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The road of solitude ends here..

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  • The road of solitude ends here..

    Posted by Lance Stormrider on 11-02-2002 10:09 PM:
    The road of solitude ends here..

    :: Many years had passed since this man had done anything...many years had passed since this man had accomplished anything to aid the galaxy he wondered why he even became a jedi in the first place, but the time had come...the time to repay his debts, the time to rise back to the light and to do something to help him regain his sanity was now, the man had felt a light concentrated around an area of the galaxy...he had travelled for many years to finally reach this place, he searched around untill he finally stepped into a facility who seemed like a recruitement center, the blonde haired man stepped in quietly and looked around silent not a word or a noise coming from him.::

    Posted by Ceryx Os on 11-02-2002 10:26 PM:

    "I sense much knowledge in you. More than I, as a Padawan," Ceryx said as he saw the blond haired man enter the Recruitment.

    Ceryx walked in front of the blonde haired man, and observed him patiently. Every step taken was a step that led Ceryx further in life.

    "Can I help you in anyway, sir?"

    Posted by Lance Stormrider on 11-02-2002 10:36 PM:

    :: Lance's jaded eyes swung in Ceryx's direction, a smile slid down to his lips...the smile any jedi would give to his fellows.::

    "It has been years..since I've seena fellow jedi...many years..of course you can help is your name fellow?" His tone was gentle and calm.

    Posted by Ceryx Os on 11-02-2002 10:41 PM:

    Ceryx sensed something in this person. He wasn't too sure of what because his Force sensativity wasn't fully developed. Ceryx backed away from the stranger and said:

    "I am Jedi Padawan Ceryx Os. By the words you speak, I am assuming you are a Jedi? What is your name?"

    Ceryx was curious, was there another Jedi Order out there? As far as Ceryx knew, this was the only one

    Posted by Lance Stormrider on 11-02-2002 10:46 PM:

    :: Lance passed his hand through his hair closing his eyes lightly like he's always done.::

    "Name's Lance...Lance Stormrider and you have gussed well young padawan I am a Jedi Knight, and I sense that you are curious as to where I was formed" Lance could read the young padawan's mind..even though he hadn't been serving the light he had been training for a very important amount of time.

    "I was formed by my father Jecht Stormrider a former jedi knight of the old republic"

    Posted by Ceryx Os on 11-02-2002 10:52 PM:

    Ceryx was a bit surprised that there were still independant Jedi in the galaxy.

    "It's a pleasure to meet you, Jedi Knight Lance Stormrider," Ceryx told him.

    Hearing the tone of his voice, Ceryx felt that he had good intentions and that he wasn't lying.

    "What can the Students of The Light do for you, Lance?"

    Posted by Lance Stormrider on 11-02-2002 10:56 PM:

    "I'd like to repay an old debt to a friend of mine..." He said on a different type of tone.

    "I'd like to repay a debt to the force...I'd like to speak with one of the jedi masters..I need to join you...and help you to make the galaxy a betetr place.."

    Posted by Ceryx Os on 11-02-2002 11:04 PM:

    "Ah, you're help would be very much appreciated because you see we are a bit short in Knights," Ceryx said.

    Knowing that the Jedi Knight would be welcomed, Ceryx knew that Lance would make a great addition to SoTL.

    "I'm sure a one of my superiors will be here shortly."

    Posted by Aura StarRider on 11-04-2002 12:46 PM:

    With the grace of a twi'lek dancer, Aura sauntered into the room, bowing accordingly to the two men assembled for the introduction.

    "Hello Ceryx, I see you have made a new acquaintance," Aura's eyes flickered over to Lance's vicinity as she bestowed upon him a gentle smile.

    "Welcome to the Students of the Light, I am Jedi Master Aura StarRider. I sense you are strong in the Lightside. A Jedi Knight I presume?" She commented in a pleasing manner.

    Posted by Lance Stormrider on 11-04-2002 07:25 PM:

    :: Lance felt a much greater presence in the force, he tilted his head to the side to finally see a jedi master enter the room.::

    "It is an honor to meet you master StarRider" Lance gave her a light bow and came back upstraight to answer her questions.

    "Yes indeed, I am a Jedi Knight and I have come because I wish to be part of your order and aid you to rid the galaxy or darkness...I wish to form more Jedis to help the galaxy get rid of misery..." Lance's jaded eyes swung down awaiting for an answer from the master.

    Posted by Aura StarRider on 11-05-2002 01:53 PM:

    Pleased with his response, Aura lumbered about the room, pausing to take a glimpse through the window at the magestic mountains adorning the academy's perimeter.

    "A Jedi Knight is indeed a welcomed member to this academy. We have many padawans without training masters, and your assistance will be a treasure in itself," she noted with sizable relief.

    Posted by Lance Stormrider on 11-06-2002 05:50 AM:

    :: Lance brought his head back upstraight and smiled once again to his fellow jedi.::

    "My heart is glad, I will assist in whatever matter you assign me and take along the way a few padawans under my guidance" With Lance brought his knuckle to his other hand and pressured it cracking his joints together.

    "Well what do I need to know? Are there any specific rules, quarters or special obligation we knights have other then serving the force?"

    Posted by Aura StarRider on 11-06-2002 11:40 AM:

    "We all serve and uphold the Jedi code, so train as you always have, my friend. My training is a bit unorthodox as I have employed Droidekas as training droids, and wield two sabers in spars, so any uncanny traits you may harbor is fine by me. A droid will see you to your quarters and you will be briefed on your present padawans. May the force be with you." Aura bowed and dispersed with a whisper of springtime wind casting an alluring scent of roses in her wake.

    Posted by Lance Stormrider on 11-07-2002 05:57 AM:

    "And with you too" Lance replyed with a light bow.

    :: He stood in the middle of the room awaiting for the droid to lead him to his quarters.::