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A Small Patch of Light Floods the Floor...

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  • A Small Patch of Light Floods the Floor...

    Posted by OmegaDarken on 08-11-2002 11:31 AM:
    A Small Patch of Light Floods the Floor...

    *A ghostly figure strides into the recruitment center, clad in dark robes and lose hanging cloth. The hood of the attire is up, most of his face eclipsed beneath thin layers of shadows. His revealed lips seem to show no emotion, no expression what-so-ever. His icy blue gaze slices out through the darkness shrouding his eyes, glancing over the room. Thin tendrils flow from him through the force, them giving off a rather ritious aura. He proceeds further in, with each step the faint clacking sound of his boots hitting the floor echos about the corridor. With each step the bottoms of his billowing robes sway by his ankles, where they usually hang. Once steping into the middle of the room he goes down on one knee, bowing his head slightly to all in the room, or soon to be. His voice then beckons from the expressionless lips, his voice calm and pure. *

    "I wish to further my studies as a jedi. I wish to become a Jedi Knight, a defender of justice and peace. Please, train me and I shall never forsake the light, but embrace it to my fullest capabilities. I shall defend the defencless, never allowing an innocent to suffer. Please, allow me to be trained as a jedi. "

    *His head remained bowed as he spoke. As the last syllable left his mouth and was spoken, his face remained in it's bowed state, him awaiting someone to come and judge. *

    Posted by Aura StarRider on 08-11-2002 12:32 PM:

    Sensing he had expected to be assessed by his astute proclamation, Aura nodded once to Omega.

    "We are not here to judge ones past and misgivings, but to admit the true dedicated followers of the Lightside, and assist in their ascention in the noble path of justice and the protection of the oppressed. You speak as though you have experience in the ways of a Jedi. Is this so? I am Jedi Knight Aura, welcome to the Students of the Light."

    The Jedi Knight's frontal declaration carried across the room, as the young Knight enshrouded in a russet robe closed the distance between them. With her fingers steepled, jade eyes jetted out from beneath the umbra of her hood. Her congenial scrutiny penetrated the young man's being, boring through his soul wrapping it in a blanket of placidity.

    Posted by OmegaDarken on 08-11-2002 12:46 PM:

    OOC: Heh, quite an impressive post..

    IC: *Stands, brushing back the hood with a gloved hand. A rather hand-some face emerges from the cowl of the hood, semi-long silver hair hanging about his head. A few strands hang infront of his face, masking bits of his facial features. He then speaks again, saluting the Jedi with a courteous standing bow. *

    "It is my pleasure to meet such an elegant member of the Student's of the Light. I thank you for such a warm and polite welcome, and I am glad to have such a beautiful knight introduce me to such a glorious establishment. As for your question before all of which, yes. I have had some exceptional amounts of training. Though, I do believe this magnificent temple and it's instructers could easily surpass my master's methods. Though, I know that is not the point. "

    *He stiffles an allmost silent laugh, suggesting he had made a joke. *

    "Forgive me, I have yet to introduce myself. "

    *He takes a few steps toward her, extending a gloved hand as he does this. Perhaps suggesting a friendly shake. *

    "Many have come to call my by the title, the Omega Darken. Though, ones that truely know me call me by my real name, Allen Darksaber. You may call me whichever you wish. "

    *He then haults to a stop a few feet away from her, his gloved hand still outstreched toward her. *

    Posted by Aura StarRider on 08-12-2002 05:42 PM:

    OOC: thankyou


    Reaching out for his outstretched hand, Aura grasped it in an ardent manner.

    "Greetings, Allen. I am beholden by your compliment. So, you had a Jedi Master before. And what became of your mentor and your training?"

    Posted by OmegaDarken on 08-12-2002 06:03 PM:

    *Smiles, as he raises her hand to his lips, kisisng it gently in a most gentleman-like manner. He then releases her hand, answering the question. *

    "He was seduced by the dark side. Although, I wish to not speak of it at the moment, if that is alright with you.. "

    Posted by Aura StarRider on 08-12-2002 06:57 PM:

    "I am sure it must have been a painful chapter in your life. With further training you will learn to dispel any unease from your conscious of his abandonment to the Darkside."

    Aura smiled at his chivilrous gesture of the kiss.

    "Come with me Allen..The droid will see you to your quarters, then escort you to a waiting room. There, an activated hologram will project to you the sessions you have missed. You will then meet the rest of my trainees at the Dojo. I look forward to furthering your training on the path to the Lightside."

    Posted by OmegaDarken on 08-13-2002 02:13 AM:

    *Nods, speaking before turning to follow the droid. *

    "Thank you, very much rather. I am amazed by your hospitality, and I also am quite looking forward to my studies with you. "

    *Salutes her with a last respectful standing bow, following the droid out. *