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A New Life Begun [Cameron, TSPR]

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  • A New Life Begun [Cameron, TSPR]

    Still feeling odd, Shyahwyn did her best to get used to having someone around all the time and since Britannica was here and gone so much with all that she had going on back on her homeworld, the arbiter understood needing to keep an eye on the political situation and didn't hold that against her "sister". Cruising through the atmosphere of Ruusan, she guided their ship toward the long ridge commanded by the large palace, it's manicured lawn surrounded by forest for as far as the eye could see in both directions, north, south and west. Olmondo lay in the oval shaped valley to the east, it's streets alight as the town prepared for another evening.

    As she steered the vessel toward the private hangar complex and landing field beyond the garden, emerald eyes glanced to Cameron once more. "I know I've said this before, but just be yourself. They also don't need to know about us right now, so we can keep that private for the time being." Pushing the button to lower the landing gear, she feathered the repulsor engines to slow their descent and soon set down. Going through the shutdown procedure, Shyahwyn then turned off the engines, then unbuckled herself from the pilot seat and moved toward the opening ramp way. Grabbing her backpack, she shouldered it and led him down onto the low cut grass and turned toward the main gate to the garden.

    As she noticed the tall statues atop the large, squared pedestals she glanced to him again. "I know it's not easy learning you have the gift with the Force just out of the blue, but it's true. This group that I live and fight alongside has taught me how to harness that ability and use it for good. We do what others won't and your mindset and background is perfect already." Moving to the black, wrought iron gate, she stopped, the cowled statues both looking down at them. "From this point on, I can't help you. Just go to the fountain in the center and answer their questions honestly. They'll be able to read your mind, so keep your thoughts on their questions."

    Motioning to the gate, she let him lead and remained in the background, keeping a few paces behind as he moved to the central fountain in the garden.

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    The former version of himself would have easily questioned the need for secrecy, but it was a concept that drifted right off of Cameron just seconds after issuing the statement that those beyond his current steps, did not need to know about them just yet.

    He wondered, briefly thinking of her chef friend. Her good friend, who he had met on Ruusan in what seemed like eons ago. Funny, that first visit to Russan, he thought it had changed his life. It had, but he swore this experience, this time and place, that it would too. He was still on Rissan, wasn't he? He didn't seem to recognize this spot, not having seen it before.

    Right. Settle his thoughts. He had nearly zoned out for a moment, but he would remember to do his best to keep his focus on the questions asked of him. He smiled at Shyahwyn, nice and bright. He was all things optimistic, despite not knowing just where he was headed for, what to expect. Maybe he didn't need to know. He was content with being himself, that was what mattered most.

    He was content with himself, and the decisions he made for himself, and for others.

    He couldn't shake the feeling in his head, the one that tugged at him, that he'd tried so hard to tell Shyahwyn about. What he did not yet realize so much so, was the force.

    It was strange, and maybe a little too lively, but as he walked through the iron gate, Cameron immediately began to whistle. Some kind of tune that he was not particularly familiar with, but felt compelled to vocalize. It was something the witch that had tortured him had often whistled, though he didn't seem to realize that. He actually thought, innocently enough, that it was some kind of happy song of significance, but in reality, it was plagued with darkness. Which made sense, the witch that had kidnapped him had been dark, but even that, Cameron could not remember.

    He was happy, his mind feeling at peace as he took closer steps toward the fountain in the center. A fountain that looked so gloriously majestic. It didn't seem real, could not have been to be so beautiful. Just like Shyahwyn.

    It was just as he stopped to set foot before the fountain, that the whistling stopped. He was mesmerized by the fountain. Not enough though, as he lifted his head to glance briefly about, finally noticing how everything around him seemed majestic. Like living in some kind of dream or fantasy.

    "I could .. hopefully get familiar with this.."

    Promising, somewhat confident, but not over the top, just as Cameron felt.


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      Drifting through the forest surrounding the fountain, Nakija felt another presence being followed by another of her order and having already been given the vision of this new recruit, she had prepared herself by donning her persona. As if right on cue, he entered and moved toward the fountain as directed by his sponsor, whistling a tune that she wasn't familiar with. Slowing her pace, the tall, elegantly framed female in full gown and robe touched the large, ancient tree to her left and studied the blue eyed male for a moment, allowing him to take in the surroundings before she interrupted. Avoiding the flowers that several had tended, the tall dark jedi moved out onto the tiled walkway and moved toward him, brown eyes continuing to study the potential.

      "This place seem that accommodating," she inquired, a curiosity to get to know him first before the real questions began. "Many see different things when they enter that gate," she motioned toward the distant gate that led toward the hangar complex.


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        It was funny, even while he couldn't remember a thing about his previous job, Cameron still had his natural talents that made him good at his job, once upon a time. His observation skills had almost always been topnotch. That didn't mean he wasn't rusty though, nor perfect. He was still bound to miss a thing or two. Lucky, the young woman's presence wasn't one of them. His eyes sparkled in pleasant nature at her response. His hands were in his pockets, which meant he was nervous, but he'd yet to catch himself.

        "Ah well, I think I am just easy to please," he said with a small happy yet go lucky laugh. He was in a good mood, but he had reason to be, he believed.

        "Well, I see beauty, and with it, a sense of peace."

        Something Cameron had been longing for some time, returned to him first in the presence of Shyahwyn, and now this place. Yet it was this new and intriguing place his mind seemed focused on.

        "Still, not everything is always what it seems - so for now, it seems beautiful and peaceful."


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          She admired his nature and the few things that she was able to get from his stance and demeanor, though the oracle had seen many things surrounding his aura already and she knew that certain events had been best left alone. For now. "The galaxy seems the same way to those with blinders on. They spend their daily lives tending to jobs and family while governments slowly take over their futures, slowly bleeding them dry. Many tyrants and despots have made a name for themselves this way." Her hollow voice echoed from her ornate mask as she motioned to the fountain and surrounding forest and garden. "We tend to this place with great care, a model for the galaxy that we protect."

          Nakija returned her gaze to the newcomer. "Why are you here?"


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            Cameron couldn't help but feel that some of the stranger's words spoke to him, though he couldn't place precisely why. Just that he knew they resonated with him. He canted his head just briefly, giving the words consideration. He remembered what had been told to him on not thinking too much, but to simply be honest. His answer, this time, did not come easy. "I come here for a new beginning. I was lost for some time, and as much as I feel vulnerable to admit it, blind even. I thought that - well - that I was fighting for something before. Perhaps I was, but not in the right way. I was fighting for a kind of peace I wanted, but not through my own eyes and rules, but through someone else's."

            Though at the moment, he had not the faintest clue as to which rules he had come to abide by, only that he had someone steering him through before.

            "I have thought very carefully - It is my own two feet that bring me here, and no one else's."

            He loved Shyahwyn, but the cold heart truth was, no matter what happened between them, Cameron had to be present for his own musings, his own desires, in order to see this all through. He needed to be here because he desired it, not because Shyahwyn stirred him in a way that no one else or anything else could. In any case, she deserved a man that knew what he wanted. Not one that would always simply follow, but know when to also lead. Maybe he wasn't ready to lead just yet, but the path was his, the choice was his. He wanted this.

            "This is where I belong, and no where else. I know it."

            He could ... feel it.


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              She could definitely see that he had a kind heart, but hoped that it wouldn't impede his new life with the Force which would end up claiming as much as it gave. Though she hoped that his recruiter had at least touched on that and more than likely not have brought him in the first place had they thought he wouldn't make it through the initial training. His sincerity was endearing and she knew that the personality that was displayed before her could help him against the dark side that they used everyday. Time would definitely tell.

              "The Force guides all of us, as long as we listen to it. But, our life also touches on the adrenaline and emotions that can lead you to the deeper parts of the dark side if you're not careful. What we do and uphold may test you one day, the edge that we all have to face at one point or another." She studied his reaction to that tidbit and listened to his aura's song. "Can you take a life in the name of justice? Can you give your life to save many? Even strangers? For that's what we face on many occasions, out there," she glanced upward, then back to him.


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                Cameron saw great temptation in this place, not just in the look of the beauty of scenery, like something out of a magical place or heaven, but also in the words of the people that came to dwell in such a place. Cameron knew, even if he could not remember the Republic any longer, he still held his regard for belief, and that was, sometimes, some things were really too good to be true. The man kept his gaze focused on the attention of the female, knowing so little of her, but being both cautious and intrigued at the same time, the more she spoke. His concentration was deep, as he did not want the words to sway his mind. He was not here because he liked what he heard, he was here because this was what he wanted.

                "One does what they need to do in order to survive. It, at times, comes down to, kill or be killed. I cannot do these things.."

                It seemed like his answer proved as if this place was not for him, but he wasn't finished.

                "I want to do these things - not out of lust - but because this is what the universe needs. I am not proud to say that, as I do wish that words were all we needed, but this is the reality of things. Nothing is that simple, nor is killing, as simple or easy. So I do not answer lightly, your questions on life and death, but I am committed to sacrifice, my life or another's, to do what I feel is right. It may not be done in the eyes of others, as they wish it to be done. Death is never gentle, lying in a hospital bed or otherwise, it is painful, it affects many. The time to worry about what is pleasing is long gone when it come to death, there are always consequences to suffer for it, but regardless, my goal will always be for peace. That is what the universe needs more of, so that maybe one day, death will not have as many followers."

                It sounded as if Cameron was still blind in some ways, but not when it came to death, he was still a dreamer though, and still had good in his heart for a better tomorrow.


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                  "Being reluctant to take a life in that light may be your strength to hold onto when training and faced with such situations. There are those out there that won't hesitate to kill many to get what they wanted, life being worthless to them. That is, except their own when it comes down to it." She had seen that many times before, the slavers that had taken her and her family being primary. Nakija was just glad that her cousin had hunted down nearly all of them, saving the dark jedi from perhaps giving into her past and being sucked deeper than she could've handed at the time.

                  "The galaxy cries for peace and we have to be the ones that give that to them. We have to be constantly vigilant in our desire for peace and justice to the oppressed. What would you be willing to do or give to see that end? Tell me about your principles."


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                    Once upon a time, Cameron would have willingly answered her next question without much thought. Not out of disregard for care, but because his heart would automatically feel it. His answer was more much the same now, but with cautionary position to surround it. "I would give me life, without reason, or what I believe to be the right reasons. To save another's life, whether it be from one's own evil demise or from insurmountable odds." That was the response in his heart now, an answer, once upon his life, that would have made him feel selfish, but no longer did. "I believe now, that there is a right and wrong way, to give of yourself. One's death must mean something, even when volunteered."

                    Yet was that it? Would he only be willing to just give his life? No, he knew and thought of more. "I'd be willing to kill if it was necessary. It is an unfortunate result, one that most believe does not bring peace. Yet some tyrants, it would be the only way to bring about peace for the galaxy. It is not to suggest it would be the first result, but if it was a necessary result, I would have no problem taking a life to bring peace to many."

                    Then there was his body. While he did not see himself as a machine, he was still an entity of war, just like any other. His body could, and would be willing to take abuse to save many, just like the next person.

                    "I'd be willing to give my body to help strive to protect those who need it. My body keeps me moving, but it is just as vulnerable as my life, capable of being wounded. I'd give my limbs if it were necessary. Sometimes, there is a grave cost for peace. I am willing to pay the price, but not blindly, nor without thought behind my actions. The kind of thought that does not so much worry about right or wrong, but what is best to bring peace and justice to the galaxy."


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                      After quickly changing, Phoenix returned to the garden and remained in the shadows and let her fellow Penumbra member do the interview and from what she heard so far, she was sure that he would make a great addition to their family. Dappled moonlight cascaded down on the scene from the ancient trees surrounding them and as she listened, the archon had to try and keep it together at the thought of losing him during a mission. Maybe this was what Invictus and Killian had warned her about, the only bad thing about going on from here was if she were to deny him then their trip had been for nothing and his life was forfeit. Something that she couldn't bear either.

                      Being objective for the moment, she knew that his reply and mindset was one that fit their Covenant perfectly and he had the background of being an agent, even though he didn't recall any of that life. Finally, the wraith encapsulated in black silk stepped from the shadow of the trees and out onto the tiled pathway, the fountain between them and off to her left. Her ghostly voice one that he had encountered over a year ago, "The ultimate goal of our family is to ensure that we use the gift that we've been given in a way that ensures a legacy that the other groups try and emulate. We are the judge, jury and executioner of the galaxy, should it come to that. You are right though, if another way is achievable to remove the evil from a society, then we'll perform that and make sure those that are left behind are strong enough to stand on their own."

                      Glancing to Nakija again, her forest green eyes muted by the porcelain mask and black lace veil then returned to Cameron. "Inside, a servant will escort you to your new apartment. In time you'll have to come up with a persona as we have, as well as a name. Ruusan hates Force users, so the fact of who we are in the background must remain between us," her ghostly voice relayed. "I'm assuming you already have a trainer, so you can get with them in the morning and begin your path to a greater life." Within a moment, she Leaped away and into the shadows once more, her race to get to her apartment once again and change out of her persona so she could help him get settled in foremost on her mind now. Excited adrenaline pumped at the thought of everything else that they would share from this point on, pushing her to hurry.


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                        It had been exceptionally easy to take comfort in his new surroundings, so peaceful and beautiful eye. Perhaps for those reasons, he became ill prepared for what followed, even if he knew the end results to be of comfort to him. They were still just as daunting to him. The figure that showed itself was not unfamiliar to him, and while he by no means feared it, feeling safe and secure around it, he was by no means expecting it.

                        He hung on the individual's every word, his ice blue eyes only knowing the figure for a time, as if time stood still. He remembered, even if he could not critically remember anyone else or anything else from his past life. The figure had saved him and protected him. He'd reached upon suspicions then, and still had them now. Still unable to place two and two together, other than to realize that the mysterious entity was part of something great. Something that he too, would hopefully soon be a part of. Even if he knew that his journey to follow would be by no means easy.

                        For the briefest of moments, Cameron became infatuated with the figure, though that was nothing so new. Back in the forest, barely clinging to life, only to be revived again, he had been just as ensnared then, too. As the figure bound for parts unknown, Cameron desperately wanted to follow, but he did not. Instruction had been given, it was up to him to follow it. Aside, it was clear that the presence of mystery did find a dwelling where he stood, he would see the presence again, even if he did not know when.

                        Trying not to react as overwhelmed as he felt, Cameron quietly bowed his head a moment in reflection, only to eventually allow the force to guide him to where he ought to be next. He wasn't quite sure he knew what home was just yet, but he was ready to dive right in, as he knew he had found a place to belong, at long last.