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  • Seeking Guidence

    Posted by Keil Riven on 12-15-2002 02:14 AM:
    Seeking Guidence

    A medium Height man of about 5'9 enters the room. He feels a sense of calmness considering what had happend to him. He is bruised and battered. He has a large cut on his arm slashing his Black sleeve. He is bleeding pretty bad in the arm and his eye is puffy and bruised. He falls to his knees and tries to send a message to someone in this place through just pure mental ability as his brother had just recently done to him.

    "I need help. I have had these feelings in me lately and weird things have been happening to me. I can speak to people with my mind. I don't understand what is going on. I told my brother about these things and he had told me he had felt them too. He said he had searched for someone to help him and a dark man had led him to a place. He said i might be a threat. My brother than Pulled out a silver handle and it ignited a bright crimsion blade. It looked like a light sword i have seen Jedi Carry. He asked me to join him when i refused he cut my arm and asked again when i said no the second time he used the but of it to knock me unconcious. When i cam too he was gone. I don't understand what is going on but i felt a calling to this place. I am already feeling calm but i beg of someone to please help me. Someone please guide me. Someone...."

    He drops his head and begins to just meditate hoping someone has heard his cry for help.

    ooc: i am not sure if that is legal or not my brother is actually in the STE and we both made up our characters. if this is illegal to have a miniture plot about why i am here tell me and i will repost. and we know the rules about exchanging info. so don't worry about that.