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To defend others, a Jedi must defend themselves (Lynmeira, Zack, Suri, Prentiss, Open)

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  • To defend others, a Jedi must defend themselves (Lynmeira, Zack, Suri, Prentiss, Open)

    As the morning sun was well on its way to the apex of the morning sky, a chill flew through and along the southern training grounds. It was a morning that was different than others in most aspects. It was cold, it was windy and it there was an overcast crisp but bright feeling to the day. It had been awhile since the massive Jedi master had taught anyone, let alone several Jedi in once class but this was his element. He was all about bettering those of the Students of Light, and there was no better way to teach the younger set in his eyes than to teach them in these conditions.

    He was never harsh to students on purpose, just of a singular mindset when it comes to training. What good is learning a skill, an ability, or even a power if you don't learn it in the harshest of conditions? Learn it when most would not bother to try and focus? If you are going to learn something important, why not learn it when it is most difficult to learn? This way you are learning more than what is being taught, you are learning self reliance, and focus, not to mention skill become second nature this way. It doesn't work for everyone, but it is a favorite method because it is one that ultimately teaches the learner to expect the proverbial unexpected. If they can focus and learn in the toughest conditions with the most and the most serious distractions, then at normal periods they will excel.

    All that was left was the waiting, waiting for those who would be a part of his class, whether signed up, or walk on to come to class. This was going to be something special, he'd been experimenting with ideas and it was time to implement them.

    If only he could finish this huge cup of caf.

    Still cursing you for getting me hooked on this, Spark, wherever you are.
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    Lynmeira had been taught some self defense basics when growing up on Hapes, but it had been a long time ago. She had been mostly focused on her fencing training and competitions when younger. That was why she had decided to join Master Vanagor's class, as she bet it could be useful to her. And the Hapan was always eager to learn new things anyway, so she couldn't miss such an opportunity.

    Dressed in practical and warm brown clothing, she could feel the biting cold as she headed for the training grounds. She had once been stubborn to the point of pushing herself way too hard, so the weird, if not harsh conditions for the class made her intrigued.

    She was surprised to have arrived so early. "Good morning, Master Vanagor." She said with a smile and a respectful bow.


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      It had been a while since Suri had a lesson with Master Vanagor. When they first met, Suri was nothing more than a gibbering wreck, untrusting of the Jedi Master's intentions. She had many mental scars back then, but now, under Satkia's care, Suri had grown farm more confident. She held her head high now, rather than low and cowering. She was no longer the meek and timid girl he'd met and a part of her wanted to show him just how much she'd progressed since their last meeting.

      So when this opportunity came up to learn some self-defense techniques, Suri was more than willing to sign up, knowing that it would be useful to her as well as a chance to catch up, she took the trip back to Yavin VIII from Corellia. She was glad to have taken her winter robes with her as the harsh conditions served as a reminder that not all places were as warm and welcoming as Corellia. In a way, it was nice to get back in touch with reality in this way.

      As she arrived at the training grounds, she immediately spotted Lynmeira and Master Vanagor and quickened her pace to both join them and warm up her cold body that was wrapped within the warm winter robes. She hated the cold, but she was never one to complain. Instead, the Dathomiri Witch did her best to do something about the effects of the cold. Wrapping herself in her warm winter robes, she was reasonably comfortable in this cold and foreboding weather, though quietly hoped that they wouldn't be in the cold for long as she joined the Jedi Guardian and Master.

      "Master Vanagor, Guardian Lynmeira." she said, bowing her head respectfully to both. "Its good to see you both again!"

      She then turned to Lynmeira and smiled. "I trust Jocelyn is well?" she asked. It had been a while since Suri had seen her former charge, the last time being when she arranged for Jocelyn to reunite with her mother again. It had been an emotional greeting, one that Suri would never forget. She then grinned as she turned to Master Vanagor. "And I see you've lost those purple orbs Master Vanagor. You don't look quite as scary as you did when we first met."


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        Harsh conditions, while not entirely on the weather and scenery front, was something Zack was familiar with. He'd grown up in an abusive household. He was far more confident now among the Jedi than he had ever been. If he could handle bad times at home, surely he could protect himself in a harsh environment. He was hoping, at least. Offering a polite smile and a tender wave that still had its spells of shyness, he bowed to everyone, bundled up as best he could be, ready for whatever would come his way today. He'd do his best, and that was all anyone could ask of him, he was sure.

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          OOC: On pause until Zack and Prentiss return.

          You have power over your mind, not outside events.
          Realize this and you will find strength.


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            OOC : No need as I am back in business! Hotel has wifi, (wasn't sure I would!) so I am good to go! Moving onward.

            IC : There was no way Prentiss could commit to taking part in a defensive class without at least knowing a few things about the person who would be teaching it. Prentiss, not the best sociable of individuals, had tried to ask around about Master Vanagor. More often than not, she got the same response, told to go ask him herself, and that he was pretty much an open book. Said that he was direct and to the point, and wasn't the sort to sugarcoat things. Prentiss was like that, too. Well, once she was comfortable in her shoes. She wasn't quite there inside Students of the Light yet, still feeling her way. If one could call it that, anyway.

            Natural response had the recent new arrival questioning whether or not class was even going to commence, given the harsh elements. She had thought to skip out, until she realized it probably wasn't the best way of starting off her time as a new student.

            One of the last to arrive, Prentiss cautiously looked over the group, feeling slightly the outsider. She had the feeling that mostly everyone knew one another. Guarded eyes looked to the mountain man that matched the description of the man she was set to look for. She asked anyway, arms crossed over her chest, looking right toward him.

            "You Master Vanagor? The guy some call The Boulder?"

            Yeah, it wasn't the best way for a new arrival to be making introductions, but Prentiss wasn't exactly someone anyone could depend on for making a good lasting first impression. She had a hard shell, created over deep emotional wounds.

            The kind of girl who was at this class to learn, not make friends. She looked around again briefly, but didn't offer any kind of hello or introduction. That kind of thing made her uncomfortable, and she figured it wasn't important, since this wasn't any kind of social gathering, but a training session.


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              OOC: Awesome!

              Still standing in the middle of the grounds, he let everyone come in on their time and at their own pace. Having already taken the time to not only pay close attention to those who might be interested in a class like this. Not really surprised to see that Lynmeira was the first to arrive he was in the middle of a sip when she addressed him and he nodded in kind. Good morning, nice day, isn't it? He didn't know her that well but had heard the rumors that she and Tarkin had become involved, it surprised him. He didn't mind this though, not that they need his approval, because happiness can and will come from anywhere.

              Speaking of happiness, here came Apprentice Jaxx, who again caught him in another sip of this seemingly bottomless cup. It was amazing just how far she had come from the last class that he taught that she was in. She was the embodiment of just how important it is for the right Apprentice to be paired up with the right Master. He was encouraged to see the progress she was making and interested in seeing her one day take her own learners. When she asked him about his eyes, he just flicked the right one. They're cybernetic.

              Zack, as quiet as ever walked in slowly, Caltin was glad to see him, though he mentally growled at how yet again he was caught in a sip. He offered his personal windbreaker to the guy as he wasn't using it. This will keep you just as warm as the rest of the bundles you're wearing. Sometimes it takes a gesture like this to put someone at ease and to hopefully bring them out of their shell. He wasn't looking for anything special, just to see the kid loosen up a little.

              The final person to come outside was a bit of a surprise, she had the subtlety of a fart in a turbolift. This wasn't a problem though as she was probably a Padawan, and in Caltin's mind while they were Jedi, a Padawan learned the ways of the Jedi not how to be one just yet, that was the Apprentice. Yes, he was caught in yet another sip when she called him out like he owed her money. So, in his ever famous stare, which would probably mean nothing to her as she had never met him he nodded. I am indeed Master Vanagor. As for being called "The Boulder", you would have to ask those who call me that. Yes, he knew what he was called, but that wasn't something he used as he didn't need nicknames.

              The woman to your left is Guardian Lynmeira, to your immediate right is Apprentice Suri Jaxx, and far right is Apprentice Zack Sereta. *

              Putting down his cup and beginning to rub his hands together he asked. It's nice to meet you, you are?

              When she would finally offer her name, he would then continue on with a nod and a wave for all of them to come closer. Alright everyone, the weather is going to fight with our muscles so I want you to take some time and stretch. In my classes I have two rules, do not lie to me. That as well as do not lie to yourself. Do not be afraid to allow yourself to make a mistake but understand that if you do not take what I am teaching you seriously, I will see it. What I will be teaching you will not enable you to go and take on the Sith, it will not enable you to go stand up against a dozen Weequay. No, what I am going to teach you will hopefully make you a better person and will one day save your lives.

              He didn't think any of them were bad people, charming qualities or not, no this would help them with their calm.

              * If there's any edits on the ranks or names to be made, let me know as I'm a little out of it at the moment.
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              You have power over your mind, not outside events.
              Realize this and you will find strength.


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                "Nice and promising day." Lynmeira replied with a smile to Master Vanagor, before her attention turned to Suri who showed up. "Good morning, Suri. Jocelyn is doing well indeed. We've been continuing her training." When Zack, another Jedi she knew, arrived, she nodded to him with a smile. Then a newcomer arrived and she had as much subtlety as a rancor. And the Force knew that the Hapan hadn't always been the nicest person around. She was curious about this woman, for there was something about her that spoke to her, though she couldn't put her finger on it.

                Returning her attention to Vanagor, as he spoke and introduced everyone, she waited for the other woman to speak her name, so she'd know it shall she interact with her.

                "Who's playing the dozen Weequay today?" The Guardian quipped with a slight grin. A few years ago, she wouldn't have done something like that, but she was able to now. It didn't take anything from how seriously she was taking all of this, she was too stubborn and interested in learning not to be dedicated to a lesson.

                The not lying part made a lot of sense and reminded her of the struggles she had once faced when an Apprentice. These days seemed like in another lifetime but she didn't forget them. They had shaped the person she was today.

                Taking a few steps away from the others, she made sure she had space and she began to go through some stretching so her muscles would be ready for what was to follow.


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                  Suri smiled as Lynmeira spoke about how well Jocelyn was doing. It was great to know the young lady was happy in Lynmeira's care and the two of them seemed to be thriving in each other's company. "Jocelyn's forever singing praises to me when she speaks of you." she said happily. She was glad the pair had found one another.

                  Turning her attention to Master Vanagor as he spoke of his cybernetic eyes, Suri canted her head and smiled once more. "They suit you, Master..." she said before two other Jedi arrived. Zack, a Jedi Apprentice Suri remembered seeing once a few years ago, after Rya had been born, and a new person, whom she was unfamiliar with though her lack of subtlety did cause the Dathomiri Witch to grin, as if she'd been reminded of someone in her past that reacted much that way. As Master Vanagor introduced everyone to her, Suri bowed her head respectfully. "Welcome to the family." Suri said before turning to Zack. "Its been some time, Zack. Hope life's been treating you kindly since the last time we met."


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                    An easy but appreciative soft grin swept across Zack's mouth when offered the windbreaker by Master Vanagor. "Hey, thanks, Master Vanagor!" While Zack worked out, he was not as built as the Master Jedi, still half the tall man's size. Still, it felt absolutely comfortable with his person anyhow, like he could grow into it.

                    Almost as if the windbreaker had magical powers, Zack slowly began to feel more comfortable by the second. Caltin's kindness having made a subtle difference, but enough of one that everyone could see it.

                    Giving another smile to everyone, he tried to speak out if only just a little. It was important to try, he figured.

                    "It's really great to see all of you - life's been great, Suri - I hope the same for you!"

                    At the idea of trying, though unsure what else had prompted him, Zack actually reached out in an attempt to shake Prentiss' hand, but she offered no welcome presence in return. Of course this didn't phase Zack much at all, he just smiled and said that it was nice to meet her.

                    Zack was not typically to seek expectations, at least not the kind that created judgement in place, so when Caltin began to speak of rules, the male was happy to go along with. It was true that while he had lied before, he wasn't about to do so with the Master. The only time he had ever lied had been because his father had threatened him, essentially forcing him to do it in a way.

                    "Uh .. It's okay to have fun too, isn't it, Master Vanagor?" Zack grinned at the Jedi, having always found Master interesting and fun. While he had posed the question, Zack was definitely planning to take the class and whatever the tall Jedi offered, seriously. Yet just the fact he'd gone out of his way to ask the question meant he was on his way to opening up a bit more.


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                      OOC : Many apologies, let's see if I can get us back in business here... Feel free to read Prentiss' mind if you desire to have your character do so.

                      IC : It almost seemed like smooth sailing as Chalice was introduced to each Jedi one by one, the coarse female in typical manner, actually bothered to be polite by extending a considerate nod to each individual. Of course, that did not come without its price, as Prentiss took to scrutinizing words, at first, only in her head.

                      Inexperienced, Prentiss had no idea of a Jedi's ability to read thoughts, so hers, out of ignorance, were set free across her mind.

                      Family?? Is she serious?? It'll be a cold day in hell before I ever consider these Jedi family. Her thought bubble on Suri had been quick. Guardian Lynmeira, well, Prentiss had needed to dig a little deeper to find some sort of purposeful problem with her. Again, her thoughts spoke of her ignorance. Stretching?? Does she really think that's going to give her much of a leg up??

                      Prentiss was full of judgement and assumption, but only a bruised woman would be.

                      Next, her gaze fell back onto Zack, whom she strongly desired to roll her eyes at. The young man seemed to be full of such spirit, and she only hated it because it reminded her of the woman she once was. When everything was right in the world.

                      He's both blind and a fool...

                      Last, but not least, Prentiss focused her gaze on the Jedi Master, but her introduction was meant for all. "Chalice," she said, lack of luster in her eye, giving her last name all too quickly. It said something of the woman's own arrogance, in her ambition to only offer her last name rather than first, and full at that. She expected all of them to earn it. No nice to meet you, just an unmoving gaze, crossed arms wrapped around her torso, locked tightly. She was a woman of few words, unless stirred. Usually by anger, sometimes, by passion. Something always had to move her spirit though, in order to get Prentiss to voice herself aloud.

                      If the Master Jedi did not want to be lied to, then she would speak the truth. She would speak it, and then be prepared to be dismissed, because that was what the female was familiar with. Being turned away. Enough of a reason that left Prentiss less outspoken these days. Just for Prentiss to even speak up, especially within a group, it was a rarity.

                      "Master Vanagor, I am a woman of little faith - You speak of that what you have to teach us will hopefully make us a better person, that it will save our lives - I do not believe you."

                      Prentiss knew she was telling the Master Jedi that she did not believe in him when she shared her truth, but there was no one she believed in. She didn't believe in people, but she did believe in opportunities.

                      The only way for Prentiss to grow was to be honest, not just with herself, but with those around her.

                      "I want to believe, that is part of the reason that I am here."

                      Prentiss was willing to give a new opportunity a chance, so that she could learn something new. A moment to be proven wrong, so that she could restore her faith somehow. Not just in the results, but in people, too.