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    For once in the past few days, Satkia was feeling more energetic. It was good because she had been tired way too often since arriving to the Jedi Temple on Yavin VIII a week ago. The petite redhead had keep extremely busy between council matters and tending to many students' training.

    This morning, she was to spend time with Cordelia, so they could work on the Apprentice's lightsaber skills and teach her a new form. The redhead had arrived early at the Dojo. Dressed in black shorts and a vibrant blue tank top - which didn't hide her back and abdomen extensive scars contrary to most clothing she normally wore, she had been going through stretching exercises and was currently boxing and kicking a punching ball.

    Feeling like her normal peachy self especially when it came to training was invigorating!

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    Cordelia stepped into the dojo and took in the sight of her master launching an assault on a punching bag. Honestly, she felt kind of badly for it, consdiering the beating it was taking, but better it than her. Master Wayne seemed to have an excess of energy if Cordelia was learning to read the Force surrounding her fellow Jedi correctly, which would explain the excessive use of force on the training equipment. Leaning against the doorjamb, the Apprentice smiled.

    "You just keep right on master, until you've worked it out of your system and I don't play the role of punching bag.", Cordelia teased her, knowing Master Wayne would never do such a thing.

    Coming forward she bowed. "Good morning, Master Wayne. You seem very refreshed and spry today. Well, you always do - but even more so today."

    Tucked to the apprentices hip was her lightsaber. The practice saber had been replaced by the one she had made, along with her partner Brandyn. Their crystals pairs to each other, much in the same way they themselves were, even if it were a delicate subject between them at present.


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      When she felt Cordelia's presence, Satkia eventually stopped beating the poor punching bag. She looked to her friend and smiled at the jest. "What can I say? For once, I felt so full of energy, I didn't feel like just meditating. So this punching bag and I became quickly acquainted!"

      She chuckled and walked up to the blonde, arms open. "It's good seeing you Cordelia. How are you doing?" Her blue eyes then went to the newly built hilt. "What a fine lightsaber you have here. I didn't get to see Brandyn's yet. Did you two go for similar designs since you have twin crystals? Or maybe, I am just being nosy!" She quipped, obviously proud of both pupils.


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        Cordelia gave her master a quick hug, and a chuckle.

        "Not nosy at all. You were a part of why we found those crystals, it is only fitting you should see how then wound up.", Cordelia smiled.

        "They are both similar in design. They are both equipped with bifurcating cyclical-ignition pulses, and waterproof casings, but he chose to wrap his in leather braid for better grip, I think? I liked mine too much to cover it up.", she stroked a fingertip over the smooth white hilt.

        "I'm not intending to lose my grip on it anyways. You've taught me better than that.”
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          "You did very well. I am glad that you could build your lightsabers, using these crystals." Satkia was pleased with how Cordelia had done, which didn't surprise her. Her pupil was a most promising one.

          "And you learned well." She grinned and then clasped her hands behind her back for a moment. "I have been reflecting on your training and our discussions about lightsaber forms fitting you." She quirked a brow as she continued. "I can easily see you become attuned to the fifth Form, Djem So and Shien, a most physical one."

          She didn't explain anything further, waiting to see what Cordy would have to say to this.


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            "Thank you, master.", Cordi bowed her head in gratitude. She always liked to hear from Master Wayne that she had done something well, or correctly, not because she was hungry for easy praise, but because it validated Cordelia's own feelings that she was on the right track.

            "It was a lengthy process. We constructed them together on one of our last missions."

            They had been so close in that moment. Both of their young minds connecting to their individual tasks, but also to each other. Cordelia had never experienced love before, but she imagined that it felt something like that. She had been willing to risk her life, on more than one occasion for Brandyn Sal-Soren, and he for her. She knew that. He would risk his life for her, but not his heart. There was a secret living in the heart of Brandyn Sal-Soren, and as long as it was there, there was no room for Cordelia, no matter how much she might have wanted it to be otherwise. That mission had been their last one together, and she had not seen him since..

            A shadow of something passed over Cordelia's features, but it was quickly set aside. Her focus was on her training now, not the distraction of Brandyn Sal-Soren and his conflicted heart..

            "I believe I would like that, master. I have always been a very physical kind of girl.", Cordelia smiled. Swimming, running, climbing... she was no stranger to physical exertion.


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              Cordelia and Kala were so alike and yet so different. It wasn't without reminding Satkia of how her own twin and her had been, before Sarya had died years before. She felt lucky to train them both, and be able to witness them become such fine Jedi, each with their own path and style.

              She missed Brandyn and knew that Cordy did as well. They hadn't spoken about it, and she had suspected possible blooming bonds between her two apprentices back then, but had never pressed on the topic, keeping her nose out of their personal lives. Yet, she could tell by the shadow passing on her pupil's face and within her aura, that there was quick sadness coming on her shoulders.

              As her focus was on the training again, the redhead kept things on topic too. "Form V, as well as Form VIII, Vaapad, are my favored ones, despite being a tiny woman." She chuckled, knowing that it had surprised many people, and that some didn't believe Jedi should dab into Vaapad, even at Master level.

              "The thing is that I won't teach you Form V until you are a knight." She raised a finger and grinned. "I do have a plan, fear not." She winked and continued. "Form V is strongly based off the third one, Soresu. This one is the most defensive form of all, but learning them in the right order, allows you to be even more rooted in your Jedi mindset and moves once you learn Djem So and Shien."


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                Cordelia couldn't help it. She made a face at the mention of the Lightsaber form, not that she had anything against it personally, or with it becoming the next one she learned. She did trust Master Wayne's judgement. No, the problem she had with Soresu was that she had been on the opposite side of it many times, in spars with Brandyn who had already made the style his own.

                "I know..the Resilience Form. Make your opponent do all the work.", she smirked.

                "I've been on the opposition side of this one a few times. I'm ready Master Satkia, teach me this Soresu."


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                  "I see that face!" Satkia grinned a little, knowing that Soresu didn't always made people so eager to learn it. "Yup, pretty much. You can even make an Ataruist go crazy." She smirked, knowing that it was the truth.

                  "You already get the gist of it for having faced it a few times. The first foundation of it is to be firmly rooted in the ground. From there, you can go single handed or double handed grip with your weapon. Most of the time, I'd go for double handed."

                  She took a few steps back, and showed the opening stance of Soresu. "Going for this stance gives you more room to bring your weapon against your opponent as they first strike. The same, moving one foot at most, and not both, assures you a greater stability."


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                    Taking her new-forged lightsaber from her hip, Cordelia adapted her posture into the opening stance of Soresu, making sure that her feet were firmly planted, without locking her legs. The last thing she needed was to pass out in the middle of a lesson.

                    "Does this look correct, master?", she asked, wanting to make sure she began as she meant to carry on, properly.


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                      Satkia watched Cordelia take the opening stance. "Keep your knees and your hips just a bit softer. Your feet are well planted in the ground, but remember not to feel stuck." She waited for the Apprentice to do just that.

                      "Since you already have experience of being faced by a Soresuist, let's get straight to me attacking you and you parrying without moving around, shall we?"

                      Waiting for Cordelia to say she was ready, she went at her with an upward slash, which proved to be a feint. At the last minute, she rolled her wrists and went for a horizontal blow.


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                        Listening to her master, Cordelia loosened up her hips and knees a little. Being firmly rooted was not the same thing as being a stone carved statue after all. She wiggled her toes inside her boots until she was confident that she could pivot from one foot to the other, to alter her stance if she had to. Then nodded, she was ready to begin.

                        One thing that Cordelia had learned about lightsaber combat in the first lesson was that she had to trust in the Force, in her own instinct where the Force was concerned, to tell her how to move. When to move. When to attack, when to defend. It was obvious that no one without the necessary training with the Force would ever be able to use the Jedi weapon, not without causing themselves a serious injury. The connection was everything. Cordelia and her instrument became of one will as she began to defend in the style of Soresu.

                        Both hands wrapped around the white hilt of her weapon, watching her master, but more importantly feeling for the true attacks. She moved only slightly, following Satkia's attack, and then swinging her saber up vertically to catch the horizontal strike, never once moving her feet.
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                          Satkia felt Cordelia's presence strengthen in the Force. The fact that the blonde's connection was developed moreso than in her earlier days as a padawan, would serve her well in lightsaber combat too. It was important for a Jedi to have body, mind and soul in unison.

                          She noted how the Apprentice was able to pique on the feint and parry well. "Good footwork. Try to use the power of my attack against me when you defend."

                          Taking some space, she then came back at Cordelia, this time with a downward slash at her knee.


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                            Cordelia's wrists instantly rolled to the left, bringing the flash of turquoise down in a half circle to defend her legs, but she did not stop at the defense alone this time. Stepping with the forward motion, she shoved against her master's blade, following through with the motion to push it up and way from her.

                            "Like that?", she asked, hoping she was doing this right.


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                              "Exactly like that." Satkia replied with an approving smile to Cordelia. She then continued to attack the apprentice from various angles for a while, giving her opportunities to figure the form out better. She offered pointers on a regular basis, though the athletic blonde was a quick learner when it came to physical aspects of her training.

                              After a while, she brought her blade down and looked at Cordelia. "Any questions?"