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Starting Anew [Gallen, TSPR]

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  • Starting Anew [Gallen, TSPR]

    "This is where I leave you."

    It almost felt like deja vu as Ashaiya came to a stop, a large looming gate standing in front of the two of them. Only a few months ago had she walked through them and started her new life and now it was time for Gallen to do the same. She had faith that he would be able to pass the test that he was about to take and would fit in among the Dark Jedi, all he had to do now was convince her fellow Penumbra members of that. It was a test he would have to face along but she knew he was ready for it.

    Turning to Gallen, she smiled up at him.

    "The time has come for you to be judged, Gallen. All you need do to is walk through the gardens until you reach three stone pillars. There is where you will be tested and given the chance to prove your worth to those with the power to accept you in to the fold."

    She placed her hand on the gate and pushed it open, before standing to the side,

    "Be honest with your answers and I will see you on the other side. Good luck Gallen."

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    Gallen usually had it all together. Well not true. When Ashaiya was involved he was unpredictable. The two had definitely not had the normal, conventional relationship, but Gallen was okay with that. At least Ashaiya had walked this part of their journey ahead of him. Still he felt nervous. He was going to be judged and weighed. He never asked the question of what if he was not found acceptable. The eighteen year old did not need to. Gallen was certain he already knew the answer. There was truly only one way to keep things a secret after this point.

    Dark eyes looked to his lover. Ashaiya was so beautiful. Everything about her, from the inside and out. How had the force been so generous to bring her into his life? It had not been easy for them, but that only cemented what he felt for her. Gallen knew she would be the reason he passed.

    "Okay," he said his nervousness coming apparent in his response.

    Gallen leaned down and kissed her lips. He kissed her deeply, knowing if he made it through all would be well.

    "Well, here it goes," he said releasing his lover and passing through the gate.

    Slow steps carried him to where Ashaiya instructed him to wait. It was time to discover once and for all whether he had what it took to gain acceptance.


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      His student, Ashaiya had notified him that she'd be bringing her lover along to join then. After he'd been notified he then waited near the pillar dressed in his guise as the Unforgiven. The Templar stood by the stone pillars as he then heard the gates open. His black robe flowing in the slight breeze as the fog was starting to lift. Jacob watched Gallen walk through and towards the pillars that Jacob leaned against. The Unforgiven then raised his eyebrow knowing that this might be the man that Ashaiya had spoken of.

      The Force flowing through the Templar as he sensed the man's nervousness. It was alright though. He was nervous when he stepped through those gates himself a long while ago. Pushing off the pillar the man then walked to the front his orange eyes making contact with Gallen.

      "A potential you have, young man. But, as the sponsor who brought you here may have or may not have told you it will not grant you the immediate entry into our fold." Jacob said through the metallic voice in his mask, "Why should I grant you entry here? What makes you so special as to gain entry here?"

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        "I don't know," he replied.

        What a question. Gallen ahd never thought of hiself as special and here he was being asked as to why he thought he was special enough to be here. He wanted to be with Ashaiya, to use his gifts to help people. That didn't happen with the Sith, and it didn't happen with the Jedi as far as he knew. This place, this was the only chance they had to be together, and to make a difference, like they had for that village not long ago, before Ashaiya had to leave herself.

        "She told me to be honest," he said to the masked man. "I have never thought myself to be anyone special. I just want to make a difference. I have seen and experienced too much in this galaxy to just sit and watch the corruption happen."

        Gallen took a step forward.

        "Do you know what it is like to simply be a pawn in someone else's plans, to know your survival is dependent on making someone else's will happen? Well I do, and I'm tired of it, and I am more than willing to do whatever it takes to see the galaxy rid of it. I was told this place felt the same way, and that you could help me continue my studies in the force."


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          Jacob then smirked, "Interesting thoughts."

          He then circled him for a moment. Jacob knew that Ashaiya was a former Sith and that her lover, Gallen was as well. The Templar just figured he'd get the man's story straight from the source. See what his goals were for himself and that he knew what he was getting into. If he wasn't Penumbra material, or else, doing it for the wrong reasons other then Ashaiya, then he shouldn't belong. There was a difference between following your heart or following someone else's heart.

          "I do know what that feels like, and, I can possibly help further your studies." Jacob said with a chuckle through his mask, "But, you must answer my questions. What is your name and what's your story?"

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            "Gallen Yar," he said to the man. "I was raised on the streets of Nar Shadda. I killed for a gang, but fled when I found that I had killed men with the force. That's when I was discovered by the one who become my master among the Sith. She pressed deep in my mind which formed a bond neither of us could shake. This led to us becoming lovers. When she left the Sith, I followed. Her teachings became what I lived by, and I've always gone where she has gone."

            Gallen looked at the man whose face was hidden from him.

            "We are a team, both of us at our best when together. You could benefit from having us both."