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  • The Servant has arrived...

    Posted by Azrael Seraphim on 09-03-2002 04:21 PM:
    The Servant has arrived...

    The doors to the recruitment center opened broadly as a tall, muscular, winged man stepped into the center of the room. His blonde hair was cropped shortly and neatly to his head. A thin blonde goatee grew on his chin. Suddenly his dove-like wings expanded to their full length, a good 2.3 meters in each direction as his arms were stretched out along side, as he brought his arms in to his side, his angelic wings were pulled in behind his back resting neatly behind him. He was dressed in a blue and black body armor that seemed to be poured over his sculpted frame, on his hip was an ornate ancient lightsaber. As he scanned the room his eyes shined, seemingly emenating light from them. Then he spoke in a voice that was loud and terrible, yet sounded like a choir singing. The language was unknown but all that heard it understood its meaning in their own tongue.

    "I have traveled the heavens, searching for the ones that are called the Jedi. At last my long journey is complete. I am the Servant, Azrael Seraphim, I am here to learn the ways of your order."

    Light shone from him driving all shadows away from him. He awaited an answer.

    Posted by OmegaDarken on 09-03-2002 06:13 PM:

    *After he finished speaking, and silence engulfed the room, a faint sound of fast metallic music would be heard from the shadows drving away from his right. As the shadows continued to retreat, a most ethereal figure sat in a chair, his intent gaze locked on the new arrival. Head phones covered his ears, him obviously listening to the fast metallic music. He moustained his lips, before speaking. *

    "Greetings, my friend. Allow me to welcome you to the Students of the Light. "

    *His voice calm and fluid, carrying something allmost undescribable about it. His brilliant icy gaze tightened, as he heard the one word, "Servant. " Yes, Allen had grown to abhor this one term quite a bit. He expression then tightened; his visage becoming rather dour. *

    "I'm sorry, dear friend, but here you are no servant. Everyone is equal, no one less or greater. "

    *His expression then brightened a bit, him flashing a breif yet charming smile. *

    Posted by Azrael Seraphim on 09-03-2002 06:32 PM:

    The voice rang out again, filling the halls once more with its melodic tone; "Thank you for your welcome. I believe you have mistaken my use of the word, Servant is what my kind call ourselves, it is the closest word that the rest of the galaxy has for our name. But I know have a question for you; Is your welcome an acceptance to my request to join or merely a pleasantry to my arrival?"

    The beings kind eyes stared directly at Omega, seemingly penetrating him to his very core. He smiled with a radiance of a thousand stars and awaited the answer from the one whom had spoken to him.

    Posted by OmegaDarken on 09-03-2002 07:32 PM:

    *As the shadows push more and more away from the angelic figure, more and more of Omega's features are displayed. Swathed in darkened, sinuous robes. The bottoms billow down, swaying ever so slightly in the gentle breeze which goes through the room. *

    "I see, my mistake. "

    *AS the shadows conitnue to flee, his chest and chin begin to reveal themselves. Then, the new arrival may still not get a good look at his face, for it is eclipsed beneath a deep umbra, casted by the raised cowl of his hood. *

    "I'm afraid to say, it is merely a pleasantry to your presence. Soon, I'm sure, a master shall come and welcome you within the humble arms of the students of the light... "

    Posted by Azrael Seraphim on 09-03-2002 09:15 PM:

    "It is perfectly understandable, I did not expect the entrance into the noble fold of the Jedi to be one accessed effortlessly." His voice rang out again.

    "Thank you for your time and your patience dark one, do not let your heart be as troubled as it is, all things including loss and pain happen for a cause. The force will guide you in your time of need..." This time when he spoke only Omega could understand him, the rest of the room heard only sounds that could at worst be described as the beautiful siren of the whales. He then folded his arms behind his back and under his wings awaiting for whoever was next to come.

    Posted by OmegaDarken on 09-04-2002 01:52 AM:

    *Arched a brow, slightly. Dark one, he said. This actually offended Omega, though he shows no visable signs of anger. He speaks out. *

    "Dark one? Perhap you misjudge me, stranger. I had strayed from that path long ago.. '

    Posted by Azrael Seraphim on 09-04-2002 09:20 AM:

    "And it seems the mistake was mine this time, friend." Azrael spoke, his voice much quieter this time, but no less beautiful. "I am glad it offended you though, proof yet that the dark-side no longer has it's hold on you. Please forgive my words however as they were not meant out of disrespect." The voice of the Angelic newcomer poured out again like a choir of cherubs. His smile had passed and he would now wait for another to come question him.

    Posted by Tessa Rendahl on 09-05-2002 02:04 AM:

    :: Tessa Rendahl entered the temple area to see Omega speaking with a newcomer. She didn't want to intrude in their conversation so she merely walked over and waited with a smile until the opportunity arose for her to introduce herself ::

    Posted by OmegaDarken on 09-05-2002 02:32 AM:

    *His gaze momentarily averted itself, to land on Tessa. He gave her a friendly smile, nodding slightly in greetings. He then speaks toward the newcomer. *

    "Speaking of an able jedi, here comes one now. I'm sure she can be of much more assistance then I. "

    *He stands, the bottoms of his robes shifting to hand loosely amoungst his shins and ankles. *

    "It was a pleasure speaking with you, newcomer, but I must sadly bid your farewell. The lovely Tessa Rendahl should be able to answer your questions. "

    *He smiles, saluting them both with a chivalrous standing bow, turning on a heel to walk towards the exit. As he passes Tessa, he nods, giving her a charming smile, as if to wish her good luck, amoung other things intended... *

    Posted by Azrael Seraphim on 09-05-2002 03:24 PM:

    The Winged-being turned towards the lovely woman whom he had been introduced to as Tessa. Bowing his head in reverance for one who was called Jedi his wonderous voice rang out again; "Greetings to the one they call a Jedi, I am the Servant, Azrael Seraphim. For eons we have searched for the ones called the Jedi, to re-establish what was lost so long ago. Finally I, a young and lowly, warrior have succeeded where so many greater, older and wiser than I have failed. It is an honor and a priveledge to be in your presence and the presence of your kind, m'lady."

    Azrael spread his wings fully once again as a sign of respect and admiration much as he had done when he entered the hall and once again, as he had done before, he folded them back behind him neatly.

    Posted by Tessa Rendahl on 09-06-2002 12:11 AM:

    :: Tessa returned the smile back to Omega and spoke quietly to him as he passed by ::

    "Thank you for such a warm introduction, Omega. You are very kind. I'll see you perhaps later in the tavern if you're around."

    :: She then looked back over at the newcomer and gave him a smile and nod as she approached him ::

    "Hello. As Omega said, I am Tessa Rendahl of the Students of the Light. Are you interested in joining us in following the path of the light side of the force?"

    D'oh! You did say it and I missed it. I fixed my post here. Sorry about that.

    Posted by Azrael Seraphim on 09-06-2002 09:47 AM:

    ooc* Tessa no disrespect being meant, look in the post above I greeted you and spoke my name and what I was. I'll just write it as if you heard me say it. and didn't ask my name

    IC* Azrael nodded as the Jedi spoke to him of joining the Students of the Light and if that was what he desired. He spoke to her again with his angelic voice; "Yes brave Jedi, it is the Servants desire to be trained to become a Jedi. It seems we have been gone far too long from your ranks and a new night has befallen the galaxy. Hopefully I may be able to assist the Jedi return order to this plane once more." As the voice stopped Azrael levitated the ancient light saber, Hand of Wrath from his side, into his hand. "If your noble order will accept it, the Hand of Wrath will serve you as a torch to drive the darkness out and bring back the age of enlightenment; the Pax Jedia, peace of the Jedi." Azrael seemed to give off more and more light as the moments passed, the hope of his race to maintain order in the universe, to see the creatures of it live in harmony had been threatened, he had been sent to learn the ways of the Jedi and help bring back the great peace their once was. Now it was in the hands of their noble council if he was to be allowed to continue the mission he had been sent to do.

    Posted by Tessa Rendahl on 09-07-2002 01:31 AM:

    :: Tessa was impressed with his expression of committment to learn the Jedi ways and she smiled at him ::

    "Although we do not have a council established, I will go consult with Jedi Master Amalia on this matter. I shouldn't be long at all. I certainly feel that you would be a great asset to our order and I am going to recommend you be admitted. If you will excuse me for just a moment."

    :: She smiled and bowed and exited the chamber to go speak with Amalia regarding the promising newcomer's future in the Students of the Light ::

    Posted by Azrael Seraphim on 09-07-2002 07:03 AM:

    The winged-one nodded to Tessa and smiled, his voice was soft and pleasant and again intended only for the ears of one person, so that the rest who heard it simply heard the beautiful moans and sighs that was the true language of his people.

    "I will await your return patiently, m'lady." He did not speak anymore than necessary. He bodded his head as a token of his respect and stood silently in the same spot.

    Posted by Tessa Rendahl on 09-09-2002 11:44 PM:

    :: Tessa returns with a smile and looks upon Azrael ::

    "Master Amalia is waiting for her newest force class in the Training Dojo. If you will come this way."

    :: She leads him down the hall and to a magnificent new structure and then turns to him ::

    "If you need any further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact me. Welcome to the Students of the Light."

    :: Tessa turns and leaves the dojo area ::

    Posted by Azrael Seraphim on 09-09-2002 11:48 PM:

    Azrael nods his noble head and speaks to Tessa; "By all means, Jedi Knight." His voice sings the words as he follows behind the lovely lightsider to the training dojo.