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  • Good Treekthin [Good Journey]

    "Yubnub!" Wickim exclaimed in Ewokese, toddling quickly on thick, furry legs.

    He'd just deboarded the fur-less man's silver machine on Yavin 8 as his parents had planned for him. Wickim crunched through the snow to the Temple and found himself at a disadvantage when trying to get inside! He was too small to properly leverage and open the door. Lucky for the young Ewok, another "fur-less" one appeared and helped him inside.

    "Teeha!" he exclaimed, offering thanks as he hurried into the warmth and bright of the Great Hall.

    Wearing only a belt with a pouch affixed to it and carrying his spear, Wickim looked around...

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    As the white witch exited the warmth of the favorite haunt of the Jedi and everyone that they employed to help in the temple and outlying buildings, Kaie noticed the diminutive alien reaching for the door, though as she moved to help him another opened it and let him inside. Unsure if they were together or not, she continued on to the temple's main entrance and climbed the steps, then headed inside. Soon, green eyes noticed the interesting looking alien and his spear, his dark orbs enjoying the large atrium and main intersecting hallway.

    "Can I help you," she grinned and wanted to crouch to talk to the newcomer, but wasn't sure if that would insult him or her.


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      "Bi toto bingee chaa Jedi?" [Directions on guiding this one to becoming a Jedi?]

      Wickim's tone was light and gentle as he barked the question to the human. He understood Basic well enough, but had only the most rudimentary skill - at this point - for speaking it himself. Wickim hoped that the human knew Ewokese or could arrange for a translator, if not!

      He cocked his head to the side, dark eyes studying her.


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        A blank look was all she could offer, then motioned for him to wait and moved to a wall comm unit and called for a protocol droid to assist her at the entrance. Moving back to the newcomer, Kaie grinned. "I'm guessing you understand Aurebesh at least. I'm Kaie, Jedi Guardian here and I have a droid on it's way to help translate." She waited a moment to see if there was any recognition in the furry face to let her know whether she should wait for the droid or could at least have a one way conversation until it did.


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          "Yub yub!" Wickim barked cheerfully.

          The Ewok waited and, sure enough, a droid approached. Wickim let out an appreciative and awed "Oooh!" and dropped to his knees, misunderstanding what this droid was. He moaned low and reverently, seeing the droid as some sort of deity.

          It's just as I heard stories of! A golden god! Wickim thought excitedly.

          He was a young Ewok, after all.


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            Green eyes turned to the protocol droid as it approached, the Ewok's excitement as she spoke enough to let her know that at least he understood her. "I need some help," she began as they both turned their attention to the small furry creature now giving obeisance to the droid. "Umm."

            "Madam, it would appear that this individual thinks that I am some sort of god."

            Kaie wanted to laugh initially, but held it in. "What?"

            "Indeed, madam."

            "Then let him know that you're a droid and you're here to assist me in translating why he's visiting us."

            "Certainly," the droid replied, then began talking to the furry alien as Kaie remained on the outside of this interesting and surprising turn of events.