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A lot of practice will pay off(Open spar)

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  • A lot of practice will pay off(Open spar)

    Zeke sat in the Training Dojo for a while, meditating. Today he wanted to go over his drills again with Shii-Cho. Furthermore he wished that someone might come in unexpectedly to see him there. During his meditation he reached out with the Force connecting to the Light side. There was a better one now then he had before and he was getting closer to finally relinquishing himself of the darkness that had once been his life. No longer was that the case and he was working hard to try and rid himself of it. It was going rather well but in a slow pace.

    The Padawan couldn't argue with his progress since it was going nicely. Still, he wished he didn't have to have the guards surrounding him day and night. Even more so being in the prisons. But, he understood why. He'd hoped once he reached the next stage in his training that he'd be able to move into his own quarters instead of being in the prison cell he was already used to. It would come with time though. He wasn't going to rush into it.

    Taking his training blade he then ignited it as the blue blade snapped to life. As he firmly gripped the lightsaber with both hands, Zeke practiced his katas. Jabbing left, going right, slashing across. Going over all the drills that Caltin had showed him he still rememberd not long ago the Dread Master they faced. It was surely a mission he wouldn't forget soon. At least they got out alive! The Dark Side tried it's best to win him over but, he didn't give in. Even in the face of death. For there was no death...there was the Force.

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    It had been a while since Suri had done any training in the Yavin Temple's dojo and deciding to take the opportunity to do so since she had travelled with Satkia to watch her friend, Judah's promotion. She was so glad that he had gotten to Guardian rank and, with a bit of luck, he would continue on the path of light, lest she threaten to kick his rear again. However, with a partner and a young child to think of, Suri believed that his decent into darkness would be halted, hopefully for good.

    As she walked toward the dojo, with the intent of practicing her techniques on the droids, she came across a most curious sight. Guards around the Dojo...when did that ever happen? Bowing her head to the guards, she moved past them to find a Padawan meditating in the Force. Interesting that they would post guards for one Padawan...

    Having been away from the Yavin Temple for some time, Suri had little idea what had been going on here of late, but it wasn't her place to judge what a Padawan had done in the past. Moving toward the locker room to change into more suitable clothing than the blue jeans, white top and flats, Suri changed into her jogging pants and a t-shirt before heading to the dojo to warm up prior to any sparing with the droids. Last thing she wanted was sore muscles in the morning!


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      Zeke heard the opening of the door so he opened his eyes to find a young woman enter. When she entered he stood up offering her a bow. Seeing her go into the locker room he then sat back down and meditated quietly for a few moments before she stepped back out. Again, being the gentelmen he was he stood up again when she came into the room. Although her looks at him gave the fact she didn't know he was a former Sith and the guards were there to escort him back and forth from the prison. That was where Zeke stayed when not training or on missions with some of the Jedi Masters.

      "Didn't think anyone would enter here today. But, I'm glad to see someone besides the brother's chuckles over there." Zeke said with a joking manner and tone pointing to the two guards, "I'm Zeke, former Sith, and now Padawan. I've not met many Jedi here. Being stuck in the prisons kinda does that."

      The Padawan walked casually and outstretched his hand. Zeke hoped he didn't freak her out or give the wrong impression. His looks didn't give away he was a former Sith Warrior. Then again, most people wouldn't have known unless he told them. If they asked he would say it. He was ashamed of his past, but, without it he would have never gotten here to the Jedi temple. One's past was their past. Nothing could be changed, but, just their future.


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        "Aah! That explains the guards outside then..." Suri said as the Padawan approached her. She was unpreturbed by the fact that the Padawan, Zeke, was once a Sith. She had a clansister there, though it wasn't information she was willing to divulge, even if the Padawan before her had been honest about his past. Instead, she offered a polite and friendly bow before taking his outstretched hand into her own. "I'm Suri, Jedi Apprentice to Master Satkia Wayne." she responded, introducing herself. "Pleased to meet you... and for the record, I don't judge people on their past deeds. Only on what they do in the here and now."

        Suri then added, almost as a source of comfort, "You may have been Sith once, but it is not who you are today. Like I was once a slave on Nar Shaddaa, but I'm a slave no more."


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          "Thank you." He said with a nod, taking her hand looking at it then up to her face.

          She was a beauty and to him seemed kind. Then again most Jedi were kind hearted. In some way or another. He needed friends that was for sure. At least a few more wouldn't hurt. So as Suri said that he was a Sith no longer it made him smile. The former Sith nodded politely and agreed to himself. It was true, he was a slave to them. Being used by them hurt him. Still, he didn't know back then. Now that he knew the truth it served to give him purpose for a better tomorrow.

          He then blushed at her comment now thinking about it as she seemed to comfort him about his situation, "At least you are no longer, Suri. We both aren't slaves to anything anymore. We're Jedi now. We're here to protect those who are. In more ways then one."


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            Suri couldn't help but smile sweetly at the thought and nodded in agreement to his words. Still, Suri was all too aware that, as much as she would want to, not all slaves can be saved and those that are saved, carry terrible mental and physical scars. Suri herself carried a great deal of both and while her physical scars were all but healed, her mental ones took far longer to do so. She had confronted many of them, but there were still some things she could not shake off. Certain sounds, people's actions. If any of them were similar to preludes of the torture she once had, Suri's heart would race, palms would sweat and while she could control herself by reminding herself of the Jedi code, it was often difficult to keep herself calm when certain actions brought back terrible memories.

            "To an extent, I can agree." Suri said, taking a deep breath. "Having lived most of my life in slavery, however, you learn pretty quickly that not everyone can be saved and those that can be, have terrible scars from that life. It takes a strong willed person to move past that life, and be at peace with themselves."


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              Zeke nodded, "I'm sure I'd done that to a few. Caused them more harm then good. I have my own scars, the ones of my past. But, slowly and surely I'm starting to move past them. Trying to at least make up for all the harm I've caused."

              It was true though, Zeke did some very bad things as a Sith. Killed many people, slaughtered in the name of the 'Manslayer', Jenobi Davroq. Although now he was a Jedi, he figured one day his past would come back to haunt him. In more ways then one. He'd have to rely on his Jedi training and push past it if he was ever going to become better for it. That was what he'd have to do.

              "Although being here and training with the Masters has furthered my connection to the Light. I know one day my past will come to haunt me, but, I know in my heart that I'll be able to confront it. Push past it and come out brighter then ever." Zeke said with a bright smile, giving himself the confidence he needed, "You ready?"