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  • A New Chapter Begins.

    The afternoon wind roared through the valley blowing the flurries of snow off of the mountains down toward the temple and the suddenly moved more rapid and in a circular motion before the landing pad as a Republic shuttle made it's decent to the pad. Among the shuttle was one James Sundown, the sound of hydraulics could be heard as the ship released it's landing gear and opened the rear exit. Moving toward the exit James could feel the blowing snow biting at his face, the temperature of an ice sicle compared to the lush forest of Kashyyyk he was used to. He made his deperature, moving down the ramp and onto the landing pad, he was garbed in a long black coat, basic blue jeans and a black thermal he had picked up at the Republic Fleet just before arrival on Yavin 8, figuring it would be a better appearance than the native rags he wore on his home world.

    He began his walk toward the Jedi temple, hoping he would find what he was looking for. Towering statues stood before him along the way he gazed at them ordinarily and fixed his eyes on the The Great Hall before him and calmly made his entrance inside. All sound escaped once inside other than the pressing of his boots on the Hall's floor. His mind eager and his heart filled with desire as he moved through these corridors, ambitious and brave were his allies.

    Not a sign of a Master or a Jedi in the moment, he stay silent as he moved through the massive hall awaiting for an appearence of the one he was looking for.

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    Jacob roamed around the halls as usual he couldn't sleep. Well, it was better then usual he finally did get some. His talk with Master Vanagor had helped him and gave a renewed confidence that Jacob had lacked for a long while. It was just that the young teen was concerned about his father, Jacob Murano Sr wondering where his dad was. Now that his sister had left for wherever she went, mom was worried of course.

    All that stress put on him now was starting to show again. Especially in his face. As Jacob walked around with a lot on his mind he then noticed a stranger walking through the halls. Apparently looking for someone or else he was lost. With a shrug, the teen Apprentice casually walked up to him, looking over him for a moment trying to read why and what he was here for. Noting that the man wasn't a Republic type he then raised an eyebrow.

    "Can I help you, sir?" Jacob asked with a smile and his eyebrow raised.

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