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Walking the old paths... (Keeva)

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  • Walking the old paths... (Keeva)

    It had been a few days since his arrival on Yavin VIII and Keiryn was finally feeling well enough to get a little exercise. He hated medical droids and doctors, but he hated even more being inactive while recovering... but finally the stiffness was gone and he felt like himself again. Keiryn entered the dojo wearing lightweight black training gear. He hung his cloak inside the private training room's door and sat in the middle of the mat to stretch and clear his mind.

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    Keeva Thymes entered the Dojo a few minutes later, noticing her new student already present and in a state of meditation, she couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief. Keiryn seemed to be someone already versed in the basics of the Force, hopefully training with him would go smoother than with some of her past students.

    Without making much of a sound, though at the same time making sure Keiryn could sense her arrival, Keeva walked up and sat next to the Padawan.

    “Do you meditate all the time before a training session?” She asked with a soft voice.