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    Yavin VIII was as beautiful as he had heard. Growing up on Kilia IV hadn't given him the opportunity to travel as much as he otherwise would've liked, and so he spent his time researching other worlds on a hidden holonet transponder he kept in his quarters. When the other squires in the barracks would go to sleep, Pelinal would spend his evenings reading. It was through things of this nature that Pelinal was able to learn of the Jedi, and their history.

    Throughout most of history, the Jedi were seen as peacekeepers. Pelinal had always wanted to protect those who couldn't protect themselves, but he knew that if he became a Kilian Ranger, he'd never have the opportunity to do what he knew was his calling in life. It was for this reason that he hitched a ride with some smugglers, and eventually made his way to Yavin VIII.

    Pelinal stuck out amongst the people he passed on his way up to the temple. He was dressed in a leather duster over an ancient looking surcoat, which was emblazoned with Killian heraldry. The temple was like nothing he had ever seen. It was of ancient design, but there were enough modern conveniences that one didn't feel like they had stepped back in time. Compared to Kilia IV, Yavin VIII was a technological marvel.

    Pelinal stepped through the entryway to the Great Hall, and found himself alone. Pelinal knew he was sensitive to the Force, having been chosen to become a Kilian Ranger. But he escaped his home planet before his training had begun, intent on becoming one of the Jedi. He knew that if he had stayed on Kilia IV, he would've never left.

    For the time being, Pelinal stood still. He figured someone would show up at some point in order to guide him.

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    Nafrayo was meditating in the huge Temple garden complex for the past hours. It brought peace and solace to the Neti Guardian, who prepared for a personal quest on his own. Extending his senses outward, through the rooms, quarters, training areas and the library, Nafrayo recognized the presence of many of his fellow Jedi. There were times when he would simply enjoy watching over them through the Force, while they went about their daily duties.

    Yet, as it seemed, there was a presence unfamiliar to the gentle Neti, right in the Great Hall, where he himself had begun his journey many years ago. Resuming a humanoid shape and dressing himself in green Jedi robes, Nafrayo wandered through the corridors leading towards the Hall. Looking around a corner, he noticed a young human male standing there quietly, waiting. Observing him for a few moments, he eventually walked towards the newcomer. Standing around 2.5 meters tall, the Guardian stopped a few steps in front of Pelinal, offering a respectful bow.

    "Greetings and welcome to our Jedi Temple...", the alien said, speaking in a low and very gentle voice. "I´m Nafrayo, Jedi Guardian, at your service. How can I be of assistance?"


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      Pelinal looked up at he tall, tree-man who made his way before him. He introduced himself as a Jedi Guardian. Pelinal had never seen anything like the man before him, and was stunned for a moment. He wasn't afraid, but it was not often that Pelinal found a tree walking and talking.

      Pelinal went to a knee in front of the Jedi.

      "I am here to serve, Sir Jedi." Pelinal says. "In whatever way I can, if you'll have me." He says, looking up at the Neti.


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        Quite surprised about the young man actually kneeling in front of him, the Guardian shook his head slightly, waving a branch-like hand.

        "There is no need to kneel, not before me..."
        , he said with a gentle smile, motioning for Pelinal to stand again.

        "Serving others is the Jedi way. However, the path of a Jedi isn´t to be taken lightly... and there are certain questions I need to ask you, before a decision can be made...", he explained to the hopeful.

        "Perhaps you´d like to tell me a bit about yourself, your journeys... and what you know of the Jedi in general..."


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          Pelinal rose as the Neti spoke to him. The man before him was humble, but to be a Jedi Guardian, he was obviously someone who wielded power. The humility of the Jedi was surprising to Pelinal, given how the feudal Kilian Rangers acted.

          "My name is Pelinal Clairvaux. I come from the world of Kilia IV. That is the extent of my journeys, Sir Jedi." Pelinal begins. "i was groomed from birth to be a squire of the lord of the Manor. I would've eventually been made into a Killian Ranger, and some day have been a landowning lord on my planet."

          Pelinal paused.

          "But I desired no goal that was that self-serving. The Kilian Rangers do good on my planet, that is true, but I wanted to help more than just my immediate neighbor. There is evil in the galaxy, and I want to be a part in combating it. I want to help those who cannot help themselves, Sir Jedi."

          "As for my knowledge of the Jedi, I know little. My access to the Holonet from my planet was sparse. I was able to gather that Jedi are adherents of Ashla, as were the Kilian Rangers. They seek to promote peace, but will take to arms when the weak and oppressed are threatened." Pelinal continues.


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            The Guardian listened carefully to every word spoken. Apparently, this young man knew what he wanted, by expressing his wish to dedicate his life to the service of others. Just as the Jedi did. Or those Kilian Rangers Pelinal mentioned... Nafrayo had spent considerable time researching and learning about other organisations that knew, or made use of, the Force, and he was sure the Kilian Rangers had been mentioned in a scroll somewhere in the library... though only very few informations about them existed, as far as the Neti remembered. Pelinal also spoke of Ashla... a more ancient term describing what was nowadays referred to as the Light Side of the Force...

            "I see. It seems the Rangers and the Jedi have something in common then..."
            , Nafrayo replied thoughtfully after a few moments. "Though there is more to it than what one might see at first. Ashla... or what many here would often call the Light Side of the Force, is something that makes a Jedi who they are. Tell me about your experiences with it, if you had any so far..."


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              Pelinal nodded as Nafrayo spoke. Pelinal had never truly tapped in to Ashla in any spectacular ways. But there was a process by which those with a connection to Ashla were selected from the peasantry of Kilia IV.

              "My first experience with Ashla came from my early teens. I had reported to my parents that I had been experiencing something akin to feeling like I've experienced things before as if they had already happened. This feeling would come and go. My ability to feel with surprising accuracy how a person was feeling in their heart was also a factor in my parents telling the local Kilian Lord of my possible talent." He began.

              "At that point, I was tested by the Lord himself. I was told to enter a state of meditation, and I was eventually able to feel the small object placed before me as an extension of my own body, moving it slightly without the use of my hands."

              "I was then enlisted into the service of the Lord and made a squire. He was a kind man, but my desire to help those around me could not contain me to that planet forever. After leaving a document stating my intentions, I made my way here, via smugglers and the like." Pelinal finished.

              "I cannot imagine that they would disapprove..." Pelinal said, a far off look in his eyes.


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                The experience Pelinal spoke of wasn´t unheard of. In fact, many Jedi had had certain things happening to them in the past they couldn´t explain. A beings sensitivity often revealed itself in strange ways. Especially if one didn´t know of Ashla, or how to control it. The Neti himself had discovered his own ability with telekinesis in a more devastating way. And if this young man could touch the Force, he certainly had the potential to become a Jedi. Still, there were things Pelinal had to be aware of, to fully comprehend what it meant to be a true Guardian of the Peace...

                "If one of their own wishes to serve more than one world... then they should support that decision...", Nafrayo replied. He was curious and decided to try and learn more about those Rangers at some later point. Though it was strange that Pelinal had to enlist the help of smugglers to get to Yavin VIII in the first place. The Neti wondered if Pelinal´s Lord would´ve truly agreed to his decision... perhaps it would´ve been better for Pelinal to have talked to him first, and not just leave a message. But it wasn´t Nafrayo´s place to judge this young human, or his actions, in any way.

                "As the Jedi help and protect others, it entails great responsibility. Ashla grands us power, which, in the wrong hands and with the wrong intentions, can cause great destruction and a tragic loss of life. And I feel I must warn you. For if you truly seek the life of a Jedi, it will be a long and difficult path to walk... with little to no reward, other than having served others. What do you think are the qualities a Jedi should have, to be a true guardian and protector?"


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                  "Serving others is a reward in and of itself, Sir Jedi. If one wishes for a tangible reward for the protection of the innocent, then some sort of constabulary would better serve that mindset." Pelinal begins.

                  Pelinal takes a minute to think about his answer.

                  "A Jedi must have courage, of course. For without courage one cannot hope to protect anyone but themselves. The most important quality, however, is to be compassionate. Without compassion, any sort of connection to Ashla soon finds itself corrupted by other, darker feelings." Pelnal answers.


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                    The Neti nodded slightly at the answers given. Courage and compassion was essential for a Jedi. And Pelinal seemed confident and willing to take the difficult challenge to become a Jedi. So there was just a final question to ask...

                    "You are right. Courage is required, for a Jedi often has to face great danger in order to help others. And compassion... without it, we wouldn´t care much about anothers suffering, much less have a desire to offer assistance... Now, are you sure you possess the commitment necessary to become a Jedi? Having the courage to stand in harms way, to save a stranger? And use the gifts of Ashla wisely, to protect life in all it´s forms?"


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                      Pelinal looks up at Nafrayo.

                      "I will do whatever it takes to aid in the protection of the innocent. My life is not my own. It is by the will of Ashla that I act. Until my dying breath, I will do my very best to protect those who cannot protect themselves." Pelinal says to the Neti.


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                        There really wasn´t more to ask. The young human seemed resolved and confident in his choice.

                        "Then let me be the first to welcome you, Pelinal Clairvaux, as a Padawan of the Jedi Order...", the Guardian proclaimed, smiling and bowing towards the newest student in this hall. Time would reveal if the young promising hopeful would stay true to the Code and the Force, and walk the path of the Light.

                        "You are free to enter the Temple and begin your studies. To be trained properly, you´d need to find a Master to teach you. Those of the rank of Jedi Knight or higher can train you in the ways of Ashla. As there are several Masters available, i´d suggest you meet some and seek one you feel most comfortable with. Time and patience will help you on your way...", Nafrayo explained, pulling a datapad out of one of the pockets of his robe to hand it to the Padawan. Providing him with a map and a list of available teachers, Pelinal could now roam this place and make his first steps into a new life...

                        "Here are some informations to help you settle in. You may pick one of the quarters while you stay. The Temple also has a vast library, training areas and classrooms... food is provided in the kitchen at any time of the day. If you have more questions or require help, don´t hesitate to ask me or any of your fellow Jedi...", he added gently.