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The Winter Master and The Trial of Flesh (Suri)

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  • The Winter Master and The Trial of Flesh (Suri)

    Derakai was beginning to like this change of pace, helping other Masters with the Trials their pupils were to undertake. A part of him missed the comrodery of a pupil of his own, but he just hadn't found that one to follow in his footsteps. There had been one, but the sight of him put her in distress, and he did not want her to suffer anymore than she did. For now he would help out where he could, becominng a Master of Trials of sort.

    The pupil today, Suri, was another of Satkia's, his fellow Council member, of whom he was always happy to help. The one eyed Nagai had sent a holomessage to Suri to meer him in the speeder hanger. The weather was horrible outside, and where they were going was going to be far worse, so instructions we given to dress warmly. Derakai had been re-raised on a planet that was cold and only had frigid water to wash in, so he was comfortable in less, but he had warm clothes for where they were going for Suri's Trial of Flesh.
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    The summons was sent days before. It was time...finally time to face her trials. They weren't exactly something she looked forward to and perhaps in some respects she delayed this until she could not delay it any longer by saying she wasn't ready to face them, but as Satkia said, 'All Jedi have to go through the Knight Trials at some point. Even you.' Didn't make her feel any better when she was told that her first trial would be the 'Trial of Flesh'. Just the title alone made her feel somewhat unnerved. Her slavery past meant she'd suffered in the hands of others and while she had a significantly high pain tolerance thanks to that life of torture, Suri did not relish the thought of having to endure such pains again.

    It took her little over two days to travel from Corellia to Yavin Eight for her Trial and during that time, Suri spent it meditating, preparing herself as best she could for whatever was to come. The immediate was the cold. Yavin Eight was terrible for winter storms and as she looked out of the window of her shuttle, Suri's brow furrowed. This new Jedi Master she was to meet wasn't kidding about needing to dress warmly, especially today. Just as well that she'd invested in a parka, fleece and faux fur-lined leggings,, Ski pants, fleece socks, arctic boots, goggles, hat and two pairs of winter gloves (liner and mountaineering gloves) prior to her arrival as going by the weather outside, she was going to need all of it! Lets face it, winter robes today would just not be enough!

    After disembarking from her shuttle, Suri went to her old quarters at the Jedi Temple to drop off her things and change into her winter clothes and make sure she was well prepared for the cold with two Thermal flasks of hot tea, high energy rations and a first aid kit in her pack. She then made sure she cooked herself a hot meal so she didn't shiver when her trial began.

    As added security, Suri also did what she normally did before embarking on her trials and journeys. Tied up loose ends with messages that played at times when she didn't check in. They contained intentions and possible locations in case a rescue was needed and were set to send to those she cared about such as Satkia and Serah. There was also a message for Jocelyn, but it would only be sent if it was confirmed that Suri had died. It was a grim task, but she felt that, if these plans were in place she could go to her trials and journeys without too much worry that no one would find her if something went wrong. With her mind clear of worries, she could focus on her tasks, in this case, her trial and not be tied by thoughts of hindsight.

    A second summons soon came from the one that would be handling her Trial of Flesh, Master Derakai Valgarus. She'd yet to meet this Master in person, but knew of him. He was the Nagai partner of Master Amalia Braska and father to her daughter, Sylvanna and the most recent member of the Jedi Council. The Dathomiri witch took in a breath and swallowed her fears. Clipping her utility belt, which her lightsaber was held to along with some pocket tools in case they were needed, Suri then strapped her light pack onto her back and made her way to the Speeder Hanger as asked.

    As the speeder hanger doors opened to her, Suri clocked the Nagai Master almost immediately. His monochrome features and eye patch made him somewhat intimidating, but Suri's life as a slave had taught her to stand up to those that appeared intimidating, and her life as a Jedi taught her to see past his intimidating features to see the real person inside and not to judge them for their looks. As a result, she appeared unfazed by his appearance. There were no gasps, no backing away. The only thing that showed was perhaps her nervousness of the Trial ahead that her eyes could not hide. She only took in a breath and stepped forward, stopping at his side.

    "Master Valgarus?" she began as she bowed her head respectfully to him. "Apprentice Suri Jaxx, sir. Its good to meet you."


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      Derakai swept into a deep flowing gentlemanly bow when Suri arrived and greeted him. His demeanour changed completely when approached, a small smile on his lips and his lavender eye revealed a softness hidden within.

      "Greetings Apprentice Jaxx, it is my pleasure. I see you are ready for travelling to the location for your trial. The weather is as cold as it is going to get, that is good."

      Leading her a short distance to the speeder they would be using he allowed her to enter first before hopping into the pilot seat and taking off on the ground. Closing the top to keep the weather off of them, the two of them sped off towards their destination.

      "I just want you to know that you will be unsafe during this trial, but I will do everything possible to keep you alive should something happen. The Trial of Flesh is a dangerous event, but I will remove you from any fatal situation on a moments notice."
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        Suri was confident that she had prepared for the cold weather, but with regard to the Trial ahead... that was the one thing she was most nervous of. It would be dangerous... she would likely be injured in the process, but Suri reminded herself that she had once been a slave. She'd been beaten, broken, electrocuted and more and she still came back alive and strong.

        Still, the warning did make her nervous to a degree. Nerves would be good as long as she didn't give in to fear. "I am aware that I won't be coming back from this as the person I am currently, Master..." Suri said as she jumped into the speeder, waiting for Master Valgarus to join her before continuing. "While I thank you for your concerns, I am well prepared for what awaits...I used to be a slave, so pain is not a stranger to me. Injury I can deal with. And if death comes for me..."

        Suri was usually the optimist, but she was well aware of the gravity of her situation. She'd made her peace, said her goodbyes, gave everyone one last hug before she left Corellia. Yet, even as a part of her wanted to simply say 'I'm at peace.' Suri's brow furrowed and an almost wicked smile grew on her face as she looked at the Jedi Master, "The grim reaper will be lying on the floor, gasping for air as its holding onto its crown jewels before I submit to the Force, or the Void." She chuckled and looked out of the window as the snow grew heavy, her voice was calm, but there was determination in there too. "I did not spend my entire life being broken many times over by slavers, spend the past three years regaining my strength and training as a Jedi to die in a Trial...whatever comes, I will face it and I'll either win or lose. There's no draw."

        She looked over at the Jedi Master and smiled. "Allya will watch over me and the Force will guide me."


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          Derakai listened in silence as Suri assured him that she was ready face her demise and fight back. That was a quality that the one eyed Nagai respected, for he as a Guardian once was ready to die and not fight back. He had too much to live for now, seeing his daughter grow up was his main concern now, beyond his duties as a Master and Council member.

          "Your bravery will help when you face your Trial of Insight, I can see that now. The trial you will face today is for your endurance, and will harden your resolve and tolerance to pain. Underneath my clothing, my body is riddled with scars that even a bacta tank won't heal anymore, all a memory of a wrong move made, or a foe I wasn't ready to face, battles waged in the name of something I don't believe in any more. I keep them as part of my Trial of Flesh, though I recently received another Trial..."

          One hand moved to his eyepatch, tapping lightly with his index finger.

          "...but it is good that we are always tested, keeping some of us on the fine line we walk. Your Master is, without a doubt, proud of your achievements you've gained with the life you had before working against you. It has obviously made you a very strong woman."

          The speeder started slow down as the two pulled up to storm where they could barely see twenty feet in front of them.

          "We have arrived at one of the Lightsaber shrines on Yavin Eight, so you will feel the Force flowing very strongly here. Let us proceed."

          Stepping out of the speeder, the cold instantly filled the cab removing the safe embrace of the heat within. Waiting outside for Suri, once she emerged from the speeder, Derakai pulled off a pack from the side of the speeder and walked over to her, opening the pack and holding it out to her.

          "Please remove all of your winter gear, and any thermal gear you may be wearing, including your boots and place them within the pack. Once you have done so, proceed forward until you find the start of the stairs leading up to the shrine. You will then began climbing the one thousand stair steps to the top of the shrine. When you reach the top, your will meditate for ten minutes, at which point your trial will end."
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            Suri paused in thought as the Jedi Master told her to remove her gear... all of her gear! Was he really sending her to the top of Allya knows how many stairs in the blistering cold while only wearing her small clothes? She could feel the cold enough as is but without protection? Suri was going to find it a challenge a very difficult challenge. " I'm basically going to walk to the top of that mountain in nothing more than my small clothes?" she blinked before sighing wearily, "Oh boy..."

            Slowly, Suri took off her hood and unzipped her jacket to put into the pack. One by one, the Dathomiri Witch removed every article of clothing, save those that kept what little dignity she had left, revealing to the Jedi Master a lot of scars, all so old a bacta tank would not remove them. Most were on her back or abdomen while others were dotted around her body. Like the master before her, Suri's life had not been easy. Now exposed to the elements, Suri's body immediately shook uncontrollably with cold and her teeth chattered. She wrapped her arms around her body in a vain attempt to keep some body warmth as the cold chilled her to the bone. This torture was far worse than what she was exposed to in slavery. Shock collars felt merciful compared to the cold, yet Suri did not complain.

            Once she believed he was satisfied, Suri turned away toward the start of her trial. At the foot of the stairs, Suri looked up, a weary breath of icy air drawn into her lungs. She was eager to get going but looked back at Master Valgarus, her body taking in deep breaths. She do wanted to ask if she could just get going, but she'd have likely been counselled about patience. He seemed like he had something to say, but she quietly hoped be would get those words out quickly before she collapsed from the cold.

            I'm standing the freezing my small clothes..? Suri thought to herself. Where in my career will I end up in the freezing cold with nothing more than my small clothes?! I don't plan on going to Hoth without winter gear...EVER! Only an idiot would go out in the cold without winter gear...and right now...I feel like an idiot..


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              Derakai strapped the pack over his shoulders once it was full, following Suri to the steps. Already he could see the trial taking its toll on her, and it was about to get harder.

              "Steel your thoughts, your body is controlled by your mind, by your will. The cold may pierce your flesh, but you must not let it stop you. Control what you feel, ignore what slows you, what causes you pain. The biting cold is the lightsaber slashes, the blaster bolts, the damage you are taking in your battles ahead, all which must not slow you down. This is the Trial of Flesh, that which makes you stronger, and harder to put down. Let it begin!"

              The moment Suri took her first step upwards, Derakai connected to the Force and began spiralling his hands in front of him as the wind became a whirling tornado around Suri, decreasing the temperature even further as the one eyed Nagai used Force Wind, following her up the stairs.
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                Deciding to save her energy than complain bitterly about the cold, Suri felt her whole body tremble. It was extremely difficult for her to focus with such cold wind biting at her very flesh. She took a moment to connect to the Force and do what she could to control the pain that came with it. Whether it was the right thing to do, or not, Suri cast her mind back to the past, during the times when she experienced true pain, reminding herself how to guard her mind, steel her thoughts and get up when she was beaten and broken, simply to spite Korgish.

                As she took her first step, she felt the Force shift. The wind picked up dropping the already freezing temperature further. Drawing a weary breath, Suri's body instinctively crouched, trying to minimize the impact the contact the cold had on her body. Her hands gripping onto the stairs with all her might as she fought between the cold and pain. Keep moving forward...this pain... it hurts but it is temporary. Like the shock collars...its only temporary. Keep moving!

                Gritting her teeth, Suri looked up at the stairs, her body still trembling from the cold, but she forced herself to move... even if it were just on all fours to begin with. Okay....good. Its a get to your feet. You can do it. Let him do his worst! You've overcome far more than this! Move!

                Stopping for a moment, she gauged how powerful the wind was before releasing her grip on the stairs, raising herself to her feet but holding her arms over her forehead to shield her eyes from the blinding snow. She then forced her feet to move forward, step by step. Her features showed a determined young woman that refused to give in. It was always there, hidden under the layers of a meek and sometimes fragile appearing girl. She refused to give in while a slave, she refused to give in when she was finally freed from her pain and she will continue this trend of refusal right to the very end. No trial would put her down...not now... not ever!

                Yet as she reached the half way mark, Suri could feel her body wanting to give in. A misstep caused her to slip and she fell to all fours. The cold was taking its toll and she didn't get up right away. Weary breaths were heard as she reconnected with the Force to force her pain and the cold out of her mind. Her body continued to shake with the cold but the Dathomiri witch refused to give in. A few tense moments passed, but she got to her feet once again and pressed forward. For the first time, however Suri looked back at the Jedi Master and tried to growl something, "This...I'd"

                She couldn't speak coherently. The cold taking away her focus and ability to speak. She gave up trying and kept moving, trying not to waste her energy.


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                  Derakai followed every foot step she made up the one thousand stair that spiraled around the shrine, every mis-step made the one eyed Nagai almost stop concentrating on his Force Wind, but he knew that would be unfair to Suri. If he gave up the Trial he was giving up on her, and though he did not know her, there was still no way he would do that. He would be strong for her sake.

                  When they reached past the half way point Suri had collapsed, and every fibre of Derakai's being wanted to stop and help her. He could feel her determination radiating from her though like a physical embrace. She was capable of doing this, she knew it to be true, and so cold Master continued.

                  When she finally got up, Derakai let out a silent sigh of relief, and when she finally turned around to look at him, he could see her lips move but could not hear her over the wind. All she could see looking at her, was a stoic face, being brave, but his lavender... His weakness.... It showed all. His worry. His wanting to take her pain from her so that she didn't have to suffer, and so he would suffer for her. His wanting to save her as he would save any other being in danger. His weakness...

                  Nodding for her to continue forward, the wind generating 'Master of Trials' stayed by her. Being both her bringer of peril and dutiful guardian.
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                    Slowly.... painfully... Suri continued the long climb up to the top. How much longer was it going to take to get up these stairs? The biting wind had left her numb. All her faculties could no longer be felt, yet, somehow, Suri continued to drive herself forward. Her body shivered a lot more as the climb became more and more steeper. Looking upward, she could see the end was soon near... or was it just wishful thinking? Her mind tricking her into the false belief that she would soon be at the top of this terrible climb? No... she had to believe it was nearly over. To give up now.... to die here? No... that was no option. She had to believe.

                    The last few steps to the top were almost literally on hands and knees. The last of her strength was beginning to fade and even the stubborn determination was beginning to wane. Weary breaths, tired eyes. How she longed for this to end...

                    "Don't give up my child!"

                    That voice.... it came clear as day to her. Long forgotten yet so familiar to her. Suri looked up again as an image of someone long lost to her appeared in her sight. Was this another trick? Was this real? Tentatively, Suri whispered, "Mother..." in a voice lost to the wind. Was it really her? A ghost of her? Or had she somehow sensed her daughter's pleas for mercy in the Force? Either way, the image smiled back at her, pride in her voice as she encouraged Suri to keep moving.

                    "Jaesa... you have always been the strongest of my children. Even when I tried to spare you from the pain of slavery, you fought it and endured. You have to keep going. You must keep going." she said. "Your task in this life is not yet done. You cannot leave it unfinished."

                    "It hurts...everything hurts..." Suri whispered in the wind once again. "I don't know how much more of this I can..."

                    "Don't you dare give up! You are so close child. The top of the mountain is near. Just a few more steps!"

                    The image was right. Before she knew it, Suri was on flat ground, her destination at last. Oh how she wished to just sprawl onto the ground and sleep. The image...the voice would not let her, however as Suri positioned herself to meditate, her breaths were weary, tired, like someone almost at the end of their strength. "Mother..."

                    "Hush child and do what you must." the image responded as she lowered herself into a crouch. "I will keep you warm Little Shadow." The image then wrapped her arms around Suri as she dissipated into the wind while Suri began her meditation. Everything shut down as she opened herself up to the Force one last time to meditate and endure this final ten minutes of pain with the warmth of 'her mother's embrace'. When the ten minutes passed, however, Suri did not immediately awaken. The shivering had stopped and any outside stimuli was met with vacant eyes.
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                      The rest of the trip up caused Derakai so much pain to have to bare witness to Suri's struggle, and not be able to rescue her from it. To be part of the pain instead, it made him sick to his stomach, but doing so would make Suri all the more ready to face any pain she may come across.

                      Finally having reached the shrine at the top, Derakai began to summon a fierce green tornado to surround them, continuing it's powerful and controlled winds for the rest of the trial. Having an appreciation for seconds, the exact moment ten minutes were up the one-eyed Nagai Master released his power over the wind and forcing it away from them.

                      Walking over to Suri, and bent down to kneel in front of her, releasing his Aura of Peace, it washed over them both, offering and inner feeling of warmth. Taking out her coat he put it around her shoulders.

                      "Come back Suri."

                      Closing his eyes, Derakai let the Force flow into him quickly filling his body, while he slowly began tethering Suri to him by weaving the Force into her body and then back into his.
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                        It took a few moments before the vacant eyes suddenly came back to life. A gasp for air and uncontrolled shivering signaled her return to life as she pulled the coat closer to her frozen body. It took her more time to look up at the Jedi Master, her exhausted features looking into his. She was still too cold to make any real coherent speech but it didn't stop her from trying. She felt compelled to speak, compelled to let him know she was 'here' at least, even if it barely made any sense.

                        "I..I..I'm... here..." she said through her shivers. " over..?"


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                          "It is almost over yes. Hold on."

                          Carefully and slowly scooping the woman up in his arms, Derakai stood up, wrapping them both in the Force and then in a moment they were back on the ground beside the speeder. It was a different view for Derakai and Suri though, as the wind and snow seemed to almost stop as Derakai moved with his Force Speed, time nearly being still.

                          The door opened, and the encouraging heat from within called to the two Jedi. Placing her in her seat, the Nagai began removing the gear she had given him, placing it in front of her seat. Closing the door he moved to the driver side and entered himself, all the while keeping up his Force Aura of Peace.

                          "You have done well Suri Jaxx. The fact that you are able to shiver is proof that the Force was with you in keeping your body safe. You will of course be advised to spend at least an hour in a bacta chamber."

                          Speeding off back to the Temple, Derakai wondered on if Suri's body had gone into a lesser Hibernation like his had done on several occasions. Though she had not been stuck in the comas he had to endure for them so that was unlikely.

                          "How do you feel now, beyond the physical cold, compared to before?"
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                            Suri couldn't protest when the Jedi Master lifted her into his arms. The cold had sapped so much energy out of her that, at that moment, whether she liked it or not, she needed the assistance to get down from this mountain. Shivering, all Suri wanted was somewhere warm...a hot bath that she could languish in, something that surrounded her entire body with warmth, that would bring her hypothermic body back to normal. It was a horrible feeling not being able to do anything. Anything she tried was met with clumsiness. Even as the Jedi Master gave her back her clothes, the desire to put them on was there, but her ability to do so was not. The shivering was just too much to do anything substantial. Slowly, Suri managed to get her thermal top on and some pants but there was no point in getting anything else on as they neared the temple. She heard him say that she'd done well and would need to stayin a bacta chamber for an hour to help her recover but seemed to scoff at the thought.

                            "Screw the...t...tank. I'll be staying in a nice, hot, bath for the" she said, deflecting how she felt with humor. "I feel h..horrible after all that. Somewhere w..warm to rest my head and regain body temperature would be g..great..."


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                              Satkia had been in deep meditation the whole time that Derakai had taken Suri through her trial to knighthood. She had followed what happened to her pupil and adoptive sister as she struggled through the hardships. Suri had done remarkably well and the redhead was immensely proud of the teenager. She had always had strong faith in the apprentice, but it showed once again that her personality, resilience and Jedi training had been fruitful.

                              The petite Master was standing in the garage of the temple to greet Derakai and Suri. She had a very thick and comfortable cloak to add over what the girl was wrapped in. "Hey, sweetie." She wasn't formal and had no problem with this. "Your bacta tank is ready and then you'll come stay with me for the evening."

                              She soon brought her into a tight embrace. "I am proud of you. So much. And you need to be ready for tomorrow." She looked at her fellow council master right after. "Thank you for everything, Derakai." She appreciated his help in overseeing the teenager's trial.

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