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Candle in the Wind

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  • Candle in the Wind

    Posted by Aurora Celest on 11-05-2002 11:39 PM:
    Candle in the Wind

    There is no Emotion…There is Peace
    There is no Ignorance…There is Knowledge
    There is no Passion…There is Serenity
    There is no Death…There is the Force

    The code of the Jedi ran through her mind over and over, until it unconsciously began flowing across her sapphire lips. Her thoughts remained focused on the task soon to come, that which stood before her: The Students of the Light. This new speck of life had caught her attention. It seemed to stand out in the universe so consumed by darkness, just as a single ray of light, a candle in the wind. A flicker of hope for those lost in the sea of iniquity and she knew that this banning of good would succeed where others had failed.

    Her slender figure seemed to glide across the stone path; the sway of skirt layers the only hint of motion. The white of the folds meshed perfectly with her fair skin; clashing beautifully with the tresses of red-gold hair piled atop her head in an array of curls and tiny braids. A deep emerald cloak billowed in her wake, there only to keep the cold of twilight at bay. Although the veil of night reined down around her, the Jedi Knight known as Aurora Celest radiated an eminent glow that lit the way. The way to her future and to those she would hope to train at this new place of solitude.

    As Aurora mounted the steps to the grand foyer, she knew there was no need to knock or announce her arrival. It was evident that they already knew…one in particular...

    Posted by Aura StarRider on 11-06-2002 12:07 PM:

    "Aurora Celest, the Force flows effulgently at your arrival. Welcome to the Students of the Light." The door hissed open for her friend as she punched in the sequence code.

    "It is comforting to see this academy is gaining more Knights. The evil about us floods the crevices of light wangling to gain a stronghold. With the four of you to assist us in our plight, the 'flicker of light' you used to refer to as our struggle, shall now be replaced with a beacon of promise, a torch of sanction." Aura paused to regard her friend, her own jade eyes rivaling her fellow Jedi's emerald garb.
    "I see your beauty has not been accosted by the abominable Sith. How I used to envy you. But those times are now past, like so many under the seige of the heinous Darksiders. It is time to combine our forces and become what we were always meant to be, The Guardians of Justice."