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Seeking training in the ways of the jedi

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  • Seeking training in the ways of the jedi

    Posted by Blackhawk on 09-18-2002 02:55 AM:
    Seeking training in the ways of the jedi

    As blackhawk stepped into the vast recruitment hall he felt the powers of the lightside rush into his body. After a few minutes staring around he finaly spoke....

    "Hello, i am seeking training in the ways of the jedi and wish to know more about the lightside."

    He said with an uncertain voice as though he thought no noe could here him.

    Posted by Xam Brightblade on 09-18-2002 03:33 PM:

    Xam stepped forward, he had seen the new person enter with a uncertain look on his face.

    "Hello, my name is Xam Brightblade and you are?"

    He gave Blackhawk a smile and thought that he didn't have to be unsecure, everyone was equal here and no one would harm him.

    Posted by Blackhawk on 09-18-2002 03:40 PM:

    Blackhawk looked at Xam and replied....

    "My name is Blackhawk, it is a pleasure to meet you Xam."

    Blackhawk was wondering what type of questions is Xam going to ask him, but he knew that from the smile on Xam's face he would make lots of friends easily among the jedi.

    Posted by Xam Brightblade on 09-21-2002 04:55 AM:

    Xam sat down, he liked to experience things, he sat down to see how Blackhawk must felt right now. He motioned to Blackhawk to sit down too and he smiled again.

    "Being a lightsider you will have to respect everything in nature, living in harmony with everything and protecting the innocent people."

    He lifted his eyebrows and to make clear he was finished and Blackhawk could answer.

    Posted by Blackhawk on 09-22-2002 03:04 AM:

    "I understand what it takes to join the lightside and i'm willing to learn."

    Blackhawk said this as he sat down beside Xam and began thinking about things.

    Posted by Aura StarRider on 09-26-2002 09:03 AM:

    Jedi Knight Aura slipped elegantly into the recruitment chambers as she bowed to the two before her engrossed in dialogue.

    "Greetings, I am Jedi Knight Aura. Welcome to The Students of the Light. We are seeking dedicated learners wishing to travel the Lightside path for enrollment at this academy. I sense your ardent deportment in learning the ways of the Jedi. Can you enlighten me to your past? Have you encountered a Jedi or Sith in your previous travels? And lastly, has your life been tainted in dark?"

    Aura patiently awaited his response, her fingers steepled, a russet robe shrouding her figure as it cascaded in a flowing veil encompassing her body.

    Posted by Blackhawk on 10-03-2002 01:56 PM:

    Blackhawk stood up and looked at Aura StarRider and thought, then said...

    "My past? hmmm.....Well there is not much to say i was raised by my parents. i worked with my farther in his workshop when i met a jedi, i have forgotten his name but he noticed the force in me and he told my father and mentioned The Students Of The Light. So i decided to come here and seek training with the jedi's and in the path pf the lightside. for your second question i have never met a sith but the jedi i met at my home, he was the only jedi i have met. and i have no reason to be led down the path of the darkside. All i wish to do is learn the ways of the lightside and bring the light to the places where darkness rules."

    Blackhawk Finished and waited for Aura to reply.

    Posted by Aura StarRider on 10-04-2002 07:31 AM:

    "The path of a Jedi is no easy undertaking. Much control you will be subjected with. Are you willing to thwart any anger, hatred, and fear; to arrest it before it engulfs you? Emotions must not sway a Jedi's conscious and actions."

    Posted by Blackhawk on 10-04-2002 11:56 AM:

    "I have nothing to be angry about, i have nothing to fear and i have nothing to hate. But i do have one thing, the will to learn. i am willing to learn and i will follow any instructions given to me but only if they be of good intent."

    Blackhawk looked at Aura and then asked....

    "may I ask what your name is?"

    Posted by Aura StarRider on 10-06-2002 08:04 AM:

    "I am Aura StarRider. 'Fear' will eventually come into play within ones experiences as a Jedi. You will learn to not allow it to paralyze your thoughts and actions."

    Posted by Blackhawk on 10-06-2002 09:13 AM:

    "It is an Honor to meet you Aura, my name is Blackhawk."

    Blackhawk looked at Aura and tried to remember the name of the jedi he met at his home, but it was impossible, for some reason he just couldn't remember. After a few minutes of silence Blackhawk said.....

    "I would be honoured if you found me worthy of joining The Students Of The Light and allowing me to be your padawan learner, but until then i will just wait and see what is to become of me."

    Posted by Aura StarRider on 10-08-2002 07:11 AM:

    Aura dipped her head in a nod to him as a smile adorned her features.

    "Blackhawk...interesting name. Patience is a major part of a Jedi's cultivation. I see you already harbor this essential attritubute. I am confident you shall make a fine asset to the academy. I shall speak with Jedi Master Amalia on your noble request to be my Padawan in learning. Please, have a seat, I shall not be long."

    Aura motioned elegantly out the door to meet with the Jedi Master.

    Posted by Blackhawk on 10-10-2002 07:49 AM:

    "Thank you, Aura."

    Blackhawk sat down and waited for Aura patiently.

    Posted by bit_severus on 10-11-2002 11:53 PM:

    *Bit walks into the room after eavesdropping perhaps having second thoughts*

    "Hello, may I ask your name?"

    "my name is Blackhawk, I am waiting for aura to return"

    "I- uh think I'll stand just, yeah. By the way, My names Bit_Severus, most people call me Bit though."

    * no response. Bit is a half human, wolf occult, mainly tail and fur*

    Posted by Amalia Azalin on 10-12-2002 11:24 AM:

    "A pleasure to meet you both," said a peaceful, soft, soothing voice from the entrance of the recruitment center.

    "I am Jedi Master Amalia Azalin..."

    The Jedi took a moment to look over both new recruits, her gaze fell onto Blackhawk after a moment. Her gaze had been one without any expression, but now she seemed to smile, her expression matching along with the tone in her voice.

    "Jedi Knight Aura has spoken with me, it seems you wish of her to be your Master. It did not take me long to make a decision on this matter, your request has been granted. May the lightside of the force serve you well, Padawan Blackhawk."

    She nodded to the padawan, bowing before him, and then centered her attention onto Aura, bowing before her with a smile.

    "Forgive me for my quick arrival, Aura, but there is something more I wish to discuss with you, and I wanted to be sure I caught up with you to let you know. When you have some spare time, I would very much appreciate it if you would seek me out again. It is of great importance.."

    The Jedi Master smiled warmly and then bowed politely before everyone, making her departure.

    OOC: Sorry about that, I edited as well. Hehe, see what an edited post gets you, Aura. *leaves you to wonder what this is all about as she goes to make a new thread within the compound.*

    Posted by Aura StarRider on 10-12-2002 11:31 AM:

    Returning from the Jedi Master's quarters, Aura nodded to Blackhawk as a single brow lofted in surprise to the wolf-man who invited himself in. Sensing a familiar Force signature, Aura turned to bow to Amalia following with a warm smile. Her emerald eyes then darted back over toward Blackhawk.

    "Please, if you would follow this astromech droid to the dojo where you can await with the other padawans. I can train you if you still so wish it. We need only to assign the others with Masters so each has a chance for training." She smiled gesturing for him to be escorted by the yellow droid.

    "Sir, can I help you?" Her placid scrutiny then flashed over to the wolf-like man occupying the recruitment room.

    Posted by bit_severus on 10-12-2002 12:35 PM:

    "oh! I'm sorry if I'm intruding, but I am also seeking to become a padowan..." Bit stammered.
    "My name is Bit Severus, and it is a pleasure to meet you... Aura? I believe?"

    Posted by Aura StarRider on 10-12-2002 12:51 PM:

    Aura met the man's eyes, similar to that of a wild animal, but with an air of intelligence and insight, invoking a smile from Aura as it lit up her jade eyes.

    "No apologies are necessary, my friend. Bit..I am Aura StarRider, a Jedi Knight. I have never been introduced to the likes of you before. You are a beautiful and intriguing species. Welcome to the Students of the Light. You quest to learn of the Lightside?"

    Posted by bit_severus on 10-12-2002 12:57 PM:

    "Yes, please. If you are willing to teach me," said Bit, an air of hope lingering among his words.

    Posted by Aura StarRider on 10-12-2002 01:09 PM:

    Aura nodded as she circled the man, inspecting his magnificent red fur and noble carriage, clearly captivated by his novel visage.

    "The path of a Jedi is no easy undertaking. Are you willing to endure its numerous tests that may at times invoke your anger? Negative emotions such as these are tools of the Darkside. We seek control of our emotions to maintain our serenity. So what has led you here to this Academy? Why do you wish to become a Jedi?"

    Posted by Blackhawk on 10-12-2002 04:30 PM:

    Blackhawk began to follow the yellow droid but not before saying....

    "Thank you, Aura, it was a pleasure meeting you and i hope that you will allow me to learn the ways of the force with your guidence."

    Blackhawk bowed to Aura and smiled and then left.

    OOC:Sorry i took so long to reply but my mum is in hospital and ive not had much time to reply.

    Posted by bit_severus on 10-12-2002 09:38 PM:

    "I am simply here because of instinct" replied Bit, " I have blood of a wolf but, I am gentle. I came to seek guidance and understanding. To learn to focus and control, my mind is of pure essence, and so I believe I may be here because... of many reasons unknown."

    Posted by Aura StarRider on 10-13-2002 09:42 AM:

    "I see. As a Jedi learner, in time, these mysteries shall be explored and unfolded. A Jedi must sacrafice his or her life in dire conflicts when there are no means of escape to secure the life of an innocent. Are you willing to abide by this vow as a guardian of justice?"

    OOC: So sorry Hawk, hope she gets better soon and its not too serious.
    Amalia, tis ok.

    Posted by bit_severus on 10-13-2002 10:10 AM:

    "Yes, I am willing to do anything to become what my insticts are telling me to be..."

    Posted by Aura StarRider on 10-14-2002 09:59 AM:

    Aura nodded once, an outstretched hand directed toward a red astromech droid.

    "Welcome to the Students of the Light, Bit Severus. If you would please folow the droid to the dojo to await with the other padawans, we can commence with your training in the Lightside. I wish you luck in your endeavors."

    Posted by bit_severus on 10-14-2002 06:46 PM:

    "Thank you," Bit said as he turned away and followed the droid with enthusiasm wondering if it could go any slower.