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    Posted by Chase Novis on 10-26-2002 01:48 AM:
    Chasing the Dragon

    The Amorian's foosteps were slow - as if each step was planned out - but yet no sound was heard, save the rustling of his wings' feathers. They were white, protruding from his shoulder blades displaying the feature his people were once known for.


    Several years ago, Nyphrio was invaded and destroyed, killing off nearly every Amorian that resided in the planet's cities and the lush, green forests. He was one of the few that slipped the planet's atmosphere unnoticed, forced to leave his dead parents and sister behind. Grief had stricken him, slowly turning his gentle features into that of an older teenager whose emotions couldn't be told by a glance at his face. It was only his eyes that betrayed him - the look of someone forsaken; a lost boy in a vast galaxy.

    Time had healed his emotional scars, but the mental damage was already done. Constantly haunted by his sister's faint laughter that could still be heard in deafening silence, or the face of his best friend when they had discovered the secret lake behind an abandoned cottage. These things would probably never leave him, but now he sought solitude; to bring peace to his troubled soul .. and perhaps help others, to save them from the devastating loss he had suffered.

    Wearing a loose, blue button-down shirt with his hands shoved in the pockets of his pants, he looked like just another kid struggling to find his place in the world. He didn't carry anything with him except for the locket he wore around his neck. It contained a picture of his family before the attack although he hardly looked at it anymore.

    The room he entered, though, seemed unusually silent. A few pillars were placed to help keep the structure while causing awe to the onlookers, and the stone floor shone as though tiny crystals were embedded in it. He knew he was being watched, and waited for his presence to be acknowledged.

    Posted by Amalia Azalin on 10-26-2002 01:45 PM:

    Amalia was never one to speak to someone without observing first, and now was no exception.

    She stood near one of the pillars. silently regarding the man through thoughtful observation.

    The Jedi Master seemed to take note of every little detail about the Amorian, from the way he stood, right down to the look she found within his eyes.

    Amalia stood in her place, her brown eyes watching the young man for a long time before she said anything.

    She remained in her place, the man still had not yet taken note of her presence. Her voice was soft, almost soothing, peaceful, warm, yet her words spoke truth. Well, her words spoke of what she found in the man's eyes, at least.

    "You look....uncomfortable."

    Posted by Chase Novis on 10-26-2002 01:58 PM:

    When the voice reached his ears, he immediately looked at the direction it came from, his eyes resting on a young woman who stood by one of the pillars. He was thankful that she spoke lightly, for his sensitive hearing could pick up the softest of sounds - except they weren't so 'soft' to him.

    She had said he looked uncomfortable, and this almost made him grin. However, the serious look on his face remained, giving him a slightly older look.

    "You could say that .."

    No doubt she was a Jedi, and a flicker of hope went up inside of him. Would the peace he sought for so long finally be granted?

    Posted by Amalia Azalin on 10-26-2002 02:19 PM:

    The woman's brown eyes remained fixed on the man as she slowly walked toward him, speaking as she walked forth. A small smile tugged lightly at her mouth

    "I could, but I don't really need to, I can see it..."

    Her eyes appeared deeply fixed on his as she stopped walking, stopping to stand just a foot or so away from the Amorian.

    "Forgive me, I hope I am not disturbing you. I couldn't help but notice that you might be looking for something. Then again, that isn't unusual in a room like this..."

    A small grin formed on Amalia's face, quickly fading after a moment.

    "...Is there something that I can do for you?"

    Posted by Chase Novis on 10-26-2002 02:32 PM:

    "...I'd like to be accepted into the ranks of a Jedi," he finally said, summoning all of his courage to say the words of commitment.

    The grace that accompanied her when she walked almost fascinated him, reminding him of his mother when she was still alive. He felt that if he reached out to touch her, she would shatter into a million pieces and that this would become only a shallow, selfish dream ruined as beauty was destroyed.

    Her brown eyes were warm and gentle, yet held that unwavering gaze of intelligence that few could possess. Her aura seemed peaceful and his muscles began to loosen as he relaxed slightly. No harm would come to him here, unless he did something rash.

    Which wouldn't happen.

    Posted by Amalia Azalin on 10-26-2002 03:00 PM:

    His words were not a surprise to Amalia, when most stepped into the recruitment hall, very rarely was there a being not looking to be accepted into the ranks of the Jedi.

    "I see," she said softly, clasping her hands behind her, quietly pondering the look she had found within his eyes that she had seen just moments ago. Now he appeared more relaxed and at ease.

    The Jedi Master suddenly began to eye the man up and down, looking him over with a critical eye.

    "You don't seem all that harmful to me, so we'll see, perhaps your request will be granted," she said, grinning a little afterwards.

    "Forgive me once more, I have not properly introduced myself. I am Amalia Azalin, one of the Jedi Masters here at Students of the Light. Who might you be, if you don't mind me asking?"

    Posted by Chase Novis on 10-26-2002 03:37 PM:

    A Jedi Master, he repeated to himself. No wonder her presence alone brought a wave of calmness to the room she stood in.

    "I'm afraid I don't have a title to go along with my name, but I'm Chase Novis. It's a pleasure to meet you, Amalia."

    Finally, he smiled wryly. Her little comment about him not seeming harmful didn't go unnoticed. Indeed, he wasn't here to pose a threat, and was glad that it didn't seem like he was.

    Posted by Amalia Azalin on 10-27-2002 01:16 PM:

    "Likewise," she said, displaying a warm smile.

    "Well, I hope you don't mind, and I hope I'm not prying too much...but is there anything you'd like to tell me about yourself? I like to know about those who enter here before I think of allowing anyone to be accepted as a Jedi here."

    Amalia smiled assuringly, not sure if what she had said would make the man nervous or not.

    "I've never declined anyone from being accepted here, and I highly doubt that is about to change anytime soon. Still, I always welcome the opportunity of getting to know a new face or two."

    Posted by Chase Novis on 10-27-2002 09:01 PM:

    She wanted to know. She wanted to know about him; what he was, what he did, where he came from. It took an effort to keep himself calm, repeating over and over that she wasn't going to use the knowledge for sick, twisted purposes - that she was just a Jedi Master wanting to get to know someone new. He drew in a deep, trembling breath whilst casting his eyes down to the ground.

    "I .. I came from Nyphrio.. until it was destroyed. Then I just traveled until I came here."

    It wasn't much, but he wasn't used to talking about himself, and ever since the 'incident' he just couldn't trust anyone.

    Posted by Amalia Azalin on 10-27-2002 10:04 PM:

    Amalia raised her left arm, resting her knuckles under her chin, a sure sign to show she was thinking, as she used her other arm to hold her other arm.

    Amalia was a little surprised, she had expected the man to say a little more, but she would not prod him to speak any more than he wished to.

    "I see, that'll do, I suppose. Perhaps you will share more of yourself another time, if you wish. I'll ask another question. What do you think would make you a good Jedi?"

    She could tell he was keeping something by way of his manner, his gaze averted away to look to the ground, avoidance. She'd pretended not to notice. He'd speak...eventually.

    Posted by Chase Novis on 11-01-2002 11:52 PM:

    She hadn't inquired any further about himself or his past, and for a moment, he felt naive.

    "Learning to overcome my fears and let go of my past."

    And possibly learn to become more 'open'. Crossing his arms, he raised his golden eyes tinged with grey to look back up at the Jedi Master.

    "For there is no emotion; there is peace."

    Posted by Aura StarRider on 11-02-2002 08:27 AM:

    Jedi Master Aura ventured into the recruitment hall, as her eyes took in the vista of her friend, Amalia, questioning a prospective padawan. Aura sauntered over to them clad in her usual russet robe, her auburn hair cascading leisurely over her shoulders, as she spoke via the Force to Amalaia as she was needed to tend to an immediate emergency away from the academy, assuring Amalia she would take her place in her absence. Aura nodded and bowed to her departing friend, as her emerald eyes danced over to Chase.

    "Amalia was called on urgent business. Greetings, I am Jedi Master Aura," she accorded him a welcoming smile, as a warm gust of air enshrouded Chase.

    "A pleasure to meet you. Amaila informed me you go by the name of Chase Novis." She commented in her pleasant manner.

    "A Jedi you wish to be, as many before you. May I ask why you seek the Lightside?" Her inquiry was softened by the elegant tone of her articulation.

    {OOC: Amalia has rl issues that may need her attention for quite some time}

    Posted by Chase Novis on 11-30-2002 11:15 PM:

    "Hello, Aura," he replied, watching as Amalia left. Obviously the two had used some sort of telepathy to communicate with each other, for he hadn't heard Amalia tell Aura his name. His own gold eyes locked with Aura's emarald eyes, and a faint smile tugged at his lips.

    Each of the Jedi Masters were extravagently beautiful in their own way, or maybe it was because of the soft light and warmth that radiated from their pores. He was used to seeing heavy eyeliner on street walkers with their cheap clothing in an attempt to lure in some money and drugs.

    "I seek the Lightside for peace of the restless torment that haunts me. Then, after I overcome my own obstacles, I'll be able to make sure justice is restored to this .. this ... society."

    [OOC - Thanks for the heads up. I just got done having trouble with my computer, so sorry for the wait.]

    Posted by Aura StarRider on 12-01-2002 11:25 AM:

    "Patience and self-sacrafice are few of the myriad qualities that make up a dedicated Jedi. Do you wish to vanquish this inner torment that resides inside you for your own gain, or the welfare of the oppressed?" Aura asked, canting her head, peering deeply into his golden irises reminding her of the radiant twin suns of Tatooine.

    (OOC: tis aok

    Posted by Chase Novis on 12-01-2002 08:53 PM:

    " 'If one cannot help himself, then who is he to help others?' I often heard my old man say that but never bothered to find its true meaning, until its answer found its way to me. How can the opressed look upon someone who has their own hurdles to overcome? How can that one person help others with their problems but not their own?

    "Lady Aura, I seek the peace the Light offers in hopes to expand it across the galaxy. I wish to see justice restored, dreams lived and children safe. Maybe I can't do everything, but at least I'll be able to contribute for something."

    Chase hoped he hadn't gone rambling on and that his point hadn't been lost. If he could just lend a helping hand with a clear conscience ..

    Posted by Aura StarRider on 12-02-2002 10:44 AM:

    "Wise words chosen well, Chase..As we seek to eradicate our own misgivings, we do so for ourselves and the benefit of the innocent. To think of ourselves first, and the populace second, is not how a Jedi thinks, as it is another form of selfish conceptions. Simultaneously achieved, it shall be performed in harmony."

    Posted by Chase Novis on 12-03-2002 09:46 AM:

    He nodded and finally tore his eyes off of her, looking to his right. There was nothing more for him to say, and, not being much of a 'talker', he kept his mouth closed.

    Posted by Aura StarRider on 12-04-2002 07:33 AM:

    Aura caught him abruptly avoiding eye contact, as she once again confronted Chase. Such lengthy discussions were a necessary part of a potential padawan's indoctrination into the SOTL, to learn if the person would fit into the Jedi way of life and follow the code to its fullest extremes.

    "Have I insulted you? I sense agitatation and perhaps some impatience. My apologies, but these inquiries are a prudent part of recruitment."

    Posted by Chase Novis on 12-04-2002 11:30 AM:

    "No .. No, I'm fine, just at a loss of words, I suppose."

    He understood the questioning procedure and had no qualms when it came to things like this. It was just that he hadn't spoken this much in so long that the words felt foreign on his tongue. Ashamed, he glanced back at Aura with a rueful expression.

    "Is there anything else ...?"

    Posted by Aura StarRider on 12-05-2002 08:38 AM:

    Aura shook her head. . .

    "Our Jedi Knights are in short supply as many have disembarked for trials to procure their ascention to the rank of Master. I shall mentor you till Amalia comes back, since she was the first one to speak with you. Will this be acceptable with you, Chase?"

    Posted by Chase Novis on 12-10-2002 11:29 AM:

    He nodded, a slight grin appearing on his face. Would it be fine for him? Of course it would, as long as he was accepted into their ranks and taught. Apparantly, he was.

    "Yeah, of course that's fine with me ... Thanks."