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A Grander Stage [Mio, TSPR]

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  • A Grander Stage [Mio, TSPR]

    Now that the shutdown procedures had been accomplished on the freighter, Shyahwyn shouldered her pack and move to the ramp way, now opened to the fresh mountain air which wafted up into the ship that had otherwise become a bit stale, even with the air scrubbers working overtime. Time to change the filters, she mused as she headed down to the lush, green grass field. Leading Mio across the open area, bordered on three sides with hangars framed in by a forest, toward the long wrought iron fence that separated the hangar complex from the garden. Tall trees and lush undergrowth were soon lost in the sight of the pair of tall, cowled statues on either side of the gate. Both holding large lanterns in one hand, the lifelike figures stood upon tall pedestals and looked down upon all those who entered through that gate and into the garden.

    A place that she loved more than any other, having tended to and planted many of the varieties of flowers and plants now thriving in it.

    "Through this gate is the opportunity for you to not only gain power and knowledge, but also a family," emerald eyes glanced to the new recruit. "We take care of one another and everyone will help you adapt to the new life of being seen as a noble of Ruusan. But first you have to be accepted and I can't help you with that part." Slowing, she allowed Mio to approach and open the gate herself, then soon after followed the assassin in. A long, tiled pathway leading from the gate to a fountain and surrounding benches, the halfway point from the hangar complex to the palace's rear entrance.

    "Good luck."

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    The planet was greener than she expected. Mio Followed Shyahwyn down the ramp and gazed about her new surroundings. It felt peaceful, relaxing, not at all the shady, underground secret organization she was lead to believe existed here. Across the grassy fields, surrounding by forests was a gate, with statues on either side. That was more of what Mio Fenn was expecting.

    As she moved forward, she noticed Shyahwyn move to the side. It seemed this was wear the two parted, for now. A test would await her on the other side of the gate. She expected that too. It seemed anyone could bring any potential new recruite, but only if they passed whatever it was that laid in store for her, would the be accepted into the fold.

    Mio nodded her head to Shy respectfully. “I thank you for bringing me this far.” She said just before she opened the gate and strode into the garden.


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      Jacob with mask over his face, strode into the garden. His black boots crunching the ground beneath his feet, the Templar saw the newcomer and was given the heads up of their arrival. Then again, the Force had given him the notice as well. His Farseeing had alerted him to the arrival of Mio while he sat in his Church.

      It took him only a few moments to get ready, dressed in black attire for such an occassion. Taking a lean against one of the pillars that lined the gardens, the Templar focused his gaze on the young woman who had entered them. Jacob gave her a look over. Beauty, apparent intelligence, for if she didn't, she wouldn't be standing here. She was a beauty though. But, he was too old for her he figured. Being in his late thirties, his birthday was coming soon. Then he'd be 38. Oh how time did fly!

      "I see you've come this far? What makes you fit to belong to us?" Jacob said with a curious tone though the metallic voice would say otherwise, "What is your name, young one?"

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        Mio turned to the figure who approached, he wore black robes with a mask concealing his face. This really was a secretive society if outsiders were unable to view the faces underneath. Mio had to smile at the comment ‘young one’. True she had a very young appearance, which helped her with her family’s line of business, in fact she was already in her mid twenties, yet could pass as a teenager still.

        “My name is Mio Fenn.” Mio replied, showing no fear towards the man. If he was trying to intimidate her, he would have to do better. “My family stems from the Sorcerers of Tund, who has a rich history with the Force. I have been located by one of your own during one of my assassination jobs, I am quite skilled in what I do and take pride in my families history and line of work. I’m offering you those skills now.”

        Perhaps it was brash of her to reveal her families lineage so quickly and early. But Mio prided herself on it and knew the name meant something to those knowledgeable enough.


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          Jacob smirked, "Pleasure, Mio. I am the Unforgiven."

          Walking closer he then studied her. She did seem to be the assassin type. Although she was in her mid twenties he called her 'young one' because she was again much younger then he was. The Templar then raised an eyebrow under his mask. Her skills? What skills would she offer them? The mention of the Sorcerers made him laugh to himself. He'd heard of them only briefly but, nothing much else besides that.

          "You offer your skills of assasination? Seems plausible. Although we hide in the shadows waiting for the right moment. Kind of like an assassin." Jacob said just to state fact, "When did you discover your abilities? That you had the gift of the Force?"

          Then Jacob circled her a few moments then stopped and stood in front of her. As he stopped he then tilted his head. Wondering what else she would offer them is the reason he did so. He wanted to know how she discovered her Force potential. Then, to discover why she thought she belonged. More or less.

          "You want to know why I am called 'The Unforgiven'?" Jacob asked curiously.

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            Having been busy as of late with her tasks for the Penumbra, Anana felt the pulse from the gate, a subtle message sent from one of their number with some ability, though unheard from anyone else without a touch to the Force. The oracle dressed quickly in her persona and made her way downstairs, then out of the back door. Her softer robe and outfit hadn't been worn in some time now, so still smelled newly cleaned. Making her way through the servants wing, divided with a fountain, she made her way into the dimly lit garden where she soon noticed the member interviewing a newly arrived potential. Though she had never seen the girl before, she could feel a kindred spirit already.

            Nakija drifted toward the central fountain and listened as the Unforgiven opened up with some interesting questions of his own. Letting the older member of their secret society lead, she quietly listened.


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              “Codenames as well... huh.” Mio mused to herself in an audible whisper. It felt like she was suddenly placed on some pedestal, with the looks ‘Unforgiven’ gave her. She kept her eyes locked on his though, stood still and let him gaze.

              “Since I was a child. The force is common amongst my family, though I have not had any ‘formal training’. Instead, I was taught to manifest the Force through my physical actions, speed, stealth, strength. I’ve turned to your organization to help me learn the rest.” Mio said, unfazed by the scrutiny.

              “Why ruin the mystery?” Mio then teased when asked why he called himself ‘Unforgiven’, a small smile on her lips. “Unless there is a lesson behind it, let’s keep it a mystery.” Mio’s eyes darted to the fountain, there was another member nearby, watching so far. Mio bowed her head softly to the woman before turning her gaze back on the masked man.


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                Jacob smiled with a nod, "I see. So you've been brought here by Phoenix to learn from us? Will you swear your loyalty to the Penumbra if I should accept you? We are very different from the Jedi and the Sith. We lay somewhere between."

                The Unforgiven then shifted his weight to his right. Although left handed, he shifted to the right placing a hand on his right hip. Smirking he then heard her tease him about ruining the mystery. That made him chuckle. She was a flirty one. No wonder she was good at her job. Flirting with her could get you killed.

                "There is a lesson behind it. I'll save that for later though," Jacob said, "Flirting with you otherwise would get me killed am I right? Beauty, brains, and a gift of being able to the use the Force. A perfect package."

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                  Keeping her touch with the Force, Nakija could see a world of stories around their new applicant and as she and the Unforgiven talked, visions came to the oracle like a tidal wave. Being more in tune with the spiritual side of the Force and the nature of people, the native of Belsavis watched and listened to what the aura around Mio told her.

                  "You love your brother very much," she began. "Your desire to make your parents proud is what drives you. I can see that now," Nakija stated, her ghostly voice seemingly miles away. "Your hands are bloody, yet they wash fairly easily, don't they?"


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                    Loyalty... it always seems to come down to that. Loyalty to her family, and now to a secret organization she still knows little to nothing about. Yet she knew that if she was ever to go stronger, to make her family proud she’d have to take that step. Blindly it seemed.

                    “Obviously you are different from either Sith or Jedi, that is why I’ve never tried to join any of those factions. I’m not angry, or blinded by rage like the Sith, nor am I passive enough to join the Jedi. Life is neither black or white either. That is why I took ‘Phenoix’ was it? Up on her offer. I’ve lived the majority of my life in secrets and shadows. I don’t expect that to change now.”

                    Mio wasn’t trying to be flirty, but only smiled at the suggestion. It was true, she’d use any and all of her talents if it was required to complete a task.

                    The sound of another voice caught Mio’s attention. It was faint, like a whisper, but carried to Mio’s ears. What she heard, unsettled the woman. Yet, she could not dispute the words away.

                    “What do you know of my brother?” Mio asked, a defensive streak coming out. She did love him, and knew his life had always lead down a different path. “How do you know what drives me? I’ll admit though you’re not mistaken, completely... but how do you know all of that?”


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                        "That we are, Mio. Very different. Our beliefs are of the Dark Side, but, we are not consumed by it's power. THose who walk the path of the Sith are doomed to be destroyed physically by it's power." Jacob said then nodded as she spoke of Shyahwyn, "That it is. Your correct. Phoenix is her name. We seek to bring order and justice to the galaxy. Are you willing to do what it takes to bring said order and justice to the galaxy as a whole?"

                        The Templar then looked over at Anana and smiled. So, she saw something in Mio. Her brother is what drives her? Although it didn't surprise him given her outburst at the mention of it. Though when Mio asked Anana why she knew it he then spoke up first. Although he didn't wanna intrude on Anana's gifts or words though she might say.

                        "Because she's an oracle. Able to see things we do not." Jacob said with a metallic toned voice, "She saw things in me I'd not told anyone. When I first arrived here."

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                          Nakija grinned inside her mask, the Saami knowing that sometimes her gift made people uneasy, which she understood. "We've all inherited things from our ancestors, but its' up to us to hone them. The Force tells me things about people or helps me see an event that's coming, though it's rare. Dreams that come to pass, things like that." Her mother and grandmother both had the gift and saved lives with it from time to time, but she still hadn't figured out why no one saw the raid that fateful night. Perhaps it was the will of Aguta, she mused.

                          "Once your personal goals are met, what then?" She knew that it was a fairly open ended question and needed to narrow the field a bit. "Our goals as a group may one day claim our lives, but the galaxy needs justice on many worlds and we're the only ones that seem willing to do whatever it takes to see that it's done. You willing to sacrifice all for a stranger?"


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                            An Oracle? She had hear rumors of such people, but have never come across one before. She eyed the woman suspiciously. Having someone view her past, and possible future was... uneasy for Mio. She had secrets she was not willing to share yet, yet here was someone who could blurt them out at any second.

                            “I see...” Mio said to the woman when she explained her gift with more detail. It still didn’t help, she never liked the idea of others poking around in her head, let alone her past. “There are some things in my past I wish to remain hidden until i’m ready to reveal them. I do not like others poking around inside of my head... or aura... without permission.” Mio sighed, it sounded rude of her, but sometimes the future is not mean to be seen nor could it always be understood by those in the present.

                            “I doubt my personal goals will be achieved so quickly. Life is full of learning and growth. If I am able to meet my goals, then I’ll find new ones. I’m unsure what your version of justice is, it seems everyone has their own opinion on that subject matter. Then again, i’ve never been one to fully abide by the laws of the galaxy after all. I’m not afraid of death either. Death is just a part of life.” Mio said, hesitating on the last question asked. Would she sacrifice herself for a stranger?

                            “If I was ordered to, then yes I would sacrifice myself for a stranger... if it’s for some bigger purpose, some bigger plan that is beyond my understanding I would.”


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                              "It should not take an order to sacrifice one's life for the cause."

                              A voice that hadn't been heard in some time echoed in the shadows. The voice seemed to be all around the new girl before it's true origins were revealed. Cesca had joined the recruitment, her judgements still as harsh as ever. "You claim not to fear death, yet would only sacrifice your life if ordered to? Would you stand back and await orders if you were the only thing that stood between an innocent and an assailant? Would you let that innocent die because you didn't receive an order to save his or her life?"

                              Cesca canted her head as she stepped further into the light, scrutinizing this potential recruit with fierce eyes. The Templar then sighed and folded her arms. "So youngling. If you're allowed to join us, what skills do you already possess that will compliment our ranks?" she asked. She called the girl 'Youngling' on purpose. Mio may have proven herself to her recruiter, but to Cesca, she was barely more than a child. Mio had to convince her, and the others to bring her into the fold.

                              Thank you Satkia!