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Path of the Enlightened. (Hina Amaterasu)

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  • Path of the Enlightened. (Hina Amaterasu)

    Posted by tomduo on 12-06-2002 12:00 PM:
    Path of the Enlightened. (Hina Amaterasu)

    Thomas walked along the halls of the temple. He found a page droid and smiled. "R-102, please awake Hina Amaterasu and tell her to meet me in Dojo 11 please."

    He bowed to the droid(something most didnt) in thanks, and walked back to the Dojo awaiting her.

    Posted by Hina Amaterasu on 12-18-2002 01:24 PM:

    *When the small droid entered her room, however, she was no-where to be found.. Making it's way over towards the window, it opened the door that went out onto the balcony, and exited the room. Standing in a white flowing nightgown was Hina.. She turned down to the beeping robot, and smiled..*

    Hello, come to enjoy the sunrise with me?

    *In reply, came a small click from the bot, followed by a tinny-voiced message*

    "Thomas Salen requests your presence in Dojo 11"

    *Nodding, she quickly began changing, dropping her nightgown "accidentally" over the droid's visual sensors. A few minutes later, the droid and her left, and it led her through the temple's many hallways until they reached the building Thomas was in.. Walking in, she continued into the middle of the Dojo where the Jedi stood waiting, and stopped before him.*

    You asked for me?

    Posted by tomduo on 12-18-2002 06:34 PM:

    "You came here for guidence, so I am here to guide you."

    He looked up at her and smiled. He motioned his hand for her to follow him as he sat down. "Let us first relax and become at peace. It is when a Jedi is at peace, that the Jedi is at full awareness and strength."

    "First we learn how to properly breathe, to channel our power and fully bring our talents out."

    Posted by Hina Amaterasu on 12-22-2002 02:50 PM:

    I've been accepted in then?

    *Her voice faded as she spoke, a short smile etching across her visage.. Walking over, she sat down across from him and emulated his position..*


    *She wasn't entirely sure how breathing well would bring out her talents, but she wasn't here to question..*

    Posted by tomduo on 12-22-2002 09:18 PM:

    He just smiled. "Relax. Inhale deeply. It is believed that there is a mysterious power in breathing. Allowing yourself to breath regularly, and deeply, can do more than just provide oxygen, but allow the force to flow freely and purely."

    He inhaled, "When Inhaling, allow your stomach to expand before your chest. When exhaling, do just the opposite. Make sure you fill your lungs completely, but not to the point where it begins to hurt."