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Wishing to be one with the light.

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  • Wishing to be one with the light.

    Posted by Regenald on 08-03-2002 07:57 PM:
    Wishing to be one with the light.

    An average sized man walked into the recruitment area for the Students of Light's headquaters, meek and quiet. Regenald had never been powerful, or offensive, or even stood up for himself before... except for once. When he did, he felt horrible, and from that day forth, deticated his life to the preservation of others, and everything about them.

    "I seek to learn the ways of the force."

    Posted by Tessa Rendahl on 08-05-2002 11:54 PM:

    :: Jedi Padawan Tessa Rendahl entered the room quietly, her brown robes trailing behind her in the peaceful silence of the day. She had been meditating in her room when she sensed the arrival of a newcomer in the ways of the light side. Pushing her blonde hair back from her face, Tessa gave a warm smile to the man she saw standing in the room ::

    "Hello and welcome to the Students of the Light. Our instructors are now setting up group training sessions, so if you could please follow me."

    :: She gestured to a door across the room from her which led to the Training Dojo ::