pockets of them. His bleached white hair shines slightly in the dim lighting above, casting a some-what lucent and ethereal visage over him. The bottoms of his black pants were cut thin, hanging just over the top of his gothic leather buckled combat boots; small needle-like spikes extending out of the sole of the boot. Slightly larger spikes went out from the toe of the shoe, alas it being a most iniqitious design for footwear. *

    *Though he seems like the usual Coruscant underworld trouble maker, his presence portrayes something far different. It seems like a pure presence of a dark jedi itself. Like a pure soul, tainted with the inky darkness of the darkside. Like a victum, corrupted by it's own anguish that it fell into maliciousness. And alas, any force user about may notice a lack in training, though an obvious gleam of potential... *

    *As the tour turned a corner, Ashura turned the other, seperating himself from the group. For they were intending on leaving, we was not yet quite done looking over the scenery of the palace. After viewing various different sculpters and what not, he started down the hall once again, going in the direction he believed to lead him to the exit, he was wrong. *

    *He eventually found himself to the great Audience Chamber, whistling to himself at it's beauty. He placed his palm over the knuckles of his other hand, his black painted fingernails upon the fingers which pressed down to crack the knuckles, him doing the same to the other hand. He glances about, looking for a service phone. Once he finds one he walks to it, talking it off it's holder and holding it up to his ear. He begins to speak into it, but is intterupted by the mechanical voice, stating the opitions available. Unforetunately, none of those opitions helps him, at all. *

    "Bloody hell! "

    *He says aloud, slamming the phone back onto it's holder. He turns on a booted-clad heel, glancing around the room, looking for anyone as he speaks aloud, out. *

    "Can anyone help me out, here? I got seperated from that bloody tour group.. "

    Posted by Loki on 11-17-2002 01:47 PM:

    "Take a right, then a left, then a right again." A detached voice seemed to come out of no where and everywhere at once.

    "But do be careful, the droideka are a bit jumpy this time of night and it left such a mess last time..." Suddenly the voice had a form as a young, well dressed male stepped into the dim lighting.

    "Of course if you had other business, I'm sure my master would be able to assist you..."

    Posted by Ashura on 11-17-2002 02:10 PM:

    *He listens intently, his crimson gaze falling upon the well dressed form of the most obscured voice. A lone smirk trails across his lips, splintering his facial features. He thought to himself... "

    ~"Hmm, perhaps this is what I have been looking for... "~

    "Yes, I believe I do have another reason for being here. I did indeed enjoy that bit' of a tour, but something else had drawn me here. Let me speak with your master, for I think I have a proposition for him... "

    *The virulent smirk playing across his lips broadens slightly, as he awaits the man's responce; standing in a most proud and solemn stature. *

    Posted by Nathanial K'cansce on 11-18-2002 04:22 PM:

    And just what business would you have with his Master?

    *Nate walked up to Loki, glancing at the new thing. Nathan had heard the interaction between Loki and the lost tourist. He knew quite well that Loki had said that his Master would be of better service, but Nathan always liked to play with the minds of others, if only to find out more about them.*

    Hmm? I'm sure any business for Loki's Master Loki can be informed of as well. So what is it?

    Posted by Ashura on 11-19-2002 04:43 AM:

    *Arches a brow slightly upon noticing the new arrival. His eyes narrow lightly, though the broad smirk wavers not in the slightest. This was the first time he had heard the other man's name, and noticed this one speak it so generously. "At least they're not slippery buggars.. " he thought to himself. He then responded, his fluent, yet faintly cocky english accent speaking forth toward the other, new person. *

    "Yes, perhaps it would be wise to let Loki know of my buisness here.. I wish to offer a job proposition.. "

    *He then stops short his vocal words right there, allowing his answer to strike them in any way it may... *

    Posted by Loki on 11-19-2002 07:22 AM:

    "I think it would be wiser still to not insult Loki when he is standing right beside you..." The young man said cooly, but with a certain power indicating it would be wise if he was not angered.

    "But as for a job, gardeners report to the green house at 7 am everymorning, the janitors report to the Butler and cooks to the Head cook in the kitchen at 4 am. Some of us like early breakfast. Applicants for other positions need a resume and a few letters of recommendation and can hand those in to the chief of staff here in the mornings."