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  • Seeking Solace

    Posted by Talisa Darksun on 08-30-2002 02:57 AM:
    Seeking Solace

    A young woman was escorted in the recruitment area by a young man who nodded to her and turned to leave. Talisa stood there clad in a red robe and a dark jumpsuit- a dagger at her side. She stood there silently for a moment and then spoke.

    "I have come to join...I've seen the darkness and was face to face with it in my life and now realizes how dangerous it can be...I wish only to stray from this path and choose this one."

    She bowed her head in silence and awaited an answer.

    Posted by Ceryx Os on 08-30-2002 07:33 PM:

    Sitting on a chair in the Recruitment, Ceryx's light gray eyes observed the lady that had come through those doors. His lips opened to speak:

    "The life of a Jedi is a long and rigorous one. It doesn't only take a word to say that you will be a Jedi, you have to demonstrate it in your hard work and dedication. Many challenges confront the average Jedi. Are you up for anything that may come your way?"

    Ceryx awaited the answer from the lady in front of him.

    Posted by Talisa Darksun on 08-31-2002 04:38 AM:

    She stood there, calm as the morning breeze. At peace. Emotionless. Her dark eyes lowered as she bowed her head and nodded slowly and then met with his again. She had never felt more sure about this choice.


    It was all she could say.

    Posted by Tessa Rendahl on 09-05-2002 01:34 AM:

    :: Tessa walked in and smiled to Ceryx and the newcomer he was speaking to. It was good to see new people interested in committing themselves to following the path of the light ::

    "Hello. I am Tessa Rendahl. Welcome to the Students of the Light. How did your travels lead you here?"

    Posted by Aura StarRider on 09-05-2002 02:56 PM:

    Jedi Knight Aura motioned in after Tessa, nodding to her Padawan, Ceryx, then Tesse, and the woman seeking enrollment, as she waited in the corner in silent solitude for her answer, her fingers steepled, eyes half closed as if engulfed in meditation..

    Posted by Tessa Rendahl on 09-05-2002 11:58 PM:

    :: Tessa smiled over at Aura and then looked back to the woman as she waited to hear about her journey ::

    Posted by Talisa Darksun on 09-06-2002 11:30 AM:

    The girl turned as a woman entered the room. It was the woman she saw while she was in the bar. Smiling, she nodded respectfully and began to speak.

    "An honor seeing you again, Tessa. I came here by a freightor from my home planet after escaping a near death experience. I had to go somewhere...It was my only hope for staying alive."

    She simply replied, keeping her eye contact with the woman. Her voice sounded so weak and shy. This would be a new experience for her even though she had heard so many stories of the Jedi.

    Posted by Tessa Rendahl on 09-07-2002 01:36 AM:

    :: Tessa nodded to the woman ::

    "I see. A narrow escape of death tends to put one's life in perspective again. I am glad your path led you here to us. Have you always felt a calling to the Light side? Do you have any experience in using the force?"

    Posted by Talisa Darksun on 09-08-2002 01:59 PM:

    Talisa shook her head at the questions. She had very little experience with the Force.

    "No, unfortunately I do not. I do seek to protect the galaxy and am willing to make many sacrifices to learn the ways of the Force. I guess you could say I have been drawn to the ways of the Jedi."

    Posted by Tessa Rendahl on 09-09-2002 03:52 AM:

    :: She nodded with a smile ::

    "I'm sure you will be a fine addition based on what you have told me. I just need to go speak with Master Amalia briefly on this. I will return soon. I appreciate your patience in advance."

    :: The Jedi Knight bowed and then left the room to contact Jedi Master Amalia ::

    Posted by Tessa Rendahl on 09-09-2002 11:46 PM:

    :: Tessa was not gone long and returned with a smile on her face ::

    "I am pleased to welcome you to the Students of the Light. Master Amalia is waiting for her newest force class in the training dojo, so if you will follow me."

    :: She led Talisa to a brand new area where there was a collection of weapons and other training materials. Turning to the woman, she spoke quietly ::

    "If you ever need anything, please feel free to contact me. I would be happy to help you in any way. I must go for now though, good luck."

    :: Tessa smiled and then left the dojo ::

    Posted by Talisa Darksun on 09-10-2002 03:47 PM:

    Talisa nodded and smiled, then followed the Jedi Knight to the training area.