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Courting Destiny

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  • Courting Destiny

    Posted by Lillith on 10-20-2002 02:05 AM:
    Courting Destiny

    Frigid wind thrashed against the lithe body of a woman standing just outside the team of doors to the House of Rannon. Had it not been for the heavy cloak, she surely would have been in discomfort. As it was, she had been taught to hide her emotions, keep them in check, herself being forever deemed a secretive individual. Now was not any different. Despite the cold draft that dared penetrate her very soul, her expression remained apathetic.

    A dainty hand reached up to grasp the large knocker of one of the extensive doors. Pulling it back several inches, she let it drop, the metal sundering loudly against it’s base, announcing to whoever was within ear distance that a guest had arrived.

    Posted by Nathanial K'cansce on 10-21-2002 12:35 PM:

    *Whoever was outside behind the entrance doors did not have to knock. Nathan knew she was there. It just took him some time to get from where he was perched to the doors.

    When he got to them, he stood there, and peered through the little peep hole at his eye level.

    A girl, slightly shivering.

    He would have let her in right there and then, but job as Master of Keys grew tiring and redundant, letting in people only to throw them back out. Nathan loved to throw in little quirks and cuve balls for his own amusement.

    With a voice audible to the girl outside, he spoke... rather, asked:*


    Posted by Lillith on 11-02-2002 08:55 PM:


    What silly game was this? Lillith stepped back, clenching the cloak tighter around her body. A look of annoyance briefly flashed across her face. She was in no mood for games, but it seemed that she would have to perform accordingly in order to gain access.

    It was a long shot, but as a child she had played a similar sport with her cousins. They would lock her out of the estate until she uttered the correct phrase…a phrase that seemed utterly ridiculous, but at this point she was willing to try anything to get out of the harsh weather conditions. Knowing she must have seemed fatuous, Lillith muttered to the man on the opposite side. “Coruscant Clam Chowder…”

    Posted by Nathanial K'cansce on 11-04-2002 07:08 PM:

    “Coruscant Clam Chowder…”

    *The voice on the other side answered.

    Nathan nodded to himself. Of course there was no right answer to his question; there was no password. But the creativity that this fresh mind possessed was enough to allow her entrence into the Mannor.

    He took a step back, allowing the doors to open. Standing tall, his red and black cloak-cape began to flutter in the wind.*


    *Nate said, takign another step back and to his side, motioning for the woman to step inside.*