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Guardian Lessons Continue (Nafrayo)

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  • Guardian Lessons Continue (Nafrayo)

    It has been a while since N’yssa had a chance to connect with Nafrayo. It wasn’t since they two had worked on the Ice Element had she the chance to cross paths with him. Of course, she had heard he had been busy training his own students and was proud to hear of their progress through the grape vine of the Temple.

    She herself had been busy, Derakai had taught her the two skills recently that she’ll be passing on to Nafrayo. He had seemed eager to hear of additional skills to learn, but that was nothing new. The Neti had always been energetic towards the Force skills.

    Therefore, N’yssa had sent Nafrayo a message to meet her in the dojo late evening for a lesson. She hoped this time would suite his busy schedule. While she waited, N’yssa made sure to check over the equipment they would be using later. The electronic droids Derakai had her practice on were currently charging in a corner, just last rays of light defended past the mountains.

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    Once he received the message from his Master, Nafrayo prepared for the training and arrived at the designated time in the dojo. The evening hours were excellent to continue his own lessons, allowing him to spend the day teaching others. The Neti was looking forward to continue his studies in the Force, as well as meeting his Master again. It had been a while since the Guardian had talked to N´yssa. After all, their schedules rarely allowed Master and student to spend much time together.

    Nafrayo´s skills in the Force, particularly those centered around the elements, have grown considerably over time. Yet, water was still the element he seemed to have the most control over. The Neti made good use of that, especially when taking care of ´his´ home spot in the vast temple garden, where he used to root and rest. He had turned that particular area into a dense jungle over the years, surrounding himself with many different plants he would look after and tend to each day.

    "Good evening, Master...", he said, entering the training dojo. He bowed to N´yssa, then smiled. "How have you been?"


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      “Well. Of course, there isn’t much to get in the way of things at the Temple.” N’yssa replied. “I’ve been thinking about taking an extended trip to Ossus to help with the construction of the new temple... maybe I can be of more help with keeping up the good relations with the locals.”

      It had been a thought on the Master’s mind for some time, especially after her last contact with the Ysanna people. They were good people, and the Jedi had abandoned them in the past. She wanted to be there to help with the mending and healing of their relationships as they progressed further with the new Temple.

      “But, that is for another time. Right now, you’re ready to learn two other Force Skills that can benefit you along your path as a Jedi. I thought the first one we can work on is Force Hibernation. Have you heard of this skill before?”


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        "I would like to join you... I could surely help...", Nafrayo said instantly, when N´yssa spoke of her plans to take a leave and go to Ossus for a while. There was much to rebuild there, including the somewhat strained relations to the natives on that world. The Guardian could surely be of assistance. Yet, if N´yssa decided to leave, it was probably not wise if two of the temple healers were away at the same time. When it came to her teaching him new skills, he nodded after a moment.

        "Hibernation is what some animals do, to survive hard times... like when food is scarce"
        , he replied. "For a Jedi, this ability is supposed to keep one alive for a period of time, until help arrives. It is done by slowing one´s vital functions as far as I remember..." The Neti was well-read, as he still spent considerable time to study. He´d always been curious about the Force and the many things it could be used for, seeking to improve his skills to better serve as a Jedi.


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          “I’m sure everyone will have an opportunity to help rebuild Ossus.” N’yssa said, grateful for Nafrayo’s offer to help. Things were going alright, though there was excitement and a wish for things to proceed faster, but one couldn’t rush such things.

          “You are right about hibernation, it is a technique used to slow ones vital signs during harsh conditions to prolong one’s body until help can arrive. It can be used in space, and air is scarce. But you have to be mindful on where you are when you enter such a trance. It is deep and leaves your body completely vulnerable to your surroundings.” N’yssa said.

          “Alright, let’s get started. The first step is to relax, calm yourself. Ignore all your surroundings, fill your body with the Force, lungs, veins... everything.”


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            Nafrayo smiled slightly at his Master´s words. Of course he knew what she meant. N´yssa still seemed to view him as a humanoid he was not. As a Neti, his physiology was completely different from hers.

            "I understand. It´s a last option to try and stay alive. I´m curious: will this only serve my own survival? Or is it possible to perhaps aid another being and keep them alive as well?"
            , he asked.

            N´yssa´s words indicated how vital it could be to enter a trance so deep to preserve one´s limited recources. Strangely enough, a lack of air wasn´t the main concern for the Guardian, despite being dependant on oxygen just as most beings were. It was the darkness he feared. To be cut off from the light weakened him, and being trapped where none could reach the plant Jedi was probably among the most dangerous situations he could think of right now.

            "I´m afraid I don´t have lungs... but I understand...", he said, standing comfortably in front of his Master. Closing his eyes and crossing his arms before his chest, Nafrayo prepared to enter the trance, directing his focus away from his surrounding and towards his own body. He was calm and didn´t find it difficult to relax. The Guardian trusted in that N´yssa was there to guide him, keeping him safe.


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              “No... this skill can only be placed upon yourself, unfortunately.” N’yssa said, a small smile at the edges of her lips as she saw the compassion and will to protect others in the Neti. When Nafrayo reminded her of his lack of human organs, she let out a soft giggle. “Sorry about that... must have slipped my mind.”

              She then waited for Nafrayo to enter the first part of the skill before she continued her guidance. “Now, with the Force, wrap yourself up in a cocoon like state, as you do, your breathing will begin to slow, your heartbeat as well will come to a near stop. Your body will become the shell to protect you, all covered by the Force. In this state, only your brain with remain unaffected, meaning you should still be able to perceive your surroundings. My old master, Derakai Valgarus has been several trances over the years, he claims there is a reason that only the Force knows.”

              N’yssa paused, as she watched Nafrayo’s progress. “I’ll keep a close watch over you during this, and make sure you don’t go too deep into the hibernation, and give you a nudge when it’s ready to come out.”


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                If the Neti could not use this skill to help others directly, he could still help, by staying alive and being able to heal and assist those in need later on. Contemplating this for a moment, Nafrayo was at peace with himself. And it was somewhat funny that N´yssa didn´t truly think of his overall alien nature. To him, it meant she just accepted him fully the way he was. Even if the Guardian was a walking, talking plant.

                "Thank you..."
                , he whispered, greatly appreciating her watching over him during this new lesson.

                Immersing himself deeper into the trance, Nafrayo´s physical reaction soon turned out to be noticably different to that of a human. If N´yssa watched him closely, she noticed his metabolism didn´t slow significantly. It was naturally slow, given his nature, though the sap running through the vines and tendrils was actually flowing faster now... As the Guardian didn´t breathe the way she did, it wasn´t noticable at all, same as the complete absence of a heartbeat. There were no vital signs one could check by touch at all. Yet, due to the bright presence Nafrayo still had in the Force, the Jedi Master would see he was strong and definetely alive.

                As minutes passed, something strange was happening, as more vines seemed to grow from the Neti´s body. Penetrating the fabric of his robe, Nafrayo seemed to grow multiple new branches and twigs, which slowly began to wrap around him like a cocoon. The deeper he drew his life force, the more enveloped he became. The process wasn´t too fast, but went on without a means to stop it now. The Neti eventually concentrated all the energy in the very center of what now resembled a big wooden ball... his roots even breaking forcefully through the concrete floor of the room, he anchored himself to stand firm... retreating from his surrounding completely.


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                  At first, N’yssa watched with curiosity as the Neti began to enter the Hibernation trance. His biology was different from many, more plant like than human she expected some things to be different, but not like what she saw. She trusted the Force, and Nafrayo, but when his outer branches that had just moments ago grew, the Jedi master grew worried.

                  Using the Force herself, she reached out to Nafrayo, asking him to return. There was a sense of urgency in her emotions in the message she sent, but at the same time, she wanted him to return without too much haste, who knows what other damages there could be to his body.

                  “Nafrayo, are you alright?” She asked, as he came out of the trance.


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                    Delving deeper into the trance, the network of vines grew denser, so N´yssa could no longer recognize her students features at all. The process wasn´t fast, but steady, taking almost half an hour. Nafrayo was now surrounded by more and more of these vines, grown from his own body, to form a strong, yet flexible, protective sphere around the Neti. Though his life force remained strong, it eventually felt as if it was beginning to fade somewhat. But it was merely withdrawing to the center of this ´wood ball´, rather than weakening the Guardian. Trusting in the Force and his Master, Nafrayo did hear her message to return clearly. But he wasn´t sure how to do it.

                    ~I am well~ he answered, his mental voice calm, but somewhat dazed. ~Is there... something wrong?~, he asked her back, sensing the concern she felt.

                    His mind was awake, but the rest of him had entered the state of hibernation. There wasn´t much he could do now, as this whole procedure had rendered him both immobile and with no means of defense. As not much light and no water reached the Neti here if left like this for days or weeks, that was the only matter of concern. But right now, Nafrayo was doing fine. But he had yet to figure out how to reverse this form of hibernation. Though he´d already spent days meditating deeply without noticing the passing of time, this trance went much deeper than anything the Guardian had ever attempted. Single vines on the outside of this ´sphere´ moved slightly, but that was all.


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                      At least by his tone, Nafrayo was still alright. N’yssa let out a sigh and relaxed her body. Obviously this was a more natural way for the Neti to enter the trance. It was just different and the breaking of the limbs had concerned her, but the core of Nafrayo was still in tact.

                      ~You’ve seemed to cacoon yourself up literally with your branches.~ N’yssa communicated to her friend. ~Follow my voice through the Force, I’ll lead you back.~ She added, drawing the Force to her, sending out something like a lifeline to the Jedi Guardian to follow his way out of the Trance to wakefulness.


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                        It was a strange sensation... to be almost completely withdrawn from his surrounding. Nafrayo couldn´t do much while trapped in the hibernation trance. And to be so completely vulnerable to anything and anyone approaching him in this state wasn´t exactly comforting. But who knew? Someday this might save the Neti´s life. Using N´yssa´s voice as a beacon, he began to slowly get out of the trance, though this took even more time than entering it. The many appendages that had grown from the Neti´s body to engulf him were now pulled back. The process was completely reversed, rebuilding the familiar humanoid shape. He eventually opened his eyes, looking at his Master.

                        "This was... interesting...", he said slowly looking down at himself. "It was like cutting myself off from everything, yet, I was still aware of myself and you. I heard your voice clearly... and i´m alright..."

                        Luckily, the vines and tentrils were very flexible and could bend in all directions, so they´d not been hurt or broken in the process. Only Nafrayo´s robe had sustained some demage where the vines had ripped holes into it while growing out of him to form the sphere.


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                          “You sure?” N’yssa asked, glancing down at the torn robe. She smiled at her student, and his resilience. “You always amaze me Nafrayo... and your species. If you’re sure you alright, we can move on to the next skill.”

                          She hesitated, wanting to make sure none of his veins were damaged or broken, the next skill may be more destructive if he wasn’t prepared for it. Once she got Nafrayo’s nod to move on, the pink haired Jedi stood to her feet, gesturing for Nafrayo to do the same.

                          “The next skill deals with ways to defend against one of the most dangerous skills a Darksider has at their fingertips. Force Lightening. Have you ever come across that skill before?”


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                            "I can asure you, Master, it´s merely my robe that was demaged... see?", Nafrayo smiled gently and raised his left arm, so N´yssa could see it for herself. The additional branches growing from his body didn´t cause demage to the Guardian himself, merely his robe got in the way of their growth and was torn to shreds as a result. Now, the vine-like tendrils were once again intertwined to form his humanoid limbs. The single appendages were thin and flexible. But together they formed the resilient form of the Neti. Having a mutable body like this had some advantages...

                            Any other Jedi coming across him now would possibly think he´d been beaten up badly by his Master in their training. But it wasn´t the first time Nafrayo had ruined his attire like this. Any sudden change of his shape or size tended to do that. That was the downside of not being confined to a single, non-mutable form.

                            "I know of the ability, but only in theory", Nafrayo replied. "I havn´t yet had the opportunity to experience it... which might be a fortunate thing. Given my susceptibility to fire, I don´t know if it will cause more harm to me than to others... so learning to defend myself against it is crucial." The Neti was lucky that he´d not yet been exposed to it without preparation...


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                              “I agree, and i’m sure that one of the two skills will be lifesaving for you.” N’yssa said, then sighed. “There are two methods, though the second deals with a more interactive way of harnessing and redirecting the lightning. But, we’ll first tackle the first method.”

                              N’yssa turned and moved to the droids that hung on the wall, they had a battery pack on their back, and hovered around the room similar to the other training remotes.

                              “These droids can shoot off lightning, the first method of defending yourself against lightning is using your lightsaber.” N’yssa turned on the droid and made sure to place herself forward for it to focus on her. Pulling out her lightsaber, she turned it on and waited for the charge as the droid sent out a lightning strike towards her. Moving the lightsaber over to block, the lightning was absorbed into the energy of the blade.

                              “The energy of your blade, is like it’s own atennia, and will absorb the lightning without any negative side effects. Would you like to give it a try? The droid has enough energy for one more strike before it needs to recharge.”