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    Their trip had been long, but necessary.

    Rhianna stepped off the transport into the Yavin VIII starport and her limbs locked into an involuntary shiver. It was freezing here! Even within the relative shelter of the port, she could tell that outside it would only be that much worse. And she was certainly not dressed for such a climate. With a satchel tucked around one shoulder, a staff in her opposite hand and the comforting presence of her printíseach, her padawan, beside her, she made herself walk. One foot in front of the other and soon they were on their way to the Great Hall of the Jedi Order.

    While the walk might not have been as long as it seemed, she felt half frozen when they arrived. Rhianna was not unaccustomed to the cold, but it was the way of her people to shelter from such elements in their winter home, deep within the cave system of a mountain range on her world where the temperature was steady and fires blazed warm.

    "Printíseach, we have arrived.", she spoke in her own tongue, quietly feeling the echo of her words within the vastness of the hall. "Now we needs must find a ranking member of these Jedai, to present ourselves to."
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    The cold was not the first sensation which gripped the Miraluka, rather strong sensation of the force. The collected signatures which came from the direction of the temple were as blinding to him as the noon sun was to freshly awakened eyes. His filters had to adjust before he could proceed, but soon was in step two paces behind the woman he called master. His life had been given in service to hers. The dark haired, blind man would give his to see her accomplish the greatness he knew the Life Giver had for her.

    The crunch of the snow was loud in his ears, but did not last long. Soon the noise gave way to a cluck which was caused by the sole of his boots against the stone steps which led to the grand entrance of the stone structure. Rhianna was his eyes, he her voice. Though not because she was dumb. The woman's basic was lacking, and Xodis would have to interpret for her until she find herself able to use the language. Her words echoed in the hall, and his reply came to her in words she understood.

    ~"They will find us I am sure. The strength I can see here, it makes me confident we shall be found."~


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      Lynmeira was walking through the hallways of the Jedi temple when she passed not afar from the Great Hall. The tall Hapan, dressed in beige Jedi robes, was carrying a few ancient tomes she had borrowed from the Archives. She felt two signatures she wasn't familiar with. While they might be hopeful, she was surprised by how strong one of them felt, as if the person was already trained. Maybe it was one of the Order's members returning with a potential apprentice. She had heard similar stories before.

      Making her way to the hall, her eyes fell upon the pair. The cold weather was certainly not something they must be accustomed to. And she recognized the man as possibly a Miraluka. The Hapan had traveled and studied extensively, especially when it came to languages and civilization.

      "Greetings. I am Guardian Lynmeira." She tucked the two ancient volumes safely beneath one arm as she nodded to them. "Please come in. We may sit near the fireplace as you tell me about your journey here."


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        Rhianna agreed with her printíseach, and within moments it seemed, the very sort of presence they were seeking did in fact find them. The chill of the elements outside lingered at her back, but before her the woman appeared to be a beacon of warming light, much in the way the caomhnóirs and máistirs of her home did when they were advanced in the ways of the Force.

        When she came forward, even though her words would not be understood, Rhianna gave them anyways. "Go mbeannaí dia duit...." I am pleased to meet you.

        She would have to rely on her companion to interpret, and so she would let him do the speaking even though as the master it should fall on her. The situation was nothing if not unique.

        The gesture toward the welcoming warmth of the fire needed no interpretation, and Rhianna was only too eager to accept the hospitality. She stayed close to Xodis as they approached and took her place upon a padded bench angled toward the blaze.


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          "We are both pleased to meet you, and grateful for this fire. I am afraid the world we come from was much warmer than this moon," Xodis said as he transitioned to a near flawless basic.

          His words were accented slightly as the past weeks had been spent exclusively using the language of his master. The gypsy would need to learn basic, but until she was ready to venture on her own, the pair would be inseparable. They were dependent on each other.

          Xodis sat himself next to Rhianna, not wanting to leave her side in this process. In the way he was her voice, she was his eyes. Beyond the need they had for each other, Xodis simply found he enjoyed the physical closeness to the woman who had promised to teach him.

          "This is Rhianna, and my name is Xodis. We have traveled some distance in order to find the Jedi. I have only recently found Rhianna as a master, but she felt the need to seek out the Jedi to further her skills as well. To be clear on the outset, we are joining together."


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            When the woman spoke, Lynmeira couldn't recognize the language but it resembled a dialect she had learned a long time ago. It was fairly ancient. She paused for a moment, trying to reply. She replied tentatively "... Raibh mait agat..." She meant it as a "thank you". She believed that this wasn't totally adequate but she wished to try out of courtesy to the woman.

            As they all sat down, she looked at the man who spoke in Basic. "A pleasure meeting both of you, Rhianna and Xodis. As for the weather, it tends to be a surprise to most of us stepping into these halls for the first time."

            She reflected on them seeking the Jedi. "You understand that certain questions need to be asked before you may be permitted to formally join us. I'd like to hear more about you, including about Rhianna's prior training."

            At this moment, a padawan arrived to request Lynmeira's assistance at the Jedi archives. The Hapan nodded, saying she would be there soon. She turned her attention back to the two other people. "I am sorry I have to go, but I will make sure that someone joins you shortly." Getting to her feet, she smiled politely to them and headed off into the hallways of the Temple.

            On her way, she saw the Neti Jedi, Nafrayo. She explained the situation in the Hall to her fellow Guardian, hoping he would have time to go see them so they wouldn't have to wait too long.
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              Walking down the corridor, the Guardian was on his way back to the huge temple garden where he resided, instead of standard living quarters. On his way there, however, he was approached by Lynmeira, who requested him to meet and question two new arrivals waiting in the Great Hall. Nafrayo agreed to take over, walking to the fireplace where Rhianna and Xodis enjoyed the comforting warmth after spending some time in the cold of this world.

              "Greetings... and welcome...", he said in a deep and gentle voice, bowing respectfully towards the two newcomers. "My name is Nafrayo, Jedi Guardian. I´ve been informed of your arrival, and asked to continue, since my fellow Guardian´s presence is needed elsewhere. Now, you´ve come to join the Jedi. And you already know of the Force, from what I heard?"


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                From the first Jedi that they had met, Rhianna had picked up the title 'Guardian' which seemed to be an equal match in power to the rank that her people called Caomhnóir. Another of these Guardian's came forward after the first departed to attend other business. Rhianna had no words in any tongue for what sort of being this was, and she wished that Xodis had the sight to see this particular Jedi.

                Quietly, she mumurred to him, so as not to be rude. "Tá sé crann.." He is a tree..

                "Go mbeannaí Dia duit, Caomhnóir Crann.", she greeted him. Continuing on with an answer for the previous Jedi's question, so that Xodis could translate for her.

                "I am Knight Rhianna, of the Tincéir people. For generations my people have studied the ways of the Jedi, after a traveler from your Order was stranded on my world and spent his remaining years there. He became a great leader of our people and seeing the potential for Force Sensitivity within us began to teach. His lessons have been passed down by oral tradition to those who have The Gift. I learned from my Grandmother, as did my brother Rhiandar. In recent years strangers have begun to come to our world."

                She looked to Xodis to explain that when she said strangers, coimhthíochs, that what she was referring to were Imperial Scouts and Science Officers.

                "I fear our secluded way of life is about to be at an end. I was separated from my tribe when another clan attacked us. This man saved me that day and I owe him a life debt. He is also a force Sensitive being and I have agreed to take him as my student, my printíseach."

                Rhianna stopped there in case she needed to clarify anything..
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                  "My master knows the ways of the force, and has been trained by one of your order before being separated from her clan," Xodis stated simply.

                  The Neti which had approached them looked very different in the force. There was a longevity to his aura, something which spoke to centuries of life. This one had many stories to tell, a life full of things one could only hope to see and understand.

                  "We have come to learn. Rhianna feels that she cannot teach me unless she is also learning. We seek to join this order together, and it is our wish arrangements can be made that she is still permited to teach me. Until her basic improves, I will need to be her interpreter. We will need to remain together for that end regardless of the decision here."


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                    Nafrayo watched the two arrivals curiously. They surely were different from all the others seeking the Jedi before. It was obvious that language was a bit of a challenge... the blind man acted as a translator, while the woman spoke in a tongue the Neti didn´t recognize. But this wasn´t truly of a problem. The Guardian listened carefully to her companion and student translating, while he kept his calm gaze on Rhianna. Though he pondered on her story, and their request, for a few moments before speaking once again.

                    "The loss of your home and tribe is tragic... there is much conflict across the galaxy. In these times of war, i´m glad you´ve arrived here safely..."
                    , the Neti started, smiling. "As to teaching you... I honestly don´t know if whoever trained you stayed true to the ways and traditions of the Jedi Order...", he continued slowly, now looking from her to Xodis.

                    "The Jedi are protectors and preservers of Peace, seekers of knowledge. We do not just learn the ways of the Force to simply increase our strenght or power... but we use our talents to serve others. If you were trained by a member of our Order, then what do you know of our ways so far?"


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                      After Xodis explained the question that Caomhnóir Nafrayo asked of them, Rhianna nodded in understanding. She had expected this. It had been generations since the first Jedi had come to her world and left the impression of the Jedi Order with her ancestral people. She could understand that they would want to make sure that her training had been with the correct message in mind, and from a line of masters equivalent to their own.

                      She placed a hand on her students shoulder, just to tell him with a touch that she was going to move. Taking a knee before the Jedi Guardian, Rhianna recited the words that by her kin's telling, had been handed down from master to student, all the way back to the first Jedai that had come. She had Xodis translate each line for her.

                      "We are the protectors of harmony in the Life Givers Lands.
                      We use the Gifts of His Blessing only for protection, in defense of this balance.
                      All life is the province of The Life Giver, and we protect it.
                      We serve one another in celebration of His generosity.
                      We seek to improve ourselves through knowledge of His ways, and disciplining our minds to expand His Gifts to us."

                      "Those are the words I have lived my life by each day since I was a small child. It is the way of life of my people, the Tincéir, though not all of us are granted the Gift of the Life Giver's Blessing. Those who are, like myself, train for years with those who went before us. I was taught by my mother's mother."

                      Patiently staying on a knee, she waited until the elder Jedi had asked all he would of her. This was not just about her education, it was also about assurances. The Jedi needed to know that she was committed to the task, and that her fealty would be to their Council of Elders and their ways.


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                        Xodis listened as Rhianna recited the code of her people, how she was taught to connect to the Life Giver, and how she in turn began to teach him. He interpreted each word with a tone of serenity and coonviction, as each word had deep meaning. The tribal culture Rhianna had come from mae following the force more of a religion than most people even viewed the Jedi to be. Some called following the ways of the Jedi and ancient religion, but to Rhianna and Xodis, it was their way of life.

                        "We do not just say these words. It is more than a mantra or code to us, Master Jedi. These words are life themself, given by the one who first taught her people to commune with the Life Giver. You must understand, and perrhpas you do from what I can tell of your signature, the force, as you call it, connects everything together, and these people live as though it is their daily reality."

                        Xodis provided his own commentary on what Rhianna had spoken, but he also felt the need to address the Neti in his own words as well. Blank eyes stared at the treelike creature, Xodis having no idea of the nature of this Jedi.

                        "On my part, the force is how I see. My life depends on this truth. Were it not for the Life Giver, I would not be able to function as I do. The way Rhianna and I depend on each other for different things, that we are two, but one unit at the same time. That is how we are with the force."


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                          The words, translated with conviction and a serene tone, called out to the Neti, perhaps more strongly than they would ever know. Different words perhaps, but they held a similar meaning. Nafrayo, as a Neti and a Jedi, had always considered Balance one of the most important truths. The Web of Life, as he used to call it, or the Life Giver Rhianna referred to instead, created and maintained the Force, blessing only a few with it´s gifts. Without life, the Force could not be. Without the Force, life would not exist. Both were interdependant. Those sensitive to it´s call didn´t just gain access to a nearly infinite source of power, but had to accept the responsibilities that came along with it...

                          "Within the Web of Life... all things are intertwined..."
                          , Nafrayo replied thoughtfully, looking from Xodis back to Rhianna. "Plants, animals, people... all are part of the Web. Only balance brings harmony..." As it became clear to the Neti Guardian, the culture and traditions Rhianna had been raised with seemed to value life itself in a way close to the Jedi.

                          "Wise words indeed. And not so unlike the Code a Jedi follows. It will be a demanding and not always easy or safe path to walk... but I take it the two of you are fully aware of the responsibilities and consequences of becoming a Jedi, yes...?" He waited patiently for Xodis to translate. Her commitment was obvious. As was the bond Rhianna shared with her student. However, the level of training she´d received probably needed to be tested, to be certain she actually had the skills necessary to teach her student in the Jedi ways.

                          "Then I welcome you both into the Jedi Order..."
                          , Nafrayo said to Rhianna and Xodis after a moment of contemplation. He offered a slight bow. "I´m sure it will be possible you can stay together...", he continued, looking back at Xodis. The young man´s blindness became even more obvious now, given his blank and unfocused stare. The Neti healer wondered if there was a way of helping him with that... he wasn´t yet aware it was a common trait of his race. Nafrayo then reached into one of his pockets to provide them with a map and some helpful informations, so the two could settle in and take their time to adjust to this new place and way of life.

                          "You are free to enter and explore the Temple. Quarters are available, and some are big enough for two. Take your time to settle, and if you´re looking for a Master to train you, there are several available who might take you both, so you can learn together..."
                          , he added, leaving the choice to them to seek a teacher they would feel comfortable with.

                          "There is one last matter...", Nafrayo said, adressing Rhianna. "As only Knights and up may teach students, I hope you understand that your level of knowledge and skill may need to be tested and revised, just to be sure you can train your Padawan according to our traditions... which may be different from the ways you´ve been taught. While I don´t question your honor and honesty, it may be quite helpful to see how you´ve been trained..." He then turned to Xodis. "If you like, and if you wish, you can later come to the med bay, so I can examine your eyes and see if there is a way to help you. I´m one of the resident healers...", he offered.
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                            Rhianna accepted the map and the other information regarding life in the Temple. It would be interesting to see how they managed to decipher it when Xodis could not see it, and she could not tell him what it said. However she had faith that soon enough they will become familiar with their new home and settle in properly.

                            "Go raibh maith agat, Caomhnóir Nafrayo.", Rhianna gave him her thanks.

                            Xodis explained to her that the guardian tree wished to have a demonstration of her skills and what she had learned, for the purposes of determining that she was a suitable teacher for Xodis. The request did not offend her at all, in fact it would be her honor. Testing one another in battle was commonplace among her people, it was a sign of respect to meet someone else in friendly combat. As the encounter gave both parties valuable experience.

                            "Xodis, will you tell him for me that it is my honor to comply with this request. I will be happy to meet either him, or someone chosen by him, in single combat if that is his wish."

                            Some words were becoming clearer to her in this new tongue, Basic. One that she had picked up on was 'healer' she knew that this meant the guardian tree was a banfáith. One who healed the sick, or injured. It was not too far a leap to put together that perhaps he was offering to examine her students eyes, though he was not injured. It was just how he was. Still, she would allow her printíseach to speak for himself.


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