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  • The Hairy One Wishes to Join

    Posted by Libaca on 08-31-2002 11:11 AM:
    The Hairy One Wishes to Join

    A long howl rang out, echoing down the hall, filling the ears of anyone within the building. Passersby turned to look, wondering just what had split the calm quiet atmosphere. Soon the thud of plodding feet could be heard approaching the recruitment chambers, which soon gave view to a young Wookiee female rubbing her head with a hairy paw. Low grumbles emitted as the shaggy alien trudged to the center and stopped, glaring at whoever was present as if it were their fault the doors were too low.

    After a moments time, the temperamental Wookiee’s rage resided, enough to let her state why she was even here. Short barks meshed with long ones and anyone that was attuned with the Force would understand:

    I wish to join this order of Jedi.

    Posted by Tessa Rendahl on 08-31-2002 07:15 PM:

    :: Tessa heard an inhuman cry coming from the recruitment area and dropped what she was doing to hurry there to see if she could somehow assist whoever it was that sounded like they were in some sort of pain.

    She burst through the doorway and was surprised to see a female wookiee standing before her. She blinked in complete facination that the wookiee wanted to join the Students of the Light. Approaching with a smile, Tessa introduced herself to the visitor ::

    "Hello. I am Tessa Rendahl of the Students of the Light. You seek to join us and become trained in the Jedi ways?"

    Posted by Libaca on 09-02-2002 11:36 PM:

    The Wookiee’s eye sight trailed to the physique of the woman that approached. She seemed friendly enough, but Libaca was cautious of everyone and so she stared at her, almost seizing her up. With several short soft barks, the new recruit answered the Jedi trainee:

    Yes, I am seeking a master to train me in the ways of the Jedi.

    Posted by Tessa Rendahl on 09-05-2002 01:57 AM:

    :: Tessa found herself staring and looked away briefly. She didn't mean to be rude and hoped she didn't offend the newcomer ::

    "I'm sorry. It's just that I haven't ever met a Wookiee before. I am glad you are seeking to be trained as a Jedi. We can always use more protectors of the peace in the universe which seems to be overridden with evil these days. How did you come to find us in this vast galaxy?"

    Posted by Libaca on 09-06-2002 01:03 PM:

    A low rumble could be heard as Libaca chuckled softly at the woman. Wookiees tended to stick to their home planet of Kashyyyk and it was no surprise that Tessa had never met one however the young recruit found it amusing nonetheless.

    Word travels fast.

    It was a short answer, but the Wookiee wasn't much into talking, as had been evident throughout the recruitment. She indeed meant nothing by her directness, no discourtesy towards the Jedi woman.

    Posted by Tessa Rendahl on 09-07-2002 01:39 AM:

    :: Tessa noted the direct answers and appreciated the wookiee's honesty ::

    "Why do you seek to become trained as a Jedi?"

    Posted by Libaca on 09-08-2002 10:41 PM:

    Libaca lowered her head, feeling she would have to explain in a little more detail for this question.

    I wish to honor my family by becoming an elite Jedi, spreading good throughout the galaxy, keeping peace and balance. By coming here, I believe I may accomplish just that.

    To her, this Jedi woman asked many questions; possibly too many, but if this was what it took to be accepted into the academy of sorts, she would answer hundreds.

    Posted by Tessa Rendahl on 09-09-2002 03:54 AM:

    "A very noble answer, my friend. I believe you will do very well as a member of the Students of the Light. If you will follow me, Master Amalia is waiting for her newest force class in the training dojo."

    :: She led the wookiee down the hallway and to the area where all instruction in the light side took place. Turning to the wookiee with a smile, she spoke once more ::

    "If you need anything else or have any questions, please feel fry to contact me. Good luck and may the serenity of the light surround you in all you do."

    :: Tessa smiled and then left the dojo ::